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Wu Chen did not expect that the little fox demon would pounce on his master when she saw him.

The two are even missing.

Master, why did you stand on the edge of the cliff and even fell off?

The point was that he had been finding them at the bottom of the cliff for several days and did not find any figures.

As if they simply vanished.

The jade pendant that he used to contact Qing Han did not give any response too.

Wu Chen scratched his head in frustration. How did they disappear?

Master, where did you kidnap my little fox demon?

Just as he had no idea what to do, the iron sword that had been following him suddenly shook and buzzed.

It rushed into the air and set off a demon wind.

Wu Chen was stunned. After a moment, he summoned his sword and flew to the air.

On a lush grass, a girl covered in blood was lying breathless on it.

“Little fox demon!” Wu Chen rushed over.

Qing Han fainted beside her. He was not hurt but just a little messy and looked pale.

Shi Sheng slightly opened her eyes and said weakly, “Is there any water?”


Wu Chen thought Shi Sheng wanted to drink water, he went to find water.

But who knew Shi Sheng did not mean drinking water, she wanted to bath.


You’re covered in blood but you're still thinking about taking a bath?

Despite the strange behaviour of Shi Sheng, Wu Chen still took her for a bath.

And about his master...

He did not die anyway.

Shi Sheng did not expect that it was an independent space. In order to get out from there, the price that she had paid was too great to be described.

Shi Sheng looked at her wrist, there was a deep wound on it. Blood was spurting out, it looked hideous.

Shi Sheng sighed, How can I act cool in the future?

There was no psychic power in her body anymore, in which she may not be able to use her psychic power in future.

This body is considered useless.

System, can I change for another vest?

Do you really think you’re playing games? Can change for another vest whenever you want?

Why not? Isn’t this a game?

[Host, don’t read my thoughts.] Oh no, the host can read my ideas now.

Master, please come back soon. I can’t bear with her.

Didn’t you also read my thoughts?

[You...everything that you let me read is what you want me to know, you think I don’t know?] The system raged.

Of course, it was still a cold electronic sound even though it was angry.

Wow, awesome. Your master told you this?

I feel like being despised.

By the way, how come your master makes such an idiot system? Who is your master?

[My master…] The system was silent, Why should I tell her?

The system immediately shut down and went offline.

Shi Sheng did not care. She would definitely know whenever she wanted.


After Shi Sheng finished bathing and put on clean clothes, she slowly walked back.

Qing Han had awakened. It was just a few days but he seemed to have spent a lifetime.

He looked at the girl who was walking slowly from a distance in a pale blue long dress, his face was still pale.

The formation that she drew with her blood in that dark space was replayed in his mind.

It was a formation he had never seen.

Complex, huge and shocking.

“Xiao Yi!” Wu Chen greeted Shi Sheng, “Are you okay?”

Shi Sheng shook her head slightly.

“But why is your face so pale?” Wu Chen worried. She was covered in blood just now, it was so scary.

“I’m fine.” Losing too much blood, I’m certainly pale.

“I shouldn’t let you come.” Wu Chen reached out to help Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng avoided him sideways.

Wu Chen blinked, he was a little disappointed, “Xiao Yi, you…”

Shi Sheng smiled slightly, the pale face immediately looked much better, “I like your master.” 

What did she say?

I didn’t hear clearly!

Both of them chatted for a long time. Qing Han was a little unhappy, he got up and left.

You promised to be responsible for me, and now, you’re smiling happily at my apprentice.


The first person who caught up to him was Wu Chen, “Master, Xiao Yi says she likes you?”

Qing Han frowned slightly, he wanted to explain but did not know how.

They had already kissed and she had even seen his body.

“Wu Chen, I…”

“Master.” Wu Chen’s expression was solemn, “Although you’re my master, we’re rivals in this matter. Let’s compete fairly.”

Such an interesting little fox demon, I also want her.

Humans and demons have different paths!

You should give up and leave her to me!


What am I thinking about? I will not want such a shameless woman!

After Wu Chen finished his words, he went back to accompany Shi Sheng.

Perhaps because her body was too weak, Shi Sheng walked quite slow. She eventually sat on the iron sword and let the iron sword fly for her.

“Xiao Yi, my master is not as good as me.”

“I’m so handsome. I can fight and earn money.”

“My master can’t even find the way…”

Wu Chen walked around Shi Sheng and kept criticizing his master.

“Your master is gone.” Shi Sheng replied.

Wu Chen looked to the front, the person who walked in front of them was gone.

Wu Chen went to look for his master who had no sense of direction.

There was a fork on the road just now, Qing Han chose the other route. Just as he wanted to return, he found that there was another fork on the road, he did not know where to go.

Getting lost was normal for him.

Shi Sheng found Qing Han first, she had air transportation after all.

He stood alone at the fork on the road with a cautious look. He was probably choosing which way to go.

After thinking for a long time, he eventually took the other route that nobody knew where it led.

How come he has the confidence to leave his home?

Shi Sheng fell from the air and landed just in front of Qing Han.

Sunlight passed through the canopy above and fell on his fair skin, a light halo appeared.

He slightly pursed his pale pink lips. The light under his eyes was like the surrounding trees that swayed by the breeze, he seemed to be unreal.

His temperament was cold as if he was standing in the clouds.

This was probably the first time Shi Sheng had seen his appearance so clearly.


So handsome!

He is mine!

I’d give 101 points for his good looking! He really deserves it!

My man should indeed be so handsome!