The next day, Shi Sheng went out and heard some people discussing the death last night.

“The murderer hasn’t been caught yet. I dare not sleep now, who knows when the murderer will come…”

“There’s no choice, even the people of Yue Yang Sect can’t catch the murderer.”

“My family is so nervous every night before sleeping which makes me worry all day. I plan to leave here to escape for a few months.”

A crisp voice interrupted, “Brother, what are you talking about?”

Shi Sheng turned her head slightly and saw a petite girl that was holding onto a man and asked the people who were discussing just now curiously.

As she was cute, the person was happy to tell her.

“Little girl, you seemed to be not from around here, you better leave quickly.” Someone advised the girl.

The little girl smiled, “Thank you for reminding us, but we’re here to find someone and may not be able to leave at the moment.”


After the little girl thanked those people, she dragged the man beside her away.

“Xuan Feng, did you hear it? A fox demon is killing people here.” Yu Xiao Qi lowered her voice.

“It’s not our business.” Xuan Feng put on an icy face.

“Don’t you think this is cruel?” Yu Xiao Qi raged, “Our fox family has a rule, where we can’t hurt humans without reason.”

“Humans and demons have been sworn enemies since ancient times.” Xuan Feng held Yu Xiao Qi in his arms, “Don’t be a busybody, if not I won’t help you anymore.”

Yu Xiao Qi was unhappy and refuted, “You still have to count on me.”

Xuan Feng’s face suddenly darkened, “What are you talking about?”

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop by a few degree celsius.

“No, no.” Yu Xiao Qi shook her head and waved her hand, “You’re so powerful.” 

After listening to her words, Xuan Feng looked better now.

“Xiao Yi.” Wu Chen suddenly appeared and patted Shi Sheng’s shoulder, he happened to block the male lead and female lead in front, “What are you doing here?”

Shi Sheng tilted her head and widened her eyes, but the male lead and female lead had gone.

Shi Sheng glared at Wu Chen, “The person you need to kill is here.”

“...Xuan Feng?” He almost forgot, he was threatened by this woman to kill him.

“Are you afraid of him?”

At first, Shi Sheng thought Wu Chen was a powerful guy but found out that he was actually a coward.

A guy who bullied the weak but afraid of the strong and was a narcissist who liked to act cool.

Wu Chen immediately refuted, “How could I be afraid of him? Where is he? I must kill him for the people.”

Shi Sheng pointed to the crowd in front, “He went over there.”

Wu Chen immediately went towards the direction. After taking a few steps, he turned back, “How powerful is Xuan Feng now?” 

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, “How do I know? I didn’t fight with him before.”

The original owner had only been beaten by the male lead and she had never fought back. Nobody knew how powerful he was now after he was released.

“Why do you want to kill him?”

Shi Sheng pondered for a moment, “There is hatred between us. I’m uncomfortable if he doesn’t die.” 

What kind of hatred? Did he kill her father or grab her mother?

Although Wu Chen did not understand Shi Sheng, he was getting more interested in her personality.

She is so different from the flirtatious women outside.


Shi Sheng did not catch up with the male lead and female lead. Since they were here, they definitely were not going to leave before the incident ended.

Shi Sheng believed that the plot would bring her to meet them again. 

She was not panicked at all.

Sure enough, the male lead and female lead appeared in the inn where she lived at night.

She saw them when she came out of the room to ask for some water. The two were having dinner in the hall.

Yu Xiao Qi was chattering nonstop, Xuan Feng looked impatient but he never interrupted her.

Perhaps Shi Sheng looked directly at them, Xuan Feng noticed and looked up at her sharply.

They looked at each other.

When Xuan Feng looked at Shi Sheng’s eyes, he suddenly felt weak as if he had nothing to rely on.

Something is wrong with this woman. This was Xuan Feng’s first thought.

She had been putting on an infatuated look every time she saw him and even wished to pounce on him. But this time, she was so calm. 

Her aura was also different. 

It was an extremely respectable sense as if a mountain of people surrendered to her.

Before that, he hated this lady for annoying him. But now, he was a little afraid of her.

How can a person have such big changes in just a short time?

“Xuan Feng, what are you looking at?” Yu Xiao Qi noticed Xuan Feng was staring at somewhere for a long time, she also looked at it in curiosity.

She saw a green back with a jade pendant hanging around the waist and bamboo leaf-shaped tassels hanging below it.

“Why would the people of Wan Shen Sect be here?” Yu Xiao Qi was nervous, “Xuan Feng...let’s change to another place.”

Yu Xiao Qi did not understand why the sects wanted to catch Xuan Feng. But since she was on the same boat with Xuan Feng now, he cannot be caught anyhow.

“No need.” Xuan Feng set his sight back.

“Why?” Wan Shen Sect’s people are here, what if he discovered us? Yu Xiao Qi was getting more anxious.

“Just eat.” Xuan Feng rubbed Yu Xiao Qi’s head and said in a firm tone.

Yu Xiao Qi wanted to say something, but Xuan Feng’s face immediately turned sombre and looked at her coldly. She nipped her lips and lowered her head to eat.

The man changed his face as fast as turning a book.


Xuan Feng and Yu Xiao Qi stayed in the inn. They went out early and returned late, they seemed to be busy with something.

Shi Sheng did not go out of her room, so she did not meet them.

Wu Chen was happy as Shi Sheng did not ask him to kill Xuan Feng at the moment.

He was so weak right now. He would definitely lose if he fought with such a powerful demon.

By the third day that Xuan Feng and Yu Xiao Qi stayed in the inn, one of the staff members died in the backyard after his heart was removed.

His chest was empty and bloody.

His expression was horrified with his bloodshot eyes widened. He was obviously in tremendous pain when he died.

But everyone in the inn heard nothing last night.

The staff member died secretly in the backyard of the inn.

Before that, the victims were those from wealthy families. Now, the murderer started to kill ordinary people.

Those who were timid dared not to stay in the inn anymore and kept asking to check out.

Of course, there were also courageous people who chose to continue staying in the inn.