Yu Xiao Qi hid around the corner and peeped at them.

She shivered when she heard a disciple’s heart had been removed.

It’s him…

The masked man is here.

“Xiao Qi.” A slightly cold hand was put on her shoulder.

Yu Xiao Qi suddenly froze.

Someone hugged her back, “Xiao Qi, I said before, I will find you no matter how far you go.”

Yu Xiao Qi breathed rapidly, she was cold and her mind went blank.

He found her.

“Ah!” Yu Xiao Qi broke away from him and rushed forward. Her scream interrupted everyone.

Yu Xiao Qi came to the disciples of Wan Shen Sect at the fastest speed, “Master, it’s him, the fox demon who removed human hearts.”

The masked man chased after Yu Xiao Qi, and everyone noticed him.

But the masked man did not stop, he went straight to Yu Xiao Qi.

No one could tell who made the move first, but the scene was chaotic.


Shi Sheng was stunned when she returned to the system space.

How come I am back?

I was staying in the room when they were fighting outside.

Shi Sheng rushed to the screen in a few steps.

[Host, calm down.] The system quickly made a sound.

“I’m calm.” Shi Sheng stood expressionless in front of the screen, “Tell me, what’s going on?”

[System error.] The system explained cautiously.

[Host, please get ready to be retransmitted.]

What the hell!

Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword and stabbed at the screen.

Do you know people might die because of your fucking unstable server?

The system dared not to breathe heavily. It quickly initialized transmission after Shi Sheng stopped stabbing at it.

[Loading...Initializing transmission…]

Shi Sheng blacked out.

By the time she woke up, she found herself in a cave surrounded by vines and there was a strange middle-aged man standing on the other side.

Fox King.

Shi Sheng’s mind popped out with two words.

This is Yu Yi’s father.

The timeline has changed?


“Xiao Yi, fortunately, you didn’t die this time. Remember not to wander outside next time. The human world is not as good as you think,” said the fox king.

Shi Sheng was stunned and looked at him.

What is the timeline now?

Before or after the incident?

Where’s Feng Ci?

“You should think about it,” said the fox king and left.

It took Shi Sheng several days to figure out what happened.

The Wan Shen Sect was exterminated.

Shi Sheng was almost dead by the time they found her. It was the fox king who used half of his energy to save her life.

What the hell is this plot?

Why was the Wan Shen Sect exterminated?

What happened to Qing Han?

With half of the fox king’s energy in her body, Shi Sheng was as weak as before.

She left something for the fox king and left in the night.

She was going to the Wan Shen Sect. Something is wrong.

It had been half a year since the Wan Shen Sect was exterminated. The picturesque scenery of the Wan Shen Sect had turned into a heap of ruins.

The three words, ‘Wan Shen Sect’, that were written at the entrance were already vague.

Shi Sheng went to the mountain where Qing Han lived.

The mountain was cut into half and barren.

To Shi Sheng, it was just in a blink of an eye for the mountain to become like this.

Everyone in the Wan Shen Sect was killed.

Including Qing Han.

But she did not believe Qing Han had died. 

His skills are not bad, it’s impossible for him to die so easily.

“Xiao Yi?” A hesitant voice came from behind her, Shi Sheng immediately turned around.

A cyan figure jumped out of the ruins, “Great, you’re still alive.”

“Wu Chen…” Disappointment flashed in Shi Sheng’s eyes.

Wu Chen looked very excited. He rushed over and reached out to hug Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng avoided him instinctively.

Even though Shi Sheng avoided him, Wu Chen was still very excited, “Xiao Yi, what about my master? Is he with you? I know you guys will be fine.”

Shi Sheng frowned, “I don’t know where he is.”

Wu Chen paused his expression. After a long time, he blinked, “You...master is not with you?”

Shi Sheng shook her head.

I didn’t even know what happened.

She returned to the space inexplicably. By the time she was retransmitted, half a year had passed.

Wu Chen had just arrived at Wan Shen Sect too. He was in a bad mood after he left them the last time. Then, he found a place for meditation. Only when he came out did he hear the news of Wan Shen Sect’s extermination.

He hurried to Wan Shen Sect and met Shi Sheng in such a coincidence.

Wu Chen had no affection for Wan Shen Sect, but he was very concerned about Qing Han.

As there was no clue in Wan Shen Sect, Shi Sheng turned and left.

“Xiao Yi, do you know who did it?” Wu Chen caught up with Shi Sheng.

Although many people were discussing the incident, no one could tell who did it.

“I don’t know.” Shi Sheng walked steadily, her eyes were calm.

Wu Chen could not understand Shi Sheng’s expression.

She seems like she doesn’t care at all.

But he can sense the murderousness in her, like a mist surrounding her.

Wu Chen wanted to find Qing Han, but he had no idea at all and could only follow Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng did not know where to go either. As she passed by a city, she stayed for a few days and left.

Wu Chen did not understand what she was doing.

Even though half a year had passed, the rumours about Wan Shen Sect’s extermination were still being discussed.

“Do you think Wan Shen Sect had offended the god? Otherwise, who can exterminate the whole sect?”

“It’s not totally exterminated. There are some disciples who didn’t go back.” 

“Who dares to go back?”

“You’re right...”

It was useless for the disciples to go back. Perhaps, it might cause another extermination.

Shi Sheng walked past them emotionlessly and left the city.

Wu Chen followed her quietly.

After she reached a place with no one, she unsheathed her iron sword and flew away.


Yang Liu Village.

It was a small village and most of the villagers were very kind.

“Girl, thank you so much for today.” An old man talked to Shi Sheng in gratefulness, “Otherwise, I might be dead.”

Shi Sheng helped him sit down and said with a faint expression, “I just lifted a finger.”

“I have nothing to entertain you at home. Let me make some noodles for you and this young man later.” The old man looked ashamed.

This little girl saved my life, but I couldn’t repay her with anything good.

Shi Sheng finally smiled and said, “No thanks, I have to go.”

“The sky is already dark.” The old man was shocked, “It’s dangerous to leave now, you should  leave tomorrow.”

The old man disagreed with Shi Sheng to leave now and both of them were in a stalemate. Eventually, Wu Chen could not help but to advise Shi Sheng to stay here for one night.

But Shi Sheng insisted to leave.