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Shi Sheng sat alone in the corner and Qing Han leaned against a stone on the other side.

Shi Sheng stared at him for a moment. Then, she got up and walked towards him.

Standing a few steps away from him, she asked, “Are you okay?”

“...I’m fine.” Qing Han’s voice sounded a little dry.

Shi Sheng frowned, she took the night-shining jewel down and walked over to him.

Under Qing Han’s surprising look, she carried him to a flat surface and made him face his back towards her.

Qing Han struggled to turn, but his body and limbs were very weak.

Shi Sheng held him down and pulled off his clothes.

“Girl…” Men and women should keep a distance!

“Relax, I’m not a scumbag. I’ll be responsible for you.” Shi Sheng pulled off the innermost clothes. 

The night-shining jewel lit up his back. There were bluish and purple marks on his back and a few little finger-sized stings in the middle. 

It started to blacken.

Shi Sheng frowned. The creature hurt him just now?

“It’s poisonous.” Shi Sheng put the night-shining jewel in his hand, “Do you know what the creature is? Any antidote to cure this?”

She had no idea about the specific gene mutation creature.

Qing Han shook his head and said in distress, “No antidote can cure this.”

It’s an ancient creature that was recorded in the history books and people thought they had gone extinct.

I didn’t expect to meet it here.

Shi Sheng took out several porcelain bottles and poured them into his mouth.

The medicines immediately melted in his mouth and it was too late for Qing Han to taste them.

However, none of these medicines seemed to be effective.

It’s extremely toxic, even these medicines are not effective for him.

Qing Han’s condition was getting worse and worse.

He was cold and slowly became unconscious. His body was swaying and seemed to faint at any time.

Shi Sheng put a quilt on the ground and put him on it.

Shi Sheng knelt beside him and took some medicine. She stared at him for a while and took a deep breath before leaning down.

Warm lips kissed on his back, Qing Han was trembling in shock.

“Girl, what are you doing?”

Shi Sheng held him down and quickly sucked out the poisonous blood.

The blood that she sucked out was all black. She spitted aside, the smell was extremely disgusting.

Her mouth was full of blood smell. Shi Sheng had already spitted the blood out at the fastest speed but she still could not help vomiting.

After the blood turned red, Shi Sheng held on to the stone next to her and retched. 

She did not eat anything just now and only vomited the gastric juice.

Fortunately, she need not to drink it. 

Shi Sheng’s face was pale. She rested for a while and then got up to move Qing Han to a clean place.

Then, she sat beside him.

Qing Han listened to her slightly heavy breathing, he felt bad.

He slowly turned his head and his eyes fell right on her hand.

“Your wound ruptured.”

Shi Sheng touched her wound, it was a little moist. The wound probably ruptured when she carried him just now.

Qing Han was a little dizzy, he forced himself to sit up.

Shi Sheng put his clothes on him. It was so natural as if she did it subconsciously.

Qing Han was stunned. He pinched his shirt for a moment and removed the bandage for her.

“Hiss…” Shi Sheng took a breath as he removed the bandage that stuck to the wound.

Qing Han paused, “It’ll be a little painful, please bear with me.”

“It’s too painful, I can’t bear it.” Shi Sheng said with a sad face “I need a kiss.”

Qing Han was speechless.

He reached his hand over, “Bite it.”

“How do you remove the bandage for me with one hand?”

Qing Han drew his hand back and pulled off the bandage suddenly.

“Auch.” Shi Sheng screamed in pain and raged, “That’s how you treat me?”

I put myself in risk to suck the poisonous blood out for him, he didn’t even give me a kiss.

I’m mad.

Let’s break up!

Shi Sheng got up from the ground and sat at the other side. She reached out for another night-shining jewel and put on the medicine herself.

Why did I get myself in trouble?

I’m so wrong.

Qing Hand apparently did not expect Shi Sheng to have such a great reaction, he was stunned for a long time.

Both of them did not communicate after that. Qing Han wanted to speak but he did not know what to say.


“Bang! Hiss!”

Suddenly, there was a strange noise at the entrance of the cave. Shi Sheng held the night-shining jewel in the direction of the entrance.

The gene mutation creature was hitting the hole and followed by a few more behind it…

It seemed like a group of demons was dancing.

Shi Sheng rushed over and placed a few charms on it again.


She rushed back to Qing Han, wrapped his clothes up and carried him.

She’s a girl, why does she like to carry me?

Shi Sheng strode to the place that they fell, Qing Han thought she wanted to climb up.

“Put me down, I can climb up myself.”

Shi Sheng replied sarcastically, “What can you do? You don’t even have the strength to stand.”

Shi Sheng reached out a dark rectangular object and stepped on it, the object started to rise.

What is this magic weapon?

It can function at such a place where no psychic power can be used.

The speed of the ascent was not very fast. Shortly after they left the ground, the charms that placed at the entrance burnt and a bunch of insects rushed in.

Hisses spread all over the space, making people scared.

Shi Sheng reached a certain height. Just as she was about to relieve, the thing under her feet suddenly shook.

She lost her balance and fell.


Shi Sheng immediately took out a sword and stabbed it into a nearby rock. The sword was probably too sharp and even split the rock apart.

Shi Sheng had no time to criticize, she stabbed the sword into it again.

The speed of falling suddenly slowed down.

She clutched the sword and could only carry Qing Han with one hand, both were swaying in the air.

Shi Sheng was near the breaking point.

Where’s my sword?

“Let go of me, you go up yourself.” Although Qing Han could not see what exactly was going on, he could feel her arm was shaking.

She should be able to go up alone.

Although he did not really understand why he would have such a feeling.

Shi Sheng carried him tightly, “Leaving my man behind, I can’t do it.”

“...Who is your man!” Why is she so shameless?

“You. I didn’t look at any other man’s body. I’ll be responsible if I see it. I’m not like you, such a scumbag.”

Who is the scumbag?

She’s the one who behaves indecently from the beginning. Otherwise, how could we fall into such a strange place?

Why is this woman so unreasonable?

“Hold me tight.”

Qing Han did not move, “I’m a burden now, you go up alone…”

Shi Sheng interrupted him, “I will jump now.”

Qing Han was speechless.

After some time, he put his hand on Shi Sheng’s waist and held it tightly. Then, he could feel someone kissing his lips and the tip of her wet tongue swept across his lips.

“I’ll bring you up.”