Shi Sheng jumped from the iron sword, it should have been a handsome posture.

A rabbit suddenly appeared and walked past her feet. Shi Sheng turned around, she stumped and rolled down the slope next to her.

Shi Sheng was stuck in between two trees. Shouldn’t it be a heroic rescue?

How can you stand there and look at me rolling down the slope?

Let’s break up!

System, come on! Let’s discuss the luck value!

Fuck! I can even get hurt by just jumping from the iron sword.

No, Host. I don’t want it.

Shi Sheng climbed up from the ground. She suddenly slipped and fell backwards.

She looked up and saw Qing Han’s slightly tense jaw.

Don’t think that if you hold me, I won’t break up with you.

Shi Sheng hugged his neck. Then, she leaned over his neck and rubbed her face against it.

Her smooth skin touched his neck, Qing Han froze and shyness flashed across his face for a moment.

From Shi Sheng’s view, she happened to see his slightly red ears.

Shi Sheng hummed twice. His body won’t lie.

Qing Han did not know what she was humming, but he did not want to talk to her. He pursed his lips and carried her up.

Wu Chen probably saw the iron sword suspended in the air and ran towards it.

The three of them ran into each other and was followed by a strange silence.

Finally, Qing Han put her on the iron sword and explained to Wu Chen, “She fell just now.”

“Where are you hurt?” Wu Chen came over in worry, “Little fox demon, how come you can even fall when you walk?”

I won’t kill you if you don’t ask about such a sad question.


At night, the bright moon shone in the sky.

Shi Sheng looked at Wu Chen with a thoughtful face.

She did not notice Qing Han peeking at her several times.

Shi Sheng got down from the iron sword and walked towards Wu Chen, “I have something to say to you.”

Wu Chen blinked, “Have you decided to choose me?”

Shi Sheng motioned him to go to the other side. They went to a place where Qing Han could not see them. 

Shi Sheng came straight to the point, “I don’t care whether you really like me or not, I only have one sentence for you. I don’t like you. So, no matter what you want to get from me or how much have you paid, you won’t get anything from me.”

Shi Sheng spoke very fast. Wu Chen was stunned looking at her and slowly responded after some time.

He murmured, “Little fox demon, are you rejecting me?”



Shi Sheng glanced in the direction they came and curved the corner of her lips up, “There’s no reason.”

“How long did you and my master know each other? Do you know what kind of person he is?” Wu Chen asked with a frown.

I’ve been with her for so long, but she didn’t even look at me.

They’ve only known each other for a few days…

“I’ve known him for a long time.” Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I don’t care who he is, as long as he is the one I’m looking for.”


Qing Han stared at the fire in front of him, but the corner of his eyes kept looking at the distance.

How long have they gone?

What did they talk about?

Why aren’t they back yet?

Qing Han was a little frustrated.

A feeling that he could not explain.

Humans and demons have different paths, it’s impossible for them to come together.

He kept repeating the sentence in his mind, but he became more frustrated every time he repeated.

His heart hurt whenever he thought of the scene where she was covered in blood.

Just as Qing Han was very frustrated, Shi Sheng and Wu Chen came back.

Wu Chen lowered his head and looked to be listless, he sat beside the fire without saying a word.

Shi Sheng went on the iron sword and did not look at anyone.

Except the crackling sound of the fire, only the sound of insects could be heard in the forest.

After some time, Wu Chen suddenly got up. He glanced at Shi Sheng and turned to Qing Han, “Master, I still have something to do. I will leave  first.”

“Wu Chen.” Qing Han looked at him in confusion.

Wu Chen stepped forward, bent over and whispered to Qing Han.

Then, he took a step back, “Master, contact me if anything happened. Bye, little fox demon.“

Shi Sheng waved her hand.

Wu Chen smiled reluctantly. He turned around, walked quickly and disappeared in the dark.

After Wu Chen left, Shi Sheng jumped from the iron sword, sat beside Qing Han and said, “I’m cold.”

Qing Han moved aside and said indifferently, “How can you be cold since you have psychic power?”

“I don’t have it.” Shi Sheng reached over, “You can touch my hand if you don’t believe me.”

Qing Han doubted, he stared at her for a few seconds. Looking at her determined face, he slowly put his hand on her wrist.

He let go of her after some time. His throat was dry, he opened his mouth but only spoke a single syllable, “You…”

How come her body has no psychic power?

“I guess I might not be able to maintain my human features these few days. Would you be so cruel to abandon me?” Shi Sheng put on a pitiful look.

Although she did not know why she could maintain her human features right now, it would not last long since she had no psychic power at all.

“Is it because of that?” The strange formation.

He thought she was just a bit weak as she could walk, he did not expect the psychic power in her body to be gone.

“Perhaps.” Shi Sheng paused, “Even if you’re not there, I can only use this method to get out of that place. I’m the one who brought you there, I certainly have the obligation to bring you out. It’s not your fault, you don’t need to be sorry.”

“But…” Shi Sheng leaned towards Qing Han and grinned evilly, “I still wanna be responsible for you.”

Qing Han took off his coat and put it on Shi Sheng, “Humans and demons have different paths. Miss Yu, we won’t have a good ending.”

Human beings won’t be tolerated, and so to the demons.

Shi Sheng groaned, “The worst is just to die together, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

It’s not the first time we die together anyway.

The most romantic thing in the world is to die with you.

Qing Han looked at Shi Sheng. Her eyebrows were slightly bent, she reached out to him and said, “Hug.”

There was a pain that spread from his heart to his bone marrow, and then to his soul.

The blood in his body seemed to coagulate when he heard her saying that to die together, as if snow fell into flame and eventually melted.

The girl in front looked strange to him, but he felt familiar from his soul.

He held her hand and slowly put her into his arms.

Her body was cold.

It was so cold that he could not help trembling. How did she bear this?

“Why do you like me?” They just met for the first time a few days ago and she rushed towards him so determinedly. 

She seemed to have set her mind from the beginning.

“Because you look handsome.” Because you’re Feng Ci.

So she won’t like me if I’m not good looking?

How come I’m quite unhappy suddenly?