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After the charms were set in place, Shi Sheng returned to his side and fixed the night-shining jewel on the stone beside him.

Shi Sheng helped him up to sit against the stone beside him, “What’s your name?”

“Qing Han.” He paused and withdrew his hand from her, “It’s inappropriate for men and women to touch each other.”

“We just kissed each other.” Shi Sheng snorted, “Why? Do you want to be irresponsible?” 

Qing Han did not answer.

He pursed his lips, her breath seemed to be still there.

It was a very strange feeling.

He did not hate it…

“That was an accident.”

“But it can’t change the fact.” Shi Sheng bent over and approached him, she gazed at him.

Qing Han escaped her eyes, he turned his head to the other side. “You’re the girl my apprentice likes, this matter…”

“Are you teasing me?”

Qing Han changed his expression slightly and explained solemnly, “I didn’t.” 

She’s the person Wu Chen likes. As a master, how can I grab her from my apprentice?

What happened just now was also an accident.

Shi Sheng looked at Qing Han for a while. If I do it here…

She looked around the place with the corner of her eyes.

Forget it.

I will have a trauma if I did here.

The space suddenly became quiet.

Shi Sheng walked to the side and sat down, staring blankly at the void above.

Qing Han observed her with the corner of his eyes. Seeing her like that, he was thinking whether he overdid it just now.

After all, the kiss was fact.


“Yu Yi.” Shi Sheng propped her knees with one hand and stared at him sharply.

“Yu Yi?” Qing Han frowned slightly, “Are you a fox?”

“Yes.” Shi Sheng nodded. “Isn’t this obvious?”

This villain is too weak.

He can’t even differentiate between a demon and a human.

Qing Han was knocked down by her before he could see her clearly.

They cannot use their psychic power here, how could he know?

But he did not expect her to be a fox and even be from the Yu family.

There was a clear hierarchy among foxes, the clan was the standard for ranking.

The Yu family had a high status among the foxes, which was equivalent to the royal fox clan.

“How can we get out of here?” Shi Sheng changed the topic. She can easily use her psychic power to make him listen to her after she got out of this place.

Qing Han looked at the darkness and slowly spit out a few words, “Climb up.”

As a villain, you have to climb up?

Fuck! Where’s your powerful image?

Qing Han really got up and prepared to climb up.

He seemed to be injured, he bore the pain while walking.

He walked to the mountain. There were a lot of potholes on it, so it seemed to not be difficult to climb up.

He grabbed a raised stone and started to climb. But after a few steps, the pain in his back sharpened, and he lost balance and slid down.

Someone supported his back after he slipped a few steps.

“Are you sure you can climb up?” Shi Sheng’s hand looped around his waist and her head appeared beside him. Her words were full of sarcasm.

This idiot.

Qing Han’s back was painful. For a long time, he did not feel such pain.

With his psychic power, he had not been injured for many years.

Qing Han moved to another side with the support of the mountain wall, he kept a distance from Shi Sheng.

“I’m fine.”


Qing Han nodded.

“Then you can crawl to show me.” Shi Sheng moved aside.

She smiled, but what Qing Han saw was not a smile, it was an emotion that he could not understand.

His heartbeat sped up. It was so familiar everytime he looked at her.

It was familiar enough to make him distressed.

Qing Han slightly took some breaths. He endured the pain in his back, grabbed the stone and climbed up again.

This time, he climbed further than previously.

His hands were slightly trembling, he could not exert any more force.

Suddenly, he missed his step and fell again.

Qing Han never thought that he would be carried by a girl one day.

Shi Sheng had reached her limit to carry Qing Han. Then, she lost her balance and both of them fell towards the ground.

Sharp bones stood upright on the ground, Shi Sheng subconsciously protected Qing Han’s head and pushed him to her chest.

With the sweet fragrance and softness of a woman, Qing Han froze. Both of them fell to the ground in a weird posture.

Qing Han’s heartbeat increased as if a hurricane hit the drum.

Shi Sheng stared at the void helplessly.

I refuse to decrease the luck value by 30%.

It’s fucking pain.

“Do you want to crush me to death?” Shi Sheng could not help saying.

Qing Han immediately got up as his body tightened, his hand accidentally pressed Shi Sheng’s arm.

“Fuck!” Shi Sheng shouted in pain, “You don’t have to kill me even if you don’t want to be responsible.”

Ouch, my life…

It’s so difficult.

I need to be comforted and kissed to recover, it’s so painful!

Qing Han found that there was blood on her arm, the blood had stained the bone spur next to her.

His heart seemed to be pressed by something, he was breathless and felt a series of dull pain.

A very strange feeling.

He held Shi Sheng up carefully.

Shi Sheng pulled her sleeve and looked. Why was I injured every time I meet him?

He’s poisonous!

There was a long wound on her arm and the blood could not stop flowing out.

Shi Sheng poked the wound with her hand.

“Don’t move.” Qing Han stopped her. He looked at Shi Sheng and said, “I offended you.”

He carefully cleaned up the fabric that stuck the wound. Then, he pulled some cloth strips from his middle garment and wrapped it around Shi Sheng’s arm.

Shi Sheng wanted to tell him. I have medicine!

But when she looked at Qing Han’s guilty eyes and the serious expression of him bandaging her, she did not speak the words out.

“Now, I’m injured because of you. Should you be responsible for me?”

Heat blew into Qing Han’s neck, his cheeks and ears became red.

Fortunately, it was dark, Shi Sheng could not see the expression on his face.

Qing Han quickly wrapped the last few laps, “Girl, this is unavoidable.”

Shi Sheng just wanted to flirt with him. She curled her lips and looked at the bandage.

So ugly. My arm almost became a mummy.

Qing Han sat beside her. He lowered his head and lifted his eyes to observe Shi Sheng occasionally.

She leaned against the stone and closed her eyes, she seemed to fall asleep.

Qing Han sat for a while in silence. Then, he stood up and slowly approached Shi Sheng.

He bent over and was about to touch her arm. The girl opened her eyes suddenly.

Her pupils were full of coldness, without any confusion of waking up.

“You scared me.” Shi Sheng heaved a sigh. She blinked her eyes and the coldness in her pupils slowly disappeared.

Her tone was very light, like murmuring.

Qing Han opened his mouth, “...I want to see your wound”

Shi Sheng stretched her arm over and even teased with him shamelessly, “You can see wherever you want.”

Qing Han was speechless.