Qing Han ran to the scene and saw a big pit.

There were flashes of electric currents in the pit.

He quickly searched around but did not see the snow-white figure.

Qing Han panicked, he walked towards the big pit with a stiff movement.

I kept her inside the place just now.

Shi Sheng shook her burnt fur and rushed out of the side into Qing Han’s arms.

Qing Han paused, he slowly lowered his head and saw a fox with pitted fur.

Shi Sheng was very unhappy right now. She wanted to bomb the room but bombed herself instead.

It’s all the fault of this idiot!

Shi Sheng stretched out her paws and scratched at him twice, she was mad.

Qing Han reached out and touched her. He finally felt relieved after feeling the temperature under his hand.

“Brother Qing Han…” The master looked at Qing Han, he was stunned. How come there seemed to be so much emotion on his face just now?

Is that an illusion?

It must be an illusion!

“You go back first.” Qing Han covered Shi Sheng and spoke to him coldly.

“Brother Qing Han, this…” The master looked at the pit behind him.

Qing Han gave him an emotionless glance, the master immediately lowered his head, “Yes.”

He looked at the pit several times before he left.

The pit is quite familiar, but I couldn’t remember for a moment.


“Did you get hurt?” Qing Han revealed Shi Sheng, and reached out to touch her.

Shi Sheng shook her fur, a layer of ash dropped off.


Qing Han put on a straight face, “How did you destroy it?”

There’s no outsider here, the only possibility is that she destroyed it herself.

How dare she blow herself up inside?

What if she hurt herself?

Doesn’t she have any sense of danger?

Shi Sheng reached out to a small ball and put it into Qing Han’s palm, “This.”

The ball was smooth with purple air lingering inside and a little lightning occasionally flashed through it.

A huge force could be felt contained inside.

Qing Han frowned, Why does she have all these strange things with her?

“Don’t misuse it.” What a dangerous thing, what if it blows her up?

“Who told you to lock me inside.” Shi Sheng got the ball back.

I did that for your own good and you’re still blaming me? Why is this woman so unreasonable?

“Now the room is gone. Can I live with you?”

So this is your ultimate goal of destroying the room!

Why is this woman so shameless?

The room was gone and Shi Sheng lived in Qing Han’s room as she expected.

She even climbed on his bed shamelessly.

“Huh?” Shi Sheng jumped on it, looking at Qing Han who was on the other side, “Why is the reiki here so strong?”

Qing Han replied softly, “The bed is made of warm jade, with a gathering formation under it.”

Gathering formation?

This formation is very common, it’s used to gather reiki.

Shi Sheng laid in the middle of the bed. The psychic power slowly circulated around her body and the painful meridians immediately felt relieved.

After hearing nothing for a while, Qing Han put down his book and walked to the bed.

Shi Sheng fell asleep in the bed and buried her face in her soft fur.

Although she slept in his arms before, he had never slept in the same bed with her. 

Qing Han sat in the room all night.

Shi Sheng laid on his bed in the next few days. The reiki could enter her body even though it was very slow.

Unfortunately, she was still unable to change herself back into a human form.


In the main hall of Wan Shen Sect.

Wu Hen put on a surprising look, “Brother Master, are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?”

The master nodded solemnly, “Yes, it is as they described.”

The big pit was quite familiar to him and it really reminded him after he came back.

Someone told him about a similar pit not long ago.

“Master Qing Han and the fox demon?”

“What did Master Qing Han carry when he came back? Would it be the fox demon? She had killed a lot of people, this…”

A group of people had a intense discussion.

There was a fox demon in the Wan Shen Sect.

It was even brought by Master Qing Han.

“Brother Master, we have no evidence on this matter, what do you say?” It’s inappropriate to rush over and question him.

They dared not to do so.

“There is no one serving him since he returned. What if we ask someone to serve him and check about this secretly?” Someone suggested.

The master pondered for a moment, “This is the only way.”

“Ok, I’ll arrange it.”

“Brother Master, if Master Qing Han really brought the fox demon back, what should we do?”

The entire hall was quiet as soon as the question occurred.

No one had any idea how to answer that question.


Someone sent the disciples who served Qing Han to the mountain the next day.

Qing Han looked at the girl who was a little restrained and pointed to the room where he lived, “You’re not allowed to enter this room without my permission.”

The girl kept her head down and whispered, “Yes.”

After Qing Han left, the girl was relieved. He frightened me!

The aura of this guy was so strong, she had no time to see his face.

The girl slowly raised her head, she had a very strange face but her eyes were somewhat familiar.

If Shi Sheng was here, she would definitely recognize her.

This girl was Yu Xiao Qi, the female lead.

Yu Xiao Qi was looking for a chance to escape after being caught by the masked man. Eventually she managed to escape one day.

Before she escaped, she stole a medicine from the masked man, which could change her appearance to cover up her demon spirit.

In order to hide from the masked man, Yu Xiao Qi drank the medicine and hid in the team of the Wan Shen Sect. However, she did not expect to enter the Wan Shen Sect after that.

Yu Xiao Qi could only deal with it. Before she came here, someone had already told her some of the  habits of Qing Han. She kept it in her mind and dared not to mess up.

After coming out of the room and taking a turn, Yu Xiao Qi saw the big pit that was caused by Shi Sheng before.

She frowned strangely and took a few steps towards the big pit.

What is this pit doing here?

Yu Xiao Qi stood on the edge of the pit and looked into it. It was deep, but there was nothing inside.

“It’s really strange.”

Yu Xiao Qi did not care about the pit and continued to clean up. The sky had turned dark by the time she finished.

She realized Qing Han did not arrange a place for her.

Yu Xiao Qi could only go and look for Qing Han.

Outside Qing Han’s room, she saw light inside. Yu Xiao Qi approached carefully, “Master, are you there?”

“What’s the matter?”

“You didn’t arrange a place for me.”

The room was quiet for a moment, “The room next to Lan Yue Pavilion.”

Lan Yue Pavilion?

Yu Xiao Qi thought about it, she had been there just now.

Lan Yue Pavilion was full of books but she cannot read the text on it. The room was next to Lan Yue Pavilion, but it was a bit remote and far away.

Yu Xiao Qi dared not to complain and replied obediently, “Alright.”