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The chief of the city sent someone to take the corpse away, the people of the Yue Yang Sect also came with them.


Lightning strikes the volcano.

The people of the Yue Yang Sect recognized Yu Xiao Qi in the crowd. She had been together with Xuan Feng these days, the people of Yue Yang Sect certainly knew her. 

They had treated Yu Xiao Qi as Xuan Feng’s gang. Unsurprisingly, they fought with Yu Xiao Qi.

The male lead stood up and fought for her. Both sides fought in the inn and were surrounded by a group of bystanders who were not afraid of being hurt.

“Yue Yang Sect’s people called her a demon just now. Is the little girl a demon?”

“Is she the murderer who dug human hearts?”

“No way…”

“The more beautiful, the more deceiving.”

The crowd was discussing vigorously.

Wu Chen and Shi Sheng stood upstairs, “Xiao Yi, should I kill?”

“Kill who?”

Shouldn’t this be my line?

“Let them fight first. We can take advantage of the loophole later.” Shi Sheng analysed it for Wu Chen.

I didn’t expect you’re such a scheming little fox demon.

But I like it.

Because of the heart-removal incident, the Yue Yang Sect had quite a lot of people here. Someone went to get more people while some of them fought with Xuan Feng.

By the time the people of Yue Yang Sect could not hold a fight anymore, they arrived.

Yu Xiao Qi’s skills were not good. She would have been caught by them if Xuan Feng did not protect her.

Of course, she still ended up being caught in the end.

“Xuan Feng, stop it! Or I will kill her otherwise.”

Xuan Feng who was pinching the neck of a Yue Yang Sect’s disciple turned around and saw someone was holding a sword against Yu Xiao Qi’s neck.

“Xuan Feng, get off quickly! Just leave me alone.” Yu Xiao Qi yelled at Xuan Feng.

“Shut up.” The man who intimidated Yu Xiao Qi slapped her face.

Yu Xiao Qi was beaten and her neck happened to rub against the blade and was cut.

“Xuan Feng, do you want her to die?”

Xuan Feng stared at the disciple who intimidated Yu Xiao Qi in a sombre face, the veins stood out on the back of his hands.

A few seconds later, Xuan Feng flung the disciple who was in his hand away, “Let her go.”

“I can let her go if you abolish your practice.”

The disciples around Xuan Feng were shivering as if Xuan Feng was a block of ice.

But thinking of Yu Xiao Qi that was in their hands, they suddenly became brave.

“Let her go.” Xuan Feng’s voice was as cold as ice.

The disciple who intimidated Yu Xiao Qi immediately pressed the sword against her neck, “Xuan Feng, do you really want her to die?”

“Xuan Feng, run off quickly!” Yu Xiao Qi shook her head vigorously.

“Hey, just kill her!” 

Everyone was stunned by the voice and looked towards the second floor.

The girl in the dark skirt leaned against the handrail in a smile, but the smile was malicious.

“Don’t you know villains always die because of too many words?” Shi Sheng ignored the eyes that were staring at her.

Just kill after you catch her.

Can you not be so violent? Don’t know you’re a girl? Wu Chen thought.


I like it.

Such a little fox demon is so cute, she’s my cup of tea.

Yu Xiao Qi was stunned when she saw Shi Sheng, she was shocked.

She probably did not understand why she asked these people to kill her since they were both demons. 

“Yu Yi!” The people of Yue Yang Sect recognized Shi Sheng and shouted, “They’re a gang.”

“Humph! Stop slandering me! Who told you we’re a gang?” 

Will I act in collusion with the male lead and female lead?

How can such an honorable and cool person like me group with them?

We are sworn enemies.

“If you’re not a gang, why did you rescue Xuan Feng?” A disciple asked.

Why did you run the risk of rescuing him if you’re not a gang? Do you think we’re idiots?

Oh! I forgot this.

Xuan Feng frowned and looked at Shi Sheng.

Wu Chen also looked at her strangely. She’s the demon who rescued Xuan Feng.

No wonder the people of Yue Yang Sect chased after her.


Why did she rescue him but want to kill him now?

“I saved the wrong person.” Shi Sheng answered in calm, “No, I saved the wrong demon.”

You excuse sounds far-fetched. 

“Do you want to have a fight?” I know I’m pretty, but can the male lead and female lead die by just looking at me?


The people of Yue Yang Sect waved. Some of them rushed upstairs while some rushed towards Xuan Feng.

Shi Sheng supported the handrail with her palms and jumped from the second floor. A cold light flashed and those who blocked her way immediately fell to the ground before they could scream.

Everyone was frightened when they saw Shi Sheng’s sword.

What sword is this? How come she can kill people so easily?

Shi Sheng rushed towards Xuan Feng. Looking at Shi Sheng’s menacing look, the people of Yue Yang Sect backed off and left the battlefield for the two demons.

The two demons would kill each other and they just had to take the advantage after that.

So, all the disciples of Yue Yang Sect retreated to a safer place.

“You saved me?” Xuan Feng looked at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng smiled, “I’m too naive when I was young, forgive me.

What’s wrong for saving me?

This fox demon is too strange.

“You want to get my attention in another way?”

Shi Sheng looked at Xuan Feng, “Don’t have to test me. I just want to kill you now. It’s that simple. Are you standing or lying down for me to kill?”

“You want to kill me?” Xuan Feng looked contemptuous but actually he was full of doubts.

How come she didn’t like me anymore and even want to kill me?”

Shi Sheng swung her sword and rushed towards Xuan Feng.

The resistance was so huge. She got to use five times of psychic power to deal with him.

It’s so tiring!

Even if she was not intended to kill him, she still got to use three times of psychic power.

He is indeed powerful!


Xuan Feng suddenly flew out and hit a table. The table shattered immediately due to the collision.


A sharp blade pointed between his eyes and his confusion reflected on the iron sword.

Xuan Feng was looking at the girl unbelievably.

“Why must you lie down for me to kill?” She seemed to be smiling.

“Wu Chen.”

Wu Chen, who had been watching them immediately jumped from the second floor and walked to Shi Sheng.

“Xiao Yi?”

“Kill him.”

Doubts flashed in Wu Chen’s eyes. She could kill Xuan Feng with just a little power.

Why must she ask for my help?

She really can’t kill Xuan Feng?

“Yu Yi, how can you kill fox demons?” Yu Xiao Qi struggled violently.

Shi Sheng ignored Yu Xiao Qi and spoke to Wu Chen, “Now.”

Wu Chen looked at Shi Sheng and Xuan Feng again.

He summoned his sword and stabbed into Xuan Feng’s chest under the witness of everyone.

His actions seemed to have pressed a slow-release button.