The demon princess blew up Yue Yang Sect.

The news soon became the headline that was discussed among the people.

The Yue Yang Sect came to the Demon King to claim for their losses.

But the Demon King was even more merciless!

He asked them to go find the one who caused the trouble, he did not seem to care.

As a matter of fact, he was so angry that he wished to take the disobedient little bastard back and punish her with a dozen lashes of the whip.

The people of the Yue Yang Sect were very angry. <i>We must not let this matter get resolved like this.</i>

<i>Since the Demon King doesn't care about this matter, we must solve this ourselves.</i> 

Hence, the human world became more chaotic.


“I beg for your help. As long as I can bury my father, I can do whatever you want to repay your kindness.”

A pretty-looking girl knelt down on the side of a road with a handcart behind her. The handcart was covered with straw mats, a hand underneath could be seen.

<i>She’s selling herself so she could bury her father!</i>

Shi Sheng stood in the crowd and looked around. After confirming there were no strange people around, she relieved herself and watched the show.

“Oh, this little girl is quite pretty. Raise your head, let me see clearly” A guy who was dressed like a young master pinched her chin, forcing her to raise her head.

<i>Someone must be flirting with her!</i>

The girl’s eyes were wet and her cheeks were red, she looked pitiful.

The malicious guy touched the girl’s face and his hands began to move down to her chest.

The girl was obviously frightened and moved backwards. But the guy was so strong that he held her hand, forcing her unable to escape.

“Young Master, please have some self-respect.” The girl kept dodging.

“Self-respect? Hahaha, don’t you want to sell yourself to bury your father? I have the money. Come, let me touch.”

“Let go of me.”

“Hahaha, the skin is so good. Hey...the hand is nice too.”

The girl was half-held in the arms of the guy and he was taking advantage of her.

The crowd surrounding them seemed to be a little scared of this guy and dared not to speak out.

“Release her!” A shout rang behind the crowd, and then the crowd separated. Two figures stood in between the crowd, “Release her!”

<i>The hero saves the beauty!</i>

<i>Wait, this voice?</i>

Shi Sheng’s eyelashes trembled, she looked towards the two people who came in.

<i>Sure enough, I can meet the female lead where there is oppression. Nice!</i>

<i>The guy beside the female lead…</i>

<i>It’s Qing Han.</i>

Qing Han discovered Shi Sheng and Shi Sheng grinned at him.

With a slight move of fingers, the iron sword appeared and flew towards Yu Xiao Qi at a high speed.


The sudden appearance of the iron sword on the street made everyone run away, even the guy who flirted with the girl just now released the girl and hid behind his bodyguard.

Qing Han immediately pulled Yu Xiao Qi and the iron sword passed by her ears with a strong wind.

The blade turned and stabbed towards her neck.

Yu Xiao Qi was probably frightened by such a sudden event, the iron sword had reached her by the time she responded.

Just as the iron sword was about to approach Yu Xiao Qi, a great resistance slowed down Shi Sheng’s movement. Yu Xiao Qi took the opportunity to move aside. Then, she drew a strange symbol in the air with her fingers, a psychic power surged violently towards Shi Sheng.

<i>Yu Xiao Qi has become powerful in such a short time.</i>

The psychic power surged towards Shi Sheng as if it were a sharp blade, Shi Sheng’s skirt was torn apart and she was forced to step back several steps.

Yu Xiao Qi’s face was full of anger, “Yu Yi, I don’t want to kill you.”

Shi Sheng looked down at her skirt without speaking.

“Yu Yi, it’s useless! Master doesn’t remember you.” Yu Xiao Qi continued, “Master will not remember you even if you kill me.”

Qing Han stood behind Yu Xiao Qi and looked at Shi Sheng indifferently.

Shi Sheng raised her head slightly, she glanced at Yu Xiao Qi with her calm eyes.

The space was in a strange silence.


Someone jumped from the air behind, Shi Sheng could sense a crisis. She turned her hand and swiped the iron sword, a brutal force hit against the iron sword. Shi Sheng felt her arm was numb and weak.

But Shi Sheng was still looking calmly into the distance.

A group of people came with their sword and surrounded her.

It was the people of the Yue Yang Sect.

“Demon, we’re here to kill you!” A loud shout resounded through the space, making a buzz on everyone’s ears.

Besides Shi Sheng, Yu Xiao Qi and Qing Han were also under their encirclement and suppression.

Shi Sheng’s arm was still numb, she had some difficulty in holding the sword, so it was certainly not easy for her to fight against them.

Yu Xiao Qi probably knew herself could not fight against so many people, she only defended.

Although Shi Sheng was not happy to stand with the female lead, the female lead kept moving closer to her and the people of Yue Yang Sect deliberately forced them together.

So, Shi Sheng was forced to stand with the female lead on the united front.

“Yu Yi, they want our lives. We got to put aside our enmities first, let’s get out together.” Yu Xiao Qi panted and asked to form an alliance with Shi Sheng.

“I can get out alone.” Shi Sheng refused her arrogantly.

<i>Even if you’re powerful, it’s not a joke to fight against so many people!!</i>

Yu Xiao was angry and quickly withdrew to Qing Han’s side. <i>Qing Han’s practices have not yet fully recovered, we’re at a disadvantage if we are under siege.</i>

<i>There is no way!</i>

Yu Xiao Qi moved her eyes quickly. After a while, she set her eyes on Shi Sheng, gritted her teeth and made a secret decision.

By the time Shi Sheng discovered Yu Xiao Qi’s intention, it was too late.

Shi Sheng did not expect the female lead to lead those people to her side and took the opportunity to escape with Qing Han.

<i>Female lead, is it proper to do this?</i>

“Forget it. Let’s catch this fox demon, we can’t let her hurt the people.” As the people of Yue Yang Sect found Yu Xiao Qi slipped away, they decided to focus on catching Shi Sheng.

“Hurt the people?” Shi Sheng snorted, “When did I hurt the people?”

<i>Have I ever killed the ordinary people?</i>

<i>Have I ever embarrassed the ordinary people?</i>

<i>They’re so shameless!</i>

<i>I don’t bear this charge!</i>

“You killed so many people in Yue Yang Sect. You’re such a cold-hearted and ruthless demon, who knows when will you begin a war? We’re going to kill you for righteousness!” Yue Yang Sect’s disciple shouted angrily.

“If you didn’t catch the little monsters of the demon world, will I kill them?” <i>Do you think I’m very free?</i>

“There’s no good demons in the demon world. We did that for the people, it’s our duty to catch them!” <i>As a disciple, it’s our duty to kill demons.</i>

“Then as a demon princess, what’s wrong with saving my own people?” Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, “Please be reasonable. If the demon clans caught your people, would you save them or kill the demons?”

The disciples of Yue Yang Sect were speechless.

“She’s smart. Demons have always been good at confusing people, don’t be fooled by her. Let’s kill her!”

“Kill the demons! Defend the right path!”

“Kill the demons!”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. <i>Fuck! A bunch of idiots!</i>

Shi Sheng looked at the crowd. <i>The person who attacked me just now has gone.</i>