Shi Sheng picked up the sword with her iron sword and held it in hand for a moment.

Her eyes were dark, fleeting.

Then, she threw the sword on the ground, making a crisp ‘clang’ sound.

Shi Sheng turned her head beckoning at the demons in the distance.

Several little monsters ran over, “Miss.”

“Slay him.” Shi Sheng ordered lightly.

“Huh?” This is the Snake King, can we kill him?

“Hurry up.” Shi Sheng urged.

We got to be faster than the scriptwriter.

The little monsters looked at each other. One of them stepped forward but his hand was trembling.

He summoned a bone sword, gnashed his teeth and stabbed at Xuan Feng.

Xuan Feng staggered backward, the bone sword was enlarged in his pupils and moved closer and closer towards him…

The girl stood aside in a calm manner.

As always.


The bone sword pierced his chest and Xuan Feng suddenly smiled gloomily, “Do you think you can kill me in this way?”

The little monster’s left hand lifted, a charm hit the bone sword. The charm turned into light and moved along the sword into Xuan Feng’s body.

Xuan Feng froze. He slowly lowered his head, looking at the light radiating from his chest unbelievably.

Shi Sheng crossed her arms and said arrogantly, “Idiot! Do you think I will be tricked again?”

The corner of Xuan Feng’s mouth overflowed with blood, he reached out to hold the bone sword and pulled it out.

He staggered but did not fall.

The light of the charm moved through his body, which was clearly visible to the naked eye.

Shi Sheng looked at his angry eyes and slightly curled her lips, “Bang!”

Xuan Feng’s body suddenly exploded. The light spewed out of him, rushed into the sky, flew around in the air for a few circles and then shot in a certain direction.

“Miss...miss…” What was that?

Shi Sheng touched her hair and answered, “Tracing charms.”

As long as it is contaminated by a person’s breath, no matter where the person is, he will be found. And then…


Xuan Feng has no way to run away this time.

But if he really ran away…

I have no way either...since he is the true love of the scriptwriter. The one who is favored by the scriptwriter is awesome!

I couldn’t kill any one of them even if I put all my effort in.

Otherwise, the only way is to spoil the characters, just like what I did before.

[Host, please don’t have such dangerous idea.]

Shi Sheng curled her lips.

Even if I did, what can you do to me?

I really can’t do anything. The worst is...I can only lock you up.

Master, please come back!


After Xuan Feng died, the other demons were much easier to be killed.

The Fox King did not expect that the war would end so soon.

“So, Your Majesty, it shows us a fact, to kill the enemy we must kill their king first.”

“Little bastard, how dare you to say that.” The Fox King grabbed a rock beside him and smashed it, “Didn’t I lock you up? What are you doing here?”

Shi Sheng jumped away to avoid it, “Dear father, aren’t I talking about the facts? How can you smash at me! Believe it or not, I will run away from home.”

“How dare you run away from home! I will break your legs!”

“You’re not my opponent.”

The Fox King held his chest with a painful expression.

Ouch, this little bastard, she really makes me mad.

She could be so powerful because I’ve given her half of my martial skill. Otherwise, she would have died.

How dare she talk to me like that and even show off to me.

I’m really mad!

“Someone!” The Fox King roared, “Bring the miss down and look after her carefully. If she runs away, all of you would be punished.”

“Wait, wait.” Shi Sheng strode towards the Fox King, “I have something to do.”

The Fox King sneered, “What do you want to do?”

You only know how to make trouble.

Shi Sheng blinked, “Your majesty, why don’t you be the demon king?”

“Do you think it’s so easy to become a demon king?” The Fox King glared at her.

Shi Sheng nodded seriously, “Of course.”

How come this little bastard is so arrogant? I don’t have such a daughter.

Although it was the Fox King who had won this time, there were quite a lot of demons who were not convinced. Except for those who received the ‘kind visit’ from Shi Sheng, many demon clans had stated that they had been coerced previously, and now they demanded to remain intact.

Meaning that no one was controlled by anyone, everyone took care of their own clans.

However, it was not easy for the demons of the fox clan to defeat Xuan Feng. Knowing that there was just one step left to become the demon king, how can they give up so easily.

So, the two sides remained in a stalemate.

The Fox King also said before, a demon who does not want to be a demon king is not a good demon. So the Fox King was still very interested in the position of the demon king.

It was a pity that he could not bear the oppression of reality.

Just as he was about to give up, those clans that opposed the most suddenly stopped opposing.

Just like those demon clans who had come to seek an alliance, who strangely agreed.

The demon clans who received the ‘kind visit’ of Shi Sheng laughed happily.

Have you been taught?

Let’s suffer together!

This is the way that the demon world should work.

The demon world had been united since then.

The Fox King was promoted to be the demon king.

Shi Sheng was promoted to the demon princess.

Since she became the princess, Shi Sheng’s daily life was…

Blind date.

Blind date.

Blind date.

The Fox King was very keen on marrying off his daughter, he would not give up if she did not marry.

But the little monsters dared not to marry Shi Sheng. They trembled by just thinking about her sturdy posture and the demon-killing sword.

Such a tough princess, they cannot stand it.

Shi Sheng, who was suffering impatiently, ran away from home.

I got to kill the female lead!

How can I stay here?

Shi Sheng OS: I just want to stay here, stop introducing me to anyone!

Don’t you know your son-in-law is offline?

Stop introducing me to anyone! You will be beaten by your son-in-law.


Shi Sheng left the demon world. The humans seemed to know the turmoil in the demon world, she heard people discussing occasionally.

However, much of the content was not to the point, and it was very different from the facts.

For example!

They said that the demon princess is fat, ugly and violent, and no one dares to marry her!

Shi Sheng was angry. I admit that I am violent. But am I fat and ugly?

I am petite, lovely and charming, okay?

Whoever tells this rumour, you will be beaten up.

Host, why don’t you say that you’re the best in the world and idiots don't deserve you?

Of course, idiots don’t deserve me.

Master, do you have any medicine for narcissism? I want to give the host a cart.

Master, please come back!

Shi Sheng thought about where to go to find the female lead.

What is the female lead doing at this time?

“In front!” There was a sudden commotion behind.

Shi Sheng turned her head to look, a group of men and women in strange dresses were running towards her in chaos.

Shi Sheng was shocked and ran immediately.

Dear father, you’re so persistent in catching me.

These little monsters are obviously different from humans.