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Xuan Feng grinned evilly, without a sign of fear on his face.

Shi Sheng frowned, she had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, Xuan Feng disappeared as the long sword stabbed into his chest.


I wondered why the male lead was so weak, it turns out that it was not his body.

All my efforts are in vain!

“Not his body.” Wu Chen kept his sword, “It’s not easy to kill him.”

How could such a troublesome demon be so useless?

Shi Sheng turned and looked at Yu Xiao Qi. She probably thought Xuan Feng was dead and looked very sad.

Shi Sheng moved her eyes, but before she had further action, a white smoke drifted in from somewhere.

The white smoke immediately filled the entire inn. Everyone could see nothing but the white smoke.

There was a commotion among the people on the other side and was followed by a fight. As the white smoke dispersed, their figures slowly became clearer.

The person who intimidated Yu Xiao Qi laid on the ground, his life was at stake.

Yu Xiao Qi disappeared.

“Where’s the girl?”

“Someone attacked me just now…”

Shi Sheng sighed.

Sure enough, it’s necessary to consume the luck of the male lead and female lead before killing them.

“It’s them. It must be done by them!” The people of Yue Yang Sect suddenly pointed at Shi Sheng and Wu Chen.

“Wu Chen, as a person of the Wan Shen Sect, why do you mix with a fox demon?”

“It’s none of your business!” Wu Chen provoked, “Yue Yang Sect can’t even watch over a demon, useless!”

The people of Yue Yang Sect raged as they were said to be useless, “Wu Chen, how can you collude with a demon, even Wan Shen Sect can’t save you this time.”


“Auch!” They screamed suddenly.

“Yu Yi, how can you hit them while we are speaking?”

Shi Sheng stepped on the person who clamoured just now, “Didn’t I strike in front of you? If you still have a problem, then I can only say that you’re blind.”

An idiot who blames others for being smart.

I’m not bearing such a charge, thank you.

“Let’s kill the demon!”


Yu Yi became famous after the incident happened.

She defeated dozens of Yue Yang Sect’s people and was their first target now.

Many people speculated that she was the murderer who dug human hearts.

But someone saw that she left the city and there were still people dying in the city after that. The murderer was still not found.

Someone suspected Shi Sheng was still in the city. The whole city was locked down and they searched from house to house but did not find her.

In a ruined mansion somewhere in the city.

Yu Xiao Qi was lying on a fairly clean bed and she could only move her eyes.

She did not know how she got here. She remembered she could only see the white smoke and heard someone screaming, and she fainted after that.

When she opened her eyes, she was already here.

Yu Xiao Qi tried to move, but her body was very stiff as if not hers. She tried many times but she could not even lift her fingers up.

She had no idea how long she had been lying on the bed, the light in the room was getting dimmer.


A footstep went nearer.

Someone came into the room.

A tall silhouette slowly approached the bed, Yu Xiao Qi froze in fear.

She moved her eyes to see who was standing by the bed.

It was a man.

Wearing a mask, with only a pair of gloomy eyes that could be seen.

“Who...who are you?” Yu Xiao Qi flinched, “Why did you kidnap me?”

“Kidnap you?” The masked man’s voice was very low with a little hoarse, “I saved you.”

Yu Xiao Qi then remembered, if she was not taken away by this masked man, she would have died.

Yu Xiao Qi swallowed, her throat was tightened, “Why can't I move?”

The masked man leaned forward and slid his rough fingertips over her face.

His eyes looked complicated.

He rubbed Yu Xiao Qi’s face without saying a word and let go of her after a while, “Just sleep.”

Yu Xiao Qi did not feel sleepy at first. But after listening to the two words, she immediately fell asleep.


“Xiao Yi, where are we going now?” Wu Chen was turning the firewood in front of him.

“Going back to our respective home.”

Wu Chen threw away the branches in his hand, walked to Shi Sheng’s side and sat down, “I’ve been abandoned by my sect, I’m homeless now. Shouldn’t Xiao Yi be responsible for me? I know you will be aggrieved for marrying me, why not take me as your husband?”

Shi Sheng leered at him, “I will be aggrieved even if I take you as my husband. So in order not to make me aggrieved, just get lost. Otherwise…”

Shi Sheng’s eyes suddenly turned a little gloomy.

Wu Chen shrank his neck and moved his eyes.

If what has done cannot be undone...

Then shouldn’t Xiao Yi be responsible for me?

What a good method, i’ll just do it!

“Your jade pendant is flashing.” Shi Sheng interrupted Wu Chen’s imagination.

Wu Chen lowered his head and looked at the jade pendant that flickered like fireflies.

He pinched the jade pendant and realized that he could not use his psychic power.

Wu Chen asked Shi Sheng anxiously, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi. Quick, I need my psychic power.”

Shi Sheng did not answer.

“I have something serious, I promise I won’t run. I love you so much, how can I leave you?” Wu Chen raised his hand and swore, the jade pendant in his hand flashed more frequently.

Shi Sheng stared at the jade pendant several times and slowly threw the antidote over him. 

Wu Chen swallowed the antidote in a haste. It took some time for the antidote to become effective, he stared at the jade pendant without blinking.

It seemed like the jade pendant was his wife.

When the antidote was effective, the psychic power circulated his body and Wu Chen immediately injected the psychic power into the jade pendant.


Shi Sheng was shocked. He has a master?

Wait..he seemed to have said before.

“Where are you?” A cold male voice rang from the jade pendant.

Wu Chen looked complicated. “Master, where are you? I’ll come to you.”

The other side was silent and followed by the sound of howling wind. After a long time, he said “Mountain Lan.”

“Master, don’t go around. I’ll go right away.”

Wu Chen put down the jade pendant. He turned and looked at Shi Sheng who was in a strange look, “Xiao Yi, I’m going to pick my master up…”

“I’ll go with you.”

Wu Chen blinked. How come she is so easygoing?

Thinking about his master, Wu Chen put down other thoughts. It‘s important to pick up master first.

Shi Sheng showed an unpredictable smile.

I’ve been waiting for so long and finally got a clue.

The system must be scheming against me if the clue still hasn’t appeared.

Mountain Lan was a bit far away from them, but it was not a problem as she had the iron sword.