Xuan Feng was stunned, he did not react for a long time.

The beast is dead?

It died so easily...as if you were chopping a carrot!

They could not believe it.

But just as they were stunned, the demons had rushed over.

Shi Sheng remembered a classic idiom.

Demons and monsters danced like mad.
[Note: Demons and monsters danced like mad (Chinese idiom) = pandemonium]

Shi Sheng was not in a good mood. The timing is just nice to kill these demons.

As long as it was not the male lead and female lead, Shi Sheng could basically kill the other demons within a few seconds.

Xuan Feng probably noticed the situation was bad and asked his demons to retreat.

“Go and stop that little bastard!” Noticing that Shi Sheng wanted to chase them, the Fox King immediately asked the demon beside him to stop her.

It was Xuan Feng’s territory, it was not wise to chase them.

Shi Sheng was eventually forced to stop, she felt annoyed.

He runs so fast.


There were several conflicts between the two sides after that. But Xuan Feng certainly lost as the Fox King had Shi Sheng as a good weapon.

“Your Majesty, that Yu Yi…” The scholar did not know how to describe the situation.

None of them could return alive once caught by Shi Sheng.

Especially the iron sword in her hand.

It is said to be named the demon-killing sword.

She is a demon but she uses a demon-killing sword?

“Your Majesty, the sword in her hand?” The seductive and fascinating woman looked greedy.

It’s a good sword.

The woman had observed for many days. She found that Shi Sheng was powerful because of the iron sword. Her combat effectiveness was significantly reduced once she did not use the sword.

“Have you ever heard of the demon-killing sword before?” Xuan Feng’s voice was deep.

Both of them shook their heads. They had never heard of the demon-killing sword.

“Your Majesty, a human outside has a request to see you.”

A little demon hurried in from outside.

A human?

Who would request to see me at a time like this?

A figure slowly appeared at the entrance of the hall before Xuan Feng replied.


The battle between Xuan Feng and the Fox King was in full swing. Shi Sheng occasionally went up to fight with the demons, but more often, she directed a group of little monsters to kill the demons.

Shi Sheng broke into the tactic arranged by his opponent, either killing them or throwing small balls to blow them up. What a useless tactic.

The Fox King was very anxious.

What kind of people did she meet outside? Why did she become so violent?

How can she get married?

“Your Majesty, it’s bad!”

Yeap, it’s bad. This little bastard can’t get married, it’s really bad!

“Your Majesty!”

The Fox King looked at the anxious little demon, “What’s going on?”

“There’s a strange sword with the Snake King, we couldn’t beat it.”

A strange sword? Can it be even stranger than my daughter’s sword?

“It’s very powerful.” The little demon nodded seriously with a little fear in his eyes.

The Fox King followed the little demon to the scene. 

Not far in front, Xuan Feng carried a reddish sword, it drew a long line in the air.

Even if it was far away, you could feel the power of the sword.

The little monsters had no ability to defeat him.

“Your Majesty...:” I thought the iron sword of our miss was strange enough, but now Xuan Feng has another strange sword.

Can such a powerful but nameless weapon be found everywhere?

“Where’s the little bastard?” The Fox King looked around, his eyes were full of dignity.

The demons surrounding him also looked around. Eventually, a demon pointed at the battlefield, “Miss is there.”

The Fox King looked in the direction, and he almost passed out.

Shi Sheng was like a flash of lightning rushing towards Xuan Feng. The Fox King happened to see the two fight against each other.

He was afraid that she would rush over, and she really did so.

“What are you doing? Go and help quickly!” The Fox King was very angry and yelled at the demons surrounding him.


Shi Sheng was curious about the sword in Xuan Feng’s hand. So her iron sword was slashing fiercely against it.

It was proven that the sword was not some counterfeit product. Shi Sheng slashed at it so many times but there wasn’t a single crack on it.

The two swords intersected and  bursts of sparks were drawn. The two got closer to each other.

“Yu Yi, you’re very interesting.”

The moment when the two separated, Xuan Feng suddenly spoke.


Shi Sheng turned around and slashed at him again.

Xuan Feng raised his sword over his head, blocking the iron sword.

Shi Sheng put on a gloomy look, “So, are you falling in love with me?” 

Xuan Feng’s eyes were cold, “You’re only qualified to fight with me.”

Hey, do you know acting cool will lead you to being beaten by me?

Shi Sheng unloaded a huge amount of power, the iron sword bypassed the sword at a tricky angle and slashed towards Xuan Feng from below.

Xuan Feng gently tiptoed the ground and his whole body moved towards the back.

However, he did not expect that the iron sword would emit a sword light suddenly.

Xuan Feng was too late to evade. The sword light cut half of his hair, and injured his face.

“You’re lucky enough to fight me.”

The girl looked confident and arrogant, making the surrounding people want to beat her.

Xuan Feng lifted his hand to wipe off the blood on his face, the bloodthirsty gene in his body seemed to be stimulated. He stared viciously at Shi Sheng, like a raptor that had been dormant for many years and was about to wake up.

The two swords confronted.

The sky turned dark, the wind surged with thunder and lightning.

The iron sword could cause anomalies, which she had long known.

But Xuan Feng’s sword could do so too. Interesting!

The two figures shuttled between the thunder and lightning, their actions were so fast that only an afterimage remained.

Everyone stopped and looked at the shocking scene.

“Who will win?”

“It must be our miss!”

“Yes, it must be our miss who wins!”

The demons of the fox clan believed that their miss would win.

The Fox King stared at the air solemnly. Lightning flashed through his pupils, reflecting the anxiety in his eyes.


Someone fell from the air.

But they were too far away to see who it was.

Everyone stretched their necks and looked over there. After some time, the dark clouds lifted, revealing the figure.

The fox clan cheered immediately.

“It’s our miss!”

“Miss won!”

Shi Sheng landed from the sky and walked towards Xuan Feng who was climbing up from the ground in a stagger.

Her hair and dark skirt were fluttering in the air. The pattern on the skirt was looming, like a red lotus blooming in the abyss, the dark colour and blood interweave.

Shi Sheng stopped a meter away from him.

She gazed calmly at the sword inserted on the ground and curled her lips up, “This sword is indeed very powerful, but unfortunately, you don’t know how to use it.”

Xuan Feng held his chest. Low air pressure was lingering around his body, his eyes were dark.

I lost to a woman.


I lost to the same woman twice!