Shi Sheng was being chased by a group of little monsters. Fuck! Can you guys hide your identities?

But they did not hide their identity at all. While chasing her, those little monsters were being chased by disciples.

Sometimes, Shi Sheng even had to turn around to save this bunch of idiots.

But she had not seen them these days.

Did they give up?

Shi Sheng shook her head. They have been so enthusiastic in chasing me, how could they give up without leaving a word?

Shi Sheng walked into a restaurant while thinking.

Fill my stomach first.

While eating, a group of men who were talking about the prostitutes in brothels just now changed the topic suddenly.

“The Yue Yan Sect has caught a lot of demons recently. The demon world releases so many demons, do they want to have a fight?”

“The demon world has just unified, how could it be possible to fight with us? I heard they’re looking for someone.”

“Looking for someone? Who are they looking for?”

“Who knows. Didn’t the people of Yue Yan Sect just catch a batch of demons yesterday? Maybe there will be news these few days.”

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched for a while.

A ‘batch’ of demons… these little monsters are really stupid!


Yue Yang Sect.

She really had a deep hatred with this sect, she was chased by them when she first came to this world.

She was still the number one target on Yue Yang Sect’s blacklist.


Those little monsters who were caught will be sent back to the Yue Yang Sect to be killed. They were probably afraid of them running away and even used the transmit spell to send them here.

Shi Sheng flew into the sect from above with her iron sword.

The disciples who guarded the mountain could only see an afterimage and did not see clearly what it was.

In the Yue Yang Sect’s courtyard.

The little monsters were kept in several iron cages, all of whom were in despair.

“Why didn’t the princess come to save us?” said little monster A.

“Maybe the princess didn’t know that we were caught,” said little monster B.

“Then we can only wait to die?” said little monster C.

“I don’t want to die,” said little monster A.

Who wants to die?

They did not want to die, but they were caught and they can only wait to be killed.

The group of little monsters looked at the people in the distance walking towards them, they hugged together and trembled.

These disciples were much scarier than demons.

One of them who seemed to be the eldest, touched his goatee, “How to deal with so many demons?”

A fat disciple who was beside him answered, “Burn them.”

The goatee man agreed and nodded. So many demons, the most convenient way is to burn them.

A group of disciples began to set firewood around the iron cages and splashed oil on it.

“They’re going to burn us.”

“Aww, why didn’t the princess come yet?”

“Why do you cry? Even if we die, the princess will definitely come for revenge.”

“...The princess might not even know.”

As soon as they heard this sentence, the little monsters turned quiet.

“Let’s start!” The goatee man nodded slightly.

The disciple who held the torch threw it onto the firewood.

The fire rose instantly, engulfing all the little monsters inside the cages.


Someone screamed.

But the sound was not coming from the flame but from their back.

Before everyone could turn around, a shadow fell from the air. It happened to hit the fire and twitched twice.

The next second, a powerful force swept toward the fire and the burning firewood was lifted up and scattered. 

The flame suddenly went out.

The space froze for a moment as if someone pressed a pause button.

“There’s a person.” Some disciples shouted while pointing at the air.

“How did she come in? Why has no one noticed?” 

“It’’s Yu Yi, Yu Yi!”

In the Yue Yan Sect, everyone knew Yu Yi.

She had disappeared for such a long time, why is she here again?

Oh, she’s also a demon!

She must have come to save these demons.

“Don't panic.” The goatee man calmed the others.

Shi Sheng jumped from the air. The iron sword fell on the ground, and a crack was created in the ground. The crack immediately spread like a spider web in the direction of the crowd.

Everyone was stunned and stared at the crack.

The crack stopped in front of the goatee man, not moving forward but nothing strange happened.

Everyone kept silent.

Just as they were about to be relieved, the crack suddenly continued to move forward, over them and went straight to the iron cages.

“Squeak.” The iron cages broke apart, the little monsters rushed out.

“Your Royal Highness.”

“The princess is here to save us. Long live Your Royal Highness.”

All the little monsters surrounded Shi Sheng and kept praising and complimenting her.

The people of the Yue Yang Sect were stunned over there.

What princess?

Yu Yi… is the princess of the demon world?


The fat disciple shouted, “How dare these demons to trespass at our Yue Yang Sect? Do you think we have no people?”

The little monsters kept quiet and subconsciously hid behind Shi Sheng.

“Does the Yue Yang Sect have people? Why can’tI see it?” Shi Sheng snorted.

“We have so many of us here, can’t you see us?” The fat on his face trembled, speaking in agitation.

Shi Sheng curved her eyes, “I’m blind, I can’t see them. What I can see is just a bunch of idiots.”

Is she cursing?

“Yu Yi, you trespassed on our Yue Yang Sect. Do you think you could leave safely?”

Shi Sheng blinked her eyes, putting on an evil smile on her delicate face, “I can fly out.”

The goatee man’s face was dark, he did not expect this woman to be so arrogant.

“Let’s fight if you want. Don’t talk nonsense.” Shi Sheng habitually swung her sword.
“Your Royal Highness, you’re so powerful! Let’s kill them!” This group of humans is simply unreasonable. We did nothing but they caught us inexplicably, they even want to kill us.

 “Your Royal Highness, you’re so pretty!”

They were like her fans and shouted slogans at her back, Shi Sheng was speechless and rolled her eyes.

These bunch of idiots are not running away!

“Catch them, don’t let them run away!” The fat disciple waved.

Shi Sheng fought with them, the group of little monsters looked at her as if watching a movie.

After Shi Sheng knocked a few people down, she ran.

“Fuck! Why are these idiots not running?”

“...Your Royal Highness, why don’t you fight?” A little monster was confused.

Didn’t you see there’s a troop of people coming?

I’m not crazy!

“Run!” Shi Sheng beat the leg of a little monster with her iron sword.

“Ouch!” The little monster immediately rushed down the mountain.

The other little monsters followed.

This group of little monsters thought their princess was afraid. But as they ran down the mountain, they heard a series of explosions behind.

So the princess is not afraid of them?

I know right!

How could the princess be afraid of this group of idiots!

The princess is invincible!