The night in the fox clan was very quiet. No sound could be heard, not even the sound of insects.

Shi Sheng laid alone on the canopy of the fox clan’s largest tree.

The sky was full of stars.

Her eyes were opened and the whole sky reflected into her eyes.

But the dazzling starlight left no afterimages and ripples in her eyes. She was like a delicate doll without a soul.

After a long time, she closed her eyes.

By the time she opened her eyes again, the stars in the sky had disappeared, leaving only the void and darkness.

She slowly reached out to a tablet-like object with numerous letters and numbers on it moving constantly.

The speed was so fast that it was impossible to see clearly with the naked eye.

There was a progress bar at the bottom.


Too slow.

Shi Sheng fiddled with it for a while and put it back.

“Xiao Yi, are you up there?” Wu Chen’s voice suddenly sounded below.

Shi Sheng pulled the branches next to her, whilst the leaves rubbed and rustled.

Wu Chen flew upwards and landed beside Shi Sheng.

“Xiao Yi.” Wu Chen looked at her with a complex look, “I’m going to find my master. You…”

“Bye.” Shi Sheng waved her hand.

Wu Chen smiled bitterly.

He had expected this before he came.

She was a heartless creature, no one would expect to be treated differently by her.

This is how she behaves.

And that’s why I like her.

Wu Chen controlled his emotions and asked tentatively, “You and my master…” What’s going on with you two?

She vowed solemnly that day.

It seems like she cannot live without master.

But now she has no concerns at all, she even wants to kill him.

Shi Sheng turned her face, blocking Wu Chen’s wondering look, and answered calmly, “He’s not the person I’m looking for.”

To her, Qing Han was strange.

Very strange.

He was as strange as the people of this world that she could not remember.

Wu Chen had never understood her, not to mention this time. He opened his mouth but did not say anything.

Even if he asked, she would not answer.

Even if she answered, he may not understand.

After Wu Chen left the fox clan, the Fox King was very happy.

If it wasn’t for Wu Chen bringing Shi Sheng back, the Fox King would have chased him out.

He was afraid that his daughter would fall in love with a human.

Then, the Fox King began to give Shi Sheng  blind dates.

He chose among the fox clan first. Those who were of the right age and were not that ugly were all under the Fox King’s consideration.

The daily routine of Shi Sheng was…

Blind date.

Blind date.

Blind date.

However, Shi Sheng dealt with them with violence. You can marry me once you defeat me.

Those who came for the blind date were happy as they came but were bruised when they returned.

The Fox King was very mad.

I shouldn’t have given the little bastard half of my martial expertise.

The Fox King’s wish to marry off Shi Sheng was unfulfilled.

The Fox King was very tired.

The demon world would seem to have a war soon, but I haven’t found a person to protect my daughter yet.

But the Fox King soon had no time to struggle. Xuan Feng’s actions were very fast, he had already recaptured several large clans.

The actions against the fox clan were getting more and more frequent. Xuan Feng certainly gained the upper hand against the Fox King. 

The entire fox clan was going through turbulent times.

Some persuaded the Fox King to submit to Xuan Feng, while some insisted to fight against Xuan Feng.

Of course, the Fox King was not willing to submit to Xuan Feng. Not to mention that Xuan Feng bullied her daughter once, he would never give in.

By the way…

I don’t know the reason for the hatred between Xuan Feng and my daughter yet.

The more the Fox King thought, the more he was convinced there was something fishy about it.

He was fooled by the little bastard.

The Fox King went to deal with Shi Sheng in anger. How dare she fool me? The little bastard is looking for punishment.


“Where is the young miss?”

The angry roar frightened the little fox demon who was guarding outside the room.

“Miss...miss is sleeping.”

“Sleeping. She only knows to sleep. Ask her to wake up.”

“...Yes.” The little fox demon hurried into the room with doubts.

Miss has not been outside recently. Why is the Fox King so angry?

Shi Sheng woke up and went to the door reluctantly. Looking at the Fox King who was raging, she was stunned.

I’ve been so obedient recently.

Why is the Fox King angry again?

The Fox King waved his hand, signalling the others to leave.

“Little bastard, what’s the matter between you and Xuan Feng?”

How come he’s asking about this again?

“Your Majesty…”

“Don’t try to fool me. You should know what’s happening now. Xuan Feng wants to unite the demon world and the fox clan would definitely be involved in this.”


Does this matter have anything to do with my hatred?

Fox King, your mindset is very strange!

“I just don’t like him.” Shi Sheng shrugged.

The Fox King stroked his beard and glared at her, What does she mean?

You might as well bullshit.

“Your majesty, do you want to unite the demon world?” Shi Sheng suddenly leaned over.

“The demon world is used to having  no master, every clan has its own king and lives harmoniously.” The Fox King paused, “But those who don’t want to be a demon king are not a good demon.” 

Well, it’s good to have ambition. 

“Your majesty, with the current situation of Xuan Feng, it’s very likely that he can unite the demon world. We can’t wait anymore.”

The Fox King’s face turned sombre, “Of course I understand this, but our armed forces are weak.”

Xuan Feng had recaptured several large clans in a short time and seemed to be the most powerful party in the demon world now.

“No worries, I’ll find a way .” Shi Sheng patted her chest.

The Fox King looked at her suspiciously, “What do you want to do? This is not a joke, you better stay in the clan obediently.” 

Shi Sheng curled her lips and kept quiet.

The Fox King got angry again and lectured Shi Sheng for a long time.

After the Fox King finished his words, he had completely forgotten the purpose for why he came here.

Shi Sheng wanted to kill Xuan Feng, so she certainly would not let Xuan Feng unite the demon world.

Shi Sheng sneaked out of the fox clan and came to the remaining clans that Xuan Feng had not recaptured yet.

She paid them a ‘kind and friendly’ visit.

So the next day, they went to the fox clan and asked for an alliance.

There had been many people coming to the fox clan in recent days, the Fox King was very busy. By the time he remembered Shi Sheng, it was almost half a month later.

However, he did not find her daughter in the fox clan.

The little fox demon who served Shi Sheng was locked in the room for half a month. No one realized until the Fox King went to find Shi Sheng.

She wailed and complained to the Fox King about Shi Sheng’s atrocities.

The Fox King had no way to punish her daughter either.

My daughter is so powerful, should I blame others for being too weak?