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Mountain Lan.

There was a rumour saying that someone ascended to heaven at the mountain once, it was said to be a land of immortals. Therefore, the reiki of this mountain was much stronger compared to other places.

In the dark, reiki shrouded the mountain as if it were a layer of silk.

As they reached Mountain Lan, Wu Chen took out the jade pendant, “Master, where are you?”

“Below the mountain.”

...I also know that.

“We’re on top of the mountain. Master, would you like to fly up yourself?” Wu Chen asked tentatively.

The jade pendant was silent for a moment , then was followed by the sound of howling wind, but they did not even see a figure after a long time.

Wu Chen almost cried out, “Master! Master, you don’t have to move. I was wrong, I’ll come to you, don’t move.”

“...What’s wrong with your master?”

Wu Chen put down the jade pendant and said, “He has no sense of direction.”


Wu Chen’s master is ill.

90% confirmed to be him.

Wu Chen commented to Shi Sheng while listening to his master describing the surrounding scenes.

But as they flew around Mountain Lan, they could not find Wu Chen’s master.

Wu Chen was tired and asked, “Master, are you sure you’re in Mountain Lan?”

The other side was probably unsure, he did not answer for a while, “There’s a layer of reiki in the opposite mountain.”

Master, you’re not in Mountain Lan!

Take a deep breath.

Calm down.

“Tell us about the position of the stars.” Shi Sheng could not stand it anymore and spoke to the jade pendant.

The master suddenly heard a girl’s voice and was silent for a few seconds, “Wu Chen, you found a lover?”

“Master, I really like her, but she doesn't like me.” Wu Chen aggrieved.

I don’t even mind her demon’s identity, how come she doesn’t like me?

How couldI not be aggrieved?

“Hmm.” The master answered.

Master, what do you mean?

Shi Sheng cannot wait to slap the two of them. They even chat at this time.

Finally, the master told about his position after Shi Sheng reminded them.

Shi Sheng drove the iron sword and they soon found the place.

It was a mountain next to Mountain Lan. The reiki over here was not as considerable as Mountain Lan, but it was still much richer than other places.

The iron sword went through the canopy into the forest.

A figure stood in the darkness. The jade in his hand was shimmering and they could vaguely see his face.

Behind him was darkness, he was the only light in the darkness.

[Hidden task: Conjugal felicity] The system showed the task.

Shi Sheng’s eyes lit up, she quickly jumped from the iron sword and rushed to him.

Master, I think the plot is still the same to the host no matter what mode she is in.

“Xiao Yi…” Wu Chen yelled at her.

However, he could not stop Shi Sheng, she was too fast. The person was knocked down by Shi Sheng before he could respond.

Then, tragedy happened.

Both of them suddenly fell towards the back and fell down the mountain.

The shattered rubble fell from the top and some even hit Shi Sheng, she gritted her teeth in pain.

She wanted to use her psychic power but in vain.


It cannot be used.

At that moment, Shi Sheng remembered the big gift that the system gave her.

Luck value decreased by 30%...


The person probably realized that she could not use her psychic power, he stretched his hand to hold Shi Sheng’s waist. 

Shi Sheng could see nothing but heard the sound of rubble falling down.

The fall time was not long. As they landed, Shi Sheng heard a sound of bone fracture.

She was lying prone on his body and some buzzing around her ears. It took some time for her to listen to his heartbeat.

The heartbeat sounds gentle.

Shi Sheng wanted to get up but the person stopped her and lowered his voice, “Don’t move.”


The sound was particularly clear in such quiet space.

The person below wrapped his hands around her waist. A coolness immediately spread over her body, Shi Sheng was trembling in the cold.

A soft creature crawling over Shi Sheng’s waist, her hair immediately stood upright. She wished to jump up and kill the creature that dared to crawl on her.

But she was confined by the person below, she could not move at all.

Shi Sheng thought it was probably a snake. After a few minutes, the creature finally crawled away from her.

Just as Shi Sheng wanted to heave a sigh, the creature crawled back to her again.

Fuck! It crawled back again.

It’s even crawling towards my back, the feeling of being wrapped by a snake…

Shi Sheng trembled.

This is disgusting and irritating.

No, I must kill it.

Where’s my sword?

Fuck! My sword isn’t here.

Shi Sheng got another sword from the space. But her wrist was stopped by someone before she could do anything, his temperature spread over her body from the wrist.

Shi Sheng looked at the person below subconsciously, her lips suddenly became hot.

They kissed and their breath intertwined.

His breath was familiar and still very light but could not be ignored.

It seemed to be a mark from the soul.

I know it’s him.


Shi Sheng took a bite with a vent.

The hand on her waist tightened, he turned his head and moved his hand away. The movement somehow stimulated the creature behind them.


He hugged Shi Sheng and rolled over to another side.

Shi Sheng quickly got up from him and took out a night-shining jewel from her space. The whole space lit up instantly.

Shi Sheng looked at the creature that crawled on her just now.

It was not a snake. It looked like a centipede but with fewer legs and seemed to be a mollusc.

It coiled its body up for a few circles, which seemed to be at least seven or eight meters long.

What’s this?

Gene mutation?

The light attracted its attention. It suddenly raised its head and attacked Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng took out her sword and cut towards it, but it was very flexible and easily escaped the sword. However, Shi Sheng’s speed was faster than it thought. It did not have time to turn and its back was cut by Shi Sheng.

“Hiss hiss!”

It struggled for a moment and struggled towards the darkness beside it. In just a few seconds, the entire space became quiet.

As she was unfamiliar with the environment, Shi Sheng dared not to chase it.

She used the night-shining jewel to observe the surroundings. There were bones on the ground, either corpses or carcasses. 

It looked terrifying.

Shi Sheng held the night-shining jewel and saw the guy laid on the edge with a skull next to him. At first glance, it was scary.

“Are you okay?” Shi Sheng walked over and helped him up.

“...No.” His voice was clear and calm, he seemed to be fine.

Shi Sheng looked at him suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

“It will be a mess if it comes back.” 

Fuck! Can’t you be more clear?

Shi Sheng got up and looked around. This should be a cave with only one exit. The creature should have left from there just now.

Shi Sheng took out some charms from the space and placed them at the exit.

The man looked at her in silence, the darkness drowned his expression.