Outside of the old man’s house, Wu Chen was very confused.

Apparently, she saved the old man. How could she refuse the kindness of the old man so mercilessly?

I really don’t understand what the little fox demon is thinking.

The old man lived at the end of the village. So when they left, they passed by the whole village.

The sky was getting dark, wisps of smoke rose from the village chimneys, every household started to prepare for their dinner.

The scent of meals wafted throughout the village.

The quarrelling sounded closer and closer.

The closer to the entrance of the village, the louder the sound of the quarrel was.

“Xiao Hu is still a kid, he is not sensible. You are an adult, why did you dispute with a kid?”

“Let’s stop arguing. Aunt Wang, just let Xiao Hu apologize.”

“Why must Xiao Hu apologize?”

A household was surrounded by many villagers at the entrance of the village. Those villagers were pointing inside, the people in the household were quarrelling.

“Why? Do you still want to fight with me? Come on, let’s fight!”

The movement in the crowd revealed the scene inside.

A tall and handsome guy was guarding a woman with a cold face.

He could not stop his noble temperament even if he was wearing a coarse cloth.

“Master!” Wu Chen flew across the crowd and came to them.

Among the crowd, Yu Xiao Qi and Qing Han were surrounded by people. Aunt Wang was the one who made the loudest noise just now.

Wu Chen went straight to Qing Han, “Master.”

Wu Chen’s sudden appearance made the villagers stop arguing.

Qing Han frowned slightly and asked in confusion, “Who are you?”

“Master…” What happened to my master?

“Sorry, I got the wrong person.”


Qing Han lost his memory.

He even had an ambiguous relationship with Yu Xiao Qi.

Wu Chen was stunned.

What happened?

Yu Xiao Qi was shocked when she saw Wu Chen. She was even more shocked when she heard he addressed Qing Han as master.

Shi Sheng slowly walked out of the crowd.

“Yu Yi…” Yu Xiao Qi remembered the incident that happened in the inn. She was very afraid of Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng glanced at her and looked at Qing Han.

Qing Han obviously had lost his memory completely. He looked at them indifferently and kept Yu Xiao Qi in his arms firmly.

“Xiao Yi…” Wu Chen did not know what to do. How come master lost his memory?

Both of them looked at each other, Shi Sheng could only see coldness in Qing Han’s eyes.

Shi Sheng suddenly reached out to pull Qing Han, but he avoided her quickly.

Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword and stabbed towards him.

“Xiao Yi, what are you doing?” Wu Chen yelled.

Shi Sheng’s action made the surrounding villagers to be shocked and scattered. Soon, only they were left here.

Qing Han seemed to have lost his psychic power, Shi Sheng knocked him down with just a few moves.

“Yu Yi, what do you want to do?” Yu Xiao Qi rushed to Qing Han and blocked the front of him.

“Xiao Yi, even if master has lost his memory, you don’t have to be so…” Violent.

He just lost his memory, he can still get it back!

Shi Sheng pushed Yu Xiao Qi aside. Then, she walked to Qing Han, grabbed his wrist and the psychic power entered his body automatically.

Not him.

This person is the original Qing Han.

Feng Ci is gone.

Shi Sheng was quite angry. She slowly placed the iron sword to his neck.

Qing Han still kept a cold face, without any superfluous expression and stared at her coldly.

Just as she was about to kill him, a sign of confusion flashed in Qing Han’s eyes.

Shi Sheng paused and exerted the psychic power into his body again.


But just now…

Shi Sheng tied up Qing Han under Yu Xiao Qi’s anger and Wu Chen’s confusion.

This guy is weird.

Host, the mission should not be done in this way. Hey!

“Yu Yi, you’re crazy. Let go of me,” yelled Yu Xiao Qi, who was also tied up by Shi Sheng.

Qing Han was tied to the other side. He was very quiet but the way he looked at Shi Sheng was vicious.


Tut, how dare you look at me in this way?

If it weren’t that I sensed something was wrong, you’ve died now.

Shi Sheng pulled a piece of cloth beside her to cover Qing Han’s head.

She felt disgusted as he was not Feng Ci.

Have you thought about my feelings before you did this to my master? Wu Chen thought.

Shi Sheng knocked Yu Xiao Qi out, the space was finally quiet. 

System, come, let’s have a talk.

No thanks, I’m pretending to be dead.

Are you sure you want to keep silent?

I’ll continue pretending to be dead.

Well, I will talk to you when I back!


“Master, you really don’t remember me?” Wu Chen squatted beside Qing Han, “What about the Wan Shen Sect?”

“I don’t know you.” Qing Han only gave this answer.

Shi Sheng stared thoughtfully at the covered Qing Han.

Perhaps I should ask the female lead.

So, the female lead who just fainted was woken up by Shi Sheng again.

Yu Xiao Qi shook her dizzy head and asked in a furious tone, “Yu Yi, what do you want?”

“Tell me what happened to the Wan Shen Sect.”

“You were there too, why are you still asking me?” Yu Xiao Qi gritted her teeth.

Shi Sheng frowned, I didn’t go out at all that time... and I’ve no idea what happened after that…

“You know what happened to the Wan Shen Sect? What happened to my master?” Wu Chen turned his head and asked.

Yu Xiao Qi nipped her lips, “You can ask her. Why must I tell you?”

Wu Chen looked at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng really had no idea what happened at that time.

Shi Sheng placed the iron sword on Yu Xiao Qi’s neck and said fiercely, “Hurry up, otherwise you will be killed.”

Coldness flowed into Yu Xiao Qi’s body from her neck, her limbs immediately stiffened and she could not help shivering.

She knows it, but she still wants me to say.

Yu Xiao Qi was full of humiliation.

But Shi Sheng was so violent, she dared not to have any opinions.

“I want to talk to you individually.” Yu Xiao Qi requested.

Shi Sheng smiled harshly, “Do you think you have any chips to bargain with me?” 

Yu Xiao Qi was very angry. She suffocated and her face was red. After a moment, she only started to tell.

The masked man rushed out and fought against the people of Wan Shen Sect, his skills surprised everyone.

He defeated so many people at ease.

In the end, he rushed into the room where Shi Sheng was in. Qing Han fought with the masked man.

However, Qing Han was not an opponent of the masked man. The masked man wanted to kill Shi Sheng. Qing Han forcibly used a forbidden spell in order to save Shi Sheng.

The masked man was provoked and killed many people.

Yu Xiao Qi and Qing Han fell into a crack at the same time. When Qing Han woke up, he could not remember anything and was seriously injured.

It was only after that she realized that the masked man had killed everyone in the Wan Shen Sect.

She crawled out of the crack with the severely injured Qing Han and found this village. She had been living in the village while Qing Han was recovering.

Shi Sheng had no impression on what Yu Xiao Qi said, she could not remember any of it.

Is it possible that I lost my memory too?