In the fox clan.

It had been three days since Shi Sheng returned. The Fox King came to her and lectured her for quite some time.

Shi Sheng listened quietly. After the Fox King finished his words, Shi Sheng asked.

“Your Majesty, do you know where Xuan Feng is?”

The Fox King raised his eyebrows, “How do you know Xuan Feng?”

“There’s hatred between us.”

The Fox King’s eyebrows raised for a moment. After a brief time, he shouted, “Bastard, I wondered why Xuan Feng targeted the fox clan suddenly. It turns out to be you who made the trouble.” 

What a roar, thankfully I already got used to it.

It’s just a small surprise compared to the time I first came back and he beat me with a cane.

Keep calm!

After the Fox King vented all of his anger, he banged on the table, “Tell me, how did you offend the devil?”

“Just…” did I offend Xuan Feng?

The Fox King banged the table again, “What? Why are you hesitating? Don’t try to fool me.”

“I just felt like killing him.”


Deathly silence.

After a moment, the Fox King found a cane to beat Shi Sheng, “Bastard! You don’t even have the skills, how dare you fight against him? You can kill him if you have the skills, but you don't. Are you looking for death? I’m really mad, how dare you hide this?”

Fuck! Daddy, it’s not that I can’t kill him.

It’s because he is the male lead, ok?

The Fox King in the original owner’s memory also got mad often. But it was probably the first time for him to be so furious.

After the Fox King finished venting, he threw away the cane and sat down in anger, “Bastard, I’m really mad!”

Shi Sheng stood far away, “Your Majesty, he will kill me if I don’t kill him. Do you want me to die?” 

“How dare he?” The Fox King was furious and banged on the table again.

I only have a daughter, how can the demon bully her?

“So we have to make the move first, Your Majesty. Let’s kill him.” Shi Sheng encouraged the Fox King.

The Fox King grabbed the teacup on the table and smashed towards Shi Sheng, “Do you think he is just a little monster where you can kill him anytime you want?”

What level is Xuan Feng at?

Xuan Feng has been powerful for many years before this little bastard was even born.

If it wasn’t for him killing innocents indiscriminately, he wouldn’t have be sealed by humans and would have unified the demon world.

Shi Sheng avoided the ‘hidden weapon’ teacup, “Didn’t you just say that he started targeting the fox clan? Are you willing to let the fox clan be exterminated?” 

“Bastard, how dare you talk nonsense? Do you want to be punished?” The Fox King raged.

Shi Sheng shut up.

The Fox King’s darkened face gradually faded and his eyes lightened, “Xuan Feng was released and the Wan Shen Sect was exterminated. There’ve been too many things happening recently.”

He paused, “Xuan Feng has returned to the demon world and I heard that he is expanding his armed forces. I guess there will be a war among the demon world soon. You better stay in the clan, or else I’ll break your legs.”

The Fox King suddenly raised his voice.

Shi Sheng glanced at her legs.

Forget it. We should respect the old and love the young. Just follow what he said.

“Your Majesty, can I ask you something?” Shi Sheng came to the Fox King with a smile and poured a cup of tea for him.

The Fox King glared at her, “What?”

“Do you know Yu Xiao Qi?”

“Yu Xiao Qi?” The Fox King frowned.

He thought for a moment, “Do you mean the one from Yu Hui’s family?”

Shi Sheng recalled the original owner’s memory and nodded slightly.

“Why are you asking about her?” Displeasure flashed between his eyes and he said stiffly, “The little fox demon is not from our clan.”

!!?? The female lead is not from the Yu clan?

The Fox King was reluctant to tell more at first, but he could not withstand Shi Sheng’s continuous questions and eventually told her about Yu Xiao Qi’s identity.

Yu Xiao Qi’s mother was human. Her father was a fox from the Hu family, the second-largest clan among the fox clans.

Humans and demons falling in love were intolerant, not to mention half-demons.

Neither humans nor demons will recognize their identity.

It was a tragedy for a human and a demon to have children.

Most of the half-demons turned aggressive and brought disaster to both sides, making humans and demons hate them even more and resisted the combination of humans and demons.

Yu Xiao Qi’s mother was executed by her family after giving birth to Yu Xiao Qi and Yu Xiao Qi’s father took her to escape.

Eventually, he turned to his friend, Yu Hui, for help.

The Fox King was certainly concerned about the appearance of a half-demon in the fox clan. As Yu Hui had made a great contribution to the fox clan, the Fox King could only agree for Yu Xiao Qi to stay in the clan.

But as Yu Xiao Qi was a half-demon, she was not a pure fox and could not be transformed into a human form. Thus, she was bullied among the fox clan.

After listening to Yu Xiao Qi’s background, Shi Sheng figured out the plot.

Of course, what she thought must be the routine plot. If the author did not write in that way, what she thought would be in vain.

The female lead turns out to be a half-demon.

But this kinda setting is normal. It would be seen as abnormal if she was a purebred demon.

Or I kill the male lead first, and then the female lead.

Let’s disassemble the couple.

[Author Note: Host, what’s going with you? You’re such a scum.

Host, please do not do that. Your character value is almost gone.

How come my host tends to kill the protagonist?]


In the demon world, the snake clan.

Xuan Feng sat on the throne of the Snake King and two people stood below.

One man and one woman.

The man was weak, he seemed to be a scholar with a low sense of existence. The woman was seductive and fascinating, boasting a deep cleavage, long legs and a thin waist.

The woman spoke first, “Your Majesty, I heard that the little fox demon named Yu Yi has returned to the fox clan. Do you want me to catch her?” 

“The Fox King loves her daughter so much. Are you sure you can catch her?” The scholar disdained, he obviously disliked the woman.

The woman’s beautiful eyes glared slightly, “How can you laud others’ achievements at the expense of your own prestige?

“I am just stating the facts.” The scholar glanced at the woman and answered sarcastically, “She’s a woman. Are you going to deal with her with the means against men?”

The woman was furious, her eyes seemed to burst into flames.

Just as the two were about to quarrel, the surrounding temperature suddenly cooled down.

The woman and the scholar were chilled with fear at the same time. They hung their heads and dared not to be presumptuous anymore.

Xuan Feng’s cold voice rang in their ears, “Now, what you have to do is to unite the demon world at the fastest speed.”

The two were shocked.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

It was difficult to unite the demon world.

The demon king no longer existed in the demon world. All the clans were scattered and had their own kings.

None of them was willing to be controlled by other clans.

Xuan Feng might face a lot of challenges if he wanted to be the demon king.

The scholar and the woman glanced at each other and promptly looked away from each other. They bowed and were about to leave.

“Did you find the person I want?” 

The two were silent at the same time.

After a long time, the scholar replied hesitantly, “...Your Majesty, we don’t have enough people, so…”

We haven’t found yet.

Xuan Feng waved indifferently, signalling them to leave.