The next day, Shi Sheng was stunned when she woke up.

How come.. Qing Han became so big?

The surrounding scenes were receding rapidly. She was being held in his arms, whilst feeling endless warmth coming from him.

Shi Sheng scratched his hand with her paws.

Qing Han subconsciously pinched her paws and looked down at her.

“...When could he have pulled such a look?” How come I didn’t know at all? It’s terrifying!

“When it’s dawn.” Qing Han’s voice was somewhat interrupted by the wind, “I’ll find a way to get your human feature back.”

Shi Sheng scratched his palm, she was almost near the point of breaking.

Sure enough, humans and demons cannot fall in love.

It’s retribution!

Qing Han touched her back. Her fur was soft and smooth, he could not help but continue touching it.

Demons will never lose their nature. Shi Sheng hummed comfortably, “You can touch longer.”

Qing Han was speechless.

He could not help imagining her laying in his arms but with a human form, asking for him to touch longer.

Qing Han felt his head heating up and the blood in his body was boiling.

He quickly took his hand off, held her steadily and drove forward.

Shi Sheng arched in his arms. She couldn’t wait to roll and ask him to touch her again.

It’s so uncomfortable.

I need someone to touch me.

Eventually, Shi Sheng could only scratch with her own paws.

But she could not reach her back.

“Qing Han, help me scratch, it’s really uncomfortable.” Shi Sheng poked Qing Han with her paws.

The fat and soft paws patted on his hand.

Qing Han sighed, “Where?”

“My back.” It’s very itchy!

It’s so troublesome to be a beast.

QIng Han scratched her back gently.

Shi Sheng closed her eyes comfortably. It’s too awesome to have someone scratching for me.

Now, I understand why pets like to hug and rub.


Why should I understand the feeling of pets?

“Where are we going?”

Shi Sheng suddenly realized Qing Han was on the way.

Does he know how to get there?

“Wan Shen Sect.”

Shi Sheng was speechless.

She stretched her head and looked around. This place is too strange, it’s not even in the memory of the original owner.

Shi Sheng did not know where the hell was this place.

But thinking about how he can get lost in such an iconic place as Mountain Lan, they were probably quite far away from Wan Shen Sect now.

Shi Sheng had no idea how to go there either, so she just kept quiet.


At night, Qing Han found a place to rest.

Shi Sheng climbed out of his arms to his shoulders.

Her soft fluff swept across his neck. It’s itchy.

Shi Sheng wrapped her tail around his neck. Qing Han felt a little out of breath, he took her down and hugged her in his arms.

Shi Sheng rolled herself into a ball and rubbed against his arms to get herself in a comfortable posture before falling asleep.

The outcome of losing psychic power was that she needed a lot of time to rest.

Qing Han covered her with his outer garment to block the wind from entering.

His rationality told himself that it was impossible for them to come together.

But impulsion stopped him from controlling himself.

If he was sick now, he would wonder if he was bewitched by her.

It was one month later by the time Qing Han returned to the Wan Shen Sect. After they reached the place Shi Sheng knew, she began to tell Qing Han the directions. But he would get lost as long as she was not paying attention to him.

He really has no sense of direction.

Shi Sheng was still a fox.

After knowing that Qing Han had come back, every disciple of the Wan Shen Sect including the master came and greeted him.

“Master Qing Han.”

A group of people bent over to salute, the scene was slightly shocking.

Before Shi Sheng could show her head, she was pushed back by Qing Han.

Qing Han nodded coldly and flew to a mountain.

The mountain where Qing Han lived had a special mark, so that he would not go to the wrong place.

After Qing Han left, the disciples started to discuss.

“What did he carry just now?”

“I didn’t see clearly.” He blocked it with his sleeve, I could only see something bulgy.

“Brother Master, Qing Han is back. About Wu Chen, do you want to…” Wu Hen hesitated. 

After all, Wu Chen is the only apprentice of Master Qing Han.

“I’ll report it to him.” The master waved his hand, “That’s all.”


Qing Han had not been in the sect for many years, so no one cleaned the peak. Fortunately, the mountain was high enough so there was not too much dust.

He placed Shi Sheng on a couch beside him and cleaned the whole room with a simple dust removal spell.

“This is your room.”

Shi Sheng shook her paw, “I want to live with you.”

“No, there’s a difference between men and women.” Qing Han refused.

Shi Sheng stood up and walked on the couch with her tail up, “But I am a fox now.”


“It’s very cold.” Shi Sheng jumped from the bed onto Qing Han, “I want to live with you.”

Qing Han did not catch her, Shi Sheng could only crawl to his shoulder.

“No.” Qing Han still refused, “I’ll make a formation for you, it won’t be cold.”


Shi Sheng stretched out her paws and about to scratch Qing Han twice.

“Brother Qing Han, Wu Jing wants to see you.” A voice suddenly rang outside.

It was the voice of the master, Shi Sheng remembered.

Qing Han took Shi Sheng down, “Stay here, don’t come out.”

Do you think I will listen to you?

I won’t!

Shi Sheng jumped out of bed and followed Qing Han.

Qing Han set a barrier on the door as he went out. Shi Sheng bumped against the transparent barrier and sat on the cold ground.

Qing Han glanced at her outside and turned to leave.

Oh, I’m such an idiot!

Where’s my sword?

The iron sword appeared but Shi Sheng found that she could not pick up the iron sword.

Why am I a beast?

When can I change back to a human?

Qing Han met with the master and he listened to him coldly. After the master finished his words, he was quite anxious.

Qing Han was the most powerful among the sect, he was the treasure of the Wan Shen Sect.

But his apprentice…

He kept making trouble for the sect, he was the black sheep of Wan Shen Sect.

It was Wu Chen who made the trouble for himself, the master did not think he was wrong. Brother Qing Han is always reasonable, he would certainly understand me.

The master felt better after consoling himself. Just as he wanted to say something, a loud noise suddenly rang outside.


The ground shook for a while. The master and Qing Han looked at the direction where the sound came from at the same time.

The building that was initially there disappeared.

Qing Han’s face twisted slightly and rushed over immediately.
The master followed him, he was nervous too. Who dares to mess around Brother Qing Han’s place?

Who is so brave!