In the room, Shi Sheng crawled on top of his legs and laid her paws upon his belly.

Her eyes were swaying. Apparently, she was thinking about something.

He was thinking about the same thing.

The female lead is here?

The female lead is here?

[Qing Han is an important person. What’s wrong with the female lead being here?] The system despised Shi Sheng.

No! Give me the script!

[Three thousand points for the exchange.]

Why don’t you grab it?

[Five thousand!]

Fuck off, I don’t want it anymore.

[Host, you really don’t want it?]

Fuck off!

The host is stingy.

“What happened?”

Qing Han looked at the little fox who suddenly bit his finger, he was quite confused. I didn’t mess with her just now.

Shi Sheng twisted her tongue around his fingers. Then, she laid her head onto his stomach and curled up to sleep.

What’s wrong with her?

Shi Sheng was figuring the plot in her mind, but it was not interesting somehow.


Since the female lead came, the space that Shi Sheng could move around had been limited.

But she did not mean to go out as Qing Han’s bed was very useful to her.

So to Qing Han, Shi Sheng was sleeping every day.

After practising the whole day, Shi Sheng jumped out of bed. The sky had turned dark but she had not seen Qing Han.

Shi Sheng walked around with her tail up several times, Qing Han did seem to be back yet.

Would he get lost?

It’s very possible.

Shi Sheng jumped out of the window and went to a few places where Qing Han went often.

She still could not not find him. She wondered, Did he really lose his way?

You can even get lost in your own sect.

This idiot!

Shi Sheng searched for a long time and went up a small road along the mountain.

Shi Sheng finally found Qing Han in a cold lake but he was naked.

The cold formed crystal clear frost on his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Shi Sheng could feel the cold in the distance. She shook her small body and slowly approached the cold lake.

She walked carefully along the edge of the lake to the place closest to Qing Han.

I would freeze to death if I fell into it.

The person in the centre of the lake opened his eyes as Shi Sheng approached.

Death was spelt in between his eyes, he looked at Shi Sheng sharply.

The soil that Shi Sheng stepped on suddenly collapsed.


The piercing lake water rushed to Shi Sheng in all directions, pushing her down desperately.

She tried to swim with her four short legs but in vain.

Oh no, I’m going to die.

This was definitely one of Shi Sheng’s most aggrieved experiences.

A pair of warm hands dragged her waist from her back with a little force exerted into it. The next moment, she breathed fresh air. 


She hugged Qing Han’s neck and her whole body leaned into him. 


Wait a minute.

Shi Sheng raised her arms and looked at it. I’ve turned back into a human?

Shi Sheng blinked. She looked at Qing Han and then looked at her body in the water.


I’m naked.

Nice, I can finally sleep with him.

“Qing Han.” Shi Sheng turned around and leaned over him.

The icy cold water could not stop her petite body. The hand that was placed on her waist inevitably exerted a little force.

The restlessness in his lower abdomen caused him to have trouble breathing.

Shi Sheng kissed his lips. She prying open his lips and teeth with her small tongue, inviting him to dance.

Her hands went around his neck and her legs crossed to his waist.

Qing Han’s rationality collapsed at that moment, leaving only the girl in front of him.

The lake was cold. The figures of the two could be vaguely seen along with the sound of water that flowed around.


It turns out that thinking too much was not a good thing. Qing Han just hugged and kissed her, and did nothing.

The moon was up high in the sky, Qing Han carried Shi Sheng and went back to the room.

“Still cold?” Qing Han wrapped her in a quilt.

The temperature of the lake water was not something she could bear.

“Cold.” Shi Sheng clutched the quilt. She tilted her head and asked, “Let’s continue? Then I will not be that cold.”

Qing Han’s ears turned red.

How could she be so straightforward about such a thing?

Shi Sheng had reached out and started pulling off his clothes.

Qing Han quickly guarded his placket, “You can’t bear it.”

She’s very weak.

“Double practice.” Shi Sheng wanted to open his fist but Qing Han held it very tight. Shi Sheng stared at him, “Let go.”

“Double practice is not like this…” Who told her that double practice is doing this?

Shi Sheng knelt on the bed and stared at Qing Han, “Are you letting go?”

Qing Han held his clothes tightly. 

“You take a rest first. This kind of thing...we can take our time, your body is more important.” Qing Han was very worried about her body.

Where’s my sword?

Shi Sheng pulled Qing Han. Qing Han lost his balance and the two fell on the bed.

In the end, Shi Sheng was held down by Qing Han, not allowing her to move.

“What is our relationship now?” Shi Sheng was quite uncomfortable. She struggled twice and asked him softly.

Qing Han remained silent for a few seconds, “....we leave Wan Shen Sect tomorrow, and I will marry you.”

In Wan Shen Sect, it was impossible for those people to agree on their marriage.

“Actually, I can marry you.” 

Qing Han put on a serious face, “There’s no such thing as a woman marrying a man.”

“Why not? You can be the first to do this.”

“Go to bed.”

“I can’t sleep. We can actually continue what we just did.”

Qing Han was speechless.


Shi Sheng heard a noise outside in the midst of her sleep.

She sat up and saw short legs and a big tail.

Fuck! I changed back to the beast form again.

“Don’t come out.” Qing Han touched her head and whispered.

Shi Sheng was stunned. What happened?

Qing Han opened the door, the noise outside stopped abruptly.

“Brother Qing Han.” The master saluted respectfully.

Qing Han looked at them indifferently, “What’s so noisy?”

“Brother Qing Han, did you bring a fox demon back?” The master asked sternly.
Qing Han looked at him with a pair of deep eyes.

“A disciple of the sect was killed and his heart was removed.” Wu Hen added, “Master Qing Han, don’t be blinded by the fox demon.”

“Please bring the fox demon to us.”

“Please bring the fox demon to us.”

The disciples who followed the master here knelt down to the ground.

The sound was neat as if they had had a rehearsal.

“When did he die?” Qing Han did not panic but asked calmly.

The master answered solemnly, “Yesterday at midnight.”

“This matter has nothing to do with her, I can prove it.” He knew that sooner or later Shi Sheng would be discovered by these people, but he did not expect it to be so fast.

“Brother Qing Han!” The master was surprised. How can he protect the fox demon?

“Master Qing Han, humans and demons have different paths. Don’t do the wrong thing.”

“Master Qing Han, please bring the fox demon to us.”

“Master Qing Han, the fox demon has killed many people, please don’t believe her.”

“Master Qing Han…”