Shi Sheng locked the two up separately, Wu Chen followed Shi Sheng with a disappointed face.

Qing Han really remembers nothing.

He has no impression of what Yu Xiao Qi said.

“Xiao Yi, you…” Wu Chen looked at Shi Sheng hesitantly. She was about to kill master just now…

“What?” Shi Sheng tilted her head slightly. The moonlight fell on her shoulder and reflected into her pupils, making her look gloomy.

“Nothing…” Wu Chen swallowed his words back. Looking at her eyes, he did not dare to say a word.

It was too weird.

Qing Han’s psychic power was hindered due to his memory loss and injury. Although Yu Xiao Qi had been helping him recuperate, the conditions were limited. Qing Han had not improved much in such a long time.

Wu Chen was quite distressed. He had been staying with Qing Han for several days, trying to get his memory back.

Everyone in the village knew there were two menacing guests visiting the two young people. But since the guests came, they had never seen the two of them.

Instead, they could often see the strange girl who appeared in the courtyard occasionally.

There was some busybody who came to explore but found nothing.

“Yu Yi, when will you release us?” Yu Xiao Qi’s face was pale and asked weakly.

“It’s none of your business.” Shi Sheng crossed her knee and glanced occasionally at Qing Han who was next to her.

Yu Xiao Qi was trembling in anger, I am the one who was tied up, ok?

What does she mean to do by just tying us up and doing nothing?

To kill us or not, please let me know.

Shi Sheng had been observing the guy for the past few days, but she never felt the strange feeling in him.

Qing Han gazed at Shi Sheng calmly. The temperament was totally different from Feng Ci.

She can easily distinguish it.

For so many days, Shi Sheng only heard him answer Wu Chen and occasionally appeased Yu Xiao Qi.

Even if Wu Chen had told him so much, he did not show any curiosity, as if he was not interested in who he used to be.

Shi Sheng blinked, she suddenly got up and walked to Yu Xiao Qi.

“...What are you going to do?” Yu Xiao Qi’s pale face was full of confusion.

Just as Shi Sheng was approaching Yu Xiao Qi, Qing Han suddenly said, “What do you want?”

Shi Sheng paused.

What do I want?

I didn’t even know what I am looking for.

What a strange feeling.

On second thoughts, Shi Sheng suddenly turned and left the room.

Yu Xiao Qi was frightened, she thought she would kill her just now.

“Xiao Yi, when are you going to release them?” Wu Chen saw Shi Sheng come out of the room and asked immediately.

It’s been so many days, but she just locks them up. What does she want?

Even if Qing Han has lost his memory, he is still my master.

“After I get the answer that I am looking for.“ Shi Sheng entered the room beside her without looking back.

Wu Chen was stunned and was left standing there.

What answer is she looking for?


At night.

The village was very quiet, but a sudden fire caused the whole village to turn into chaos.

Kids were crying and adults were shouting.

The blazing fire illuminated half of the sky.

Shi Sheng and Yu Xiao Qi stood side by side in the fire. Both were pulling Qing Han’s arms separately.

“Yu Yi, let go!” Yu Xiao Qi gritted her teeth. The fiery flame blew her face, making her have difficulties opening her eyes.

“Let’s die together then.” Shi Sheng shrugged indifferently.


Yu Xiao Qi took a deep breath, “Let master choose by himself. Whoever he chooses to follow, the other person must let go.”

Shi Sheng glanced at the tall figure, her smile still looked cold in the hot flame.

Blazing fire reflected in her eyes, but it could not remove the calmness in her eyes.

“You can’t even protect yourself and you still want to protect others?” Where’s your confidence coming from?

The iron sword suddenly appeared, stabbing towards Yu Xiao Qi.

Qing Han reacted quickly. He moved aside and stood in front of Yu Xiao Qi.

“Master!” Yu Xiao Qi shouted in horror.

Without hesitation, Shi Sheng’s sword stabbed into Qing Han’s chest.

Shi Sheng narrowed his eyes slightly and withdrew the sword. She slowly took a step back and said in a calm tone, “Alright, bye.”

This guy is not Feng Ci.

But the next second, the iron sword attacked them again.

Yu Xiao Qi suddenly exerted a powerful force, blocking the iron sword from stabbing towards them.

Yu Xiao Qi obviously was also frightened by such a scene, her face was pale and she was suffering the next moment.

The flames were getting nearer and nearer and eventually covered the whole space including the three of them.


A light rose into the sky. The fire sparks splashed down from the sky like a meteor and destroyed the surrounding buildings.

The villagers outside immediately screamed and scattered.

Wu Chen ran from a distance and rushed into the fire.

Suddenly, a figure with flames flew out of the house and smashed in front of him, dust splashed all over the floor.

Yes, it was smashed.

“Xiao Yi!” Wu Chen saw the smashed figure. He immediately stepped forward to carry Shi Sheng, “Xiao Yi, are you okay? Where’s master?”

The house was still fine when I left. How come it became like this in just a blink of an eye?

“Puff!” Shi Sheng spurted a mouth of blood.


I almost died inside.

The female lead’s extraordinary skills are indeed powerful.

Wait, I’m about to die now.

Shi Sheng shook his hand, shaking out some bottles from the space.

Wu Chen brought those things in front of Shi Sheng, “Which one?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes fell on a red porcelain bottle.

Wu Chen fed the pills to Shi Sheng. He was relieved after seeing Shi Sheng’s face getting better. But the next second, he looked at the house that was still burning in worry.

Master is still inside.

No way.

Wu Chen put Shi Sheng aside and was going to rush into the house.

Someone dragged his clothes, he turned.

Shi Sheng was dragging his clothes and said weakly, “He’s gone.”

The power exerted by Yu Xiao Qi not only flew Shi Sheng out, but also sent herself and Qing Han away.

I’m really mad.

I’ve been quick enough, but the female lead still successfully evolved.

It’s simply not realistic!

Most of the buildings in the village were burnt, Wu Chen dared not to stay here. He quickly carried Shi Sheng and left the village before the villagers found them.

Shi Sheng was thinking about the world along the way. I underestimated the battle mode.

The female lead has a lot of extraordinary skills and there is a server error too.

Forget it, I’ll take this as an experience.

I can be retransmitted again anyhow.

No way! I must kill the female lead or I will take her surname otherwise.

[Host, you’re going to have the same surname as her.]

How dare you come out?

Pretending I’m offline.