The demon world was divided into two and the war was to be held during a dark night.

The reason that started the war was a bit weird.

It was because of a couple who had a dispute due to their different positions.

Demons were born to be cruel. The two broke into a fight just because of a small matter.

As a result, the female demon killed the male demon and eventually, it developed into a war on both sides somehow.

So, the cause of a famous war was probably due to a small matter.

Shi Sheng stood among a group of little monsters.

“Just now I saw the King of Snakes, he was a man of striking appearance.”

Another demon corrected, “A man of striking appearance is used to describe humans, we’re demons.”

“Huh? Then what should we say?”

The demon probably did not know the answer. He paused for a while and said, “A demon of striking appearance.”

“Puff.” Shi Sheng could not help laughing.

These little monsters are so cute.

A demon of striking appearance.

“......What are you laughing at? Do you know how to describe him?” said the demon who answered just now.

Shi Sheng restrained her smile, “You can describe him as a dog who pretends to be a man.”

[Note: A dog who pretends to be a man (Chinese idiom) = to criticize someone who behaves like a dog]

“But he is not a dog.” Isn’t he a snake?

“This is to compliment him,” said Shi Sheng with a serious face.

“Is it?”


The group of little monsters doubted, but they still believed it eventually.

They kept shouting ‘a dog who pretends to be a man’.

Shi Sheng could not help laughing, They’re really cute although they aren’t civilized.

I wonder how Xuan Feng will react when he hears this, it must be very funny.

“Will we fight today?” The little monsters changed the topic.

“I don’t know. Let’s wait and see! I haven’t fought for a long time, I'm really looking forward to it.” 

The surrounding demons agreed with him.

Shi Sheng sat beside them listening to their nonsense, she felt interested.

Many of these little monsters have never been outside of the demon world. Their ideas are very different. It’s simply interesting to listen to them on occasion.

At midnight, the scene suddenly turned into chaos.

“What happened?”

The little monsters tiptoed and looked at the front. There were too many demons in front of them and it was so chaotic, that they did not know what really happened.



Someone shouted.

Those demons in the back did not care what happened in the front and began to retreat toward the back.

Shi Sheng went towards the front. Along the way, she could hear the crying of the little monsters in fear.

It sounded creepy at night.

In the centre of the battlefield, a huge monster was attacking a bunch of little monsters.

Shi Sheng had no hope for the monsters of this world anymore.

What kind of stuff is this? Gene mutation?

It had four feet with two heads like a dragon: with horns on each head, and was covered in scales with wings on the back.

What the hell!

A door to a new world is slowly opening.


The little monsters obviously had no ability to resist such a gene-mutated monstrosity.

Only the Fox King and a few demons were fighting against the big monster.

Xuan Feng stood in the valley with a few people. It was too far away that Shi Sheng could not see his expression.

“Your Majesty!”

The scream got Shi Sheng’s attention, she looked in the direction of the big monster.

The Fox King was being held by one of the heads of the big monster. Some demons were trying to save the Fox King, but the big monster was tall enough to avoid them easily.

Shi Sheng sighed. She unsheathed her iron sword, moved her wrist, and flew towards the big monster.

The Fox King was stunned at Shi Sheng’s sudden appearance and yelled, “What are you doing here? Little bastard, go away!”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and stabbed the iron sword towards him.

The Fox King thought, How dare this little bastard kill her father?


Warm blood splashed on the Fox King’s face and the blood blocked his sight. He suddenly lost balance and fell to the ground.


The big monster became furious after losing one of it’s heads and kept turning around. The little monsters surrounding it were quite unlucky, all of them were smashed into the ground.

Shi Sheng jumped on the back of the big monster and ran towards its head.

The big monster wanted to throw Shi Sheng down, so it kept shaking its body.

However, Shi Sheng successfully ran over and stood on top of the big monster’s head.

She stabbed the big monster with her sword, a blue light swept around and converged into the eyes of the big monster.

The big monster froze in place. After a brief moment, it collapsed and smashed into the ground, making the surrounding land and the entire mountain shake.

Some mud splashed on the Fox King’s face. With the blood and mud on his face, he could not open his eyes at all.

That big monster has been killed by my daughter?

It was such a fierce monster!

The big monster’s scales were extremely hard, they could not penetrate through it at all.

Even if they collaborated, it was no use.

The Fox King’s heart went up and down like a roller coaster.

Shi Sheng came in front of him. His vision was blurred, so he could only see her blurry figure.

The Fox King was relieved after he saw Shi Sheng. Regardless of his embarrassment, the Fox King wiped off the mud on his face and jumped up from the ground, “Little bastard, are you going to turn the world upside-down?”

He scolded and suddenly put Shi Sheng in his arms.

Just a moment ago, his heart almost stopped beating.

He was afraid that in a blink of an eye, his daughter would have no bones left.

Shi Sheng patted his back and said, “Your Majesty, you smell bad.”

The Fox King’s sentiment immediately disappeared after listening to her words. He held Shi Sheng’s head, “Little bastard, how dare you dislike me?”

“Your Majesty, Miss.”

“Your Majesty.”

The other demons came to them one after another. The Fox King let go of Shi Sheng as it was inappropriate to continue lecturing her.

A group of demons looked at Shi Sheng with adoring eyes. 

“Miss, you’re so powerful!”

“Miss, where did your sword come from? What’s it called? It’s amazing!”

Shi Sheng swung the sword in hand and thought for a while, “Demon-killing sword.”

No, I’m not called demon-killing sword!

The demons took a step back.

They were also demons.

Those who stood closer just now saw the scene.

The powerful big monster was killed by the sword with just a stab, just like cutting a carrot.

If the sword was slashed into them, they would be divided into half immediately.

Miss, where did you get such a terrible sword?

“Call those idiots back,” ordered the Fox King.

Although it was him who ordered them to run, he was quite angry that all of them ran away.

“Huh.” Several demons ran away at the same time.

They did not want to face the demon-killing sword.


Those who ran slowly could only be forced to stop and look at the demon-killing sword.

The Fox King glanced at Shi Sheng’s iron sword and yelled, “Little bastard.”

Why scold me again?

The demons were quickly called back and chattering with one another.