Large amounts of snow fell among the surroundings, the whole world was white.

The mountain road was covered by a blanket of snow. A snow-white little fox was walking hard with its short limbs along the mountain. Every time she took a step, half of her body would fall into the snow. 

Shi Sheng was too tired to pant. She laid in the snow, her body was cold and her blood seemed to be frozen.

“Battle mode…” Shi Sheng whispered weakly, “Fuck!”

In the battle against the Yue Yang Sect, she almost won. But an idiot suddenly appeared and used the demon-locking formation.

If she had not reacted quickly, she would already have died and returned to the system space.

However, having a quick response was useless.

Her luck value had decreased by 30%, so she had constant bad luck. So as a result, although she had run away, she was seriously injured.

She had been injured once. This time, there was no way for her to recover even if the Fox King gave her all of his energy.

The most annoying thing was that she did not know the person who used the demon-locking formation.

<i>Fuck! This is awkward.</i>

<i>Whom should I take revenge on?</i>

Shi Sheng climbed to the mountain top and a strong psychic power went into her body. She laid on the snow and panted for a moment before she made a psychic power gathering formation and sat in the middle.

<b>[Host… are you going to force yourself to recover?]</b> The system who had been pretending to be dead suddenly spoke.

Shi Sheng scratched her neck with her hairy paws, “Yeap.”

<b>[Host, are you crazy?]</b>

“I’ve always been crazy, didn’t you know?” Shi Sheng’s indifferent voice was interrupted by the cold wind on the mountain top.

<b>I better pretend I'm dead.</b>

<b>If the host dies, I’ll help collect the corpse.</b>


Shi Sheng spent half a year at the top of the mountain, from winter to midsummer.

Her practices were restored, but she could not transform herself into a human form


<i>I can’t even hold the sword, how should I take revenge?</i>

After trying several times, Shi Sheng gave up the idea of transforming into a human form, which was really impossible.

Shi Sheng shook her tail, the hairy tail seemed to be a little different. Shi Sheng turned her head to look.

It was quite thick in the past, but now she was only left with a very thin tail…

The practices of the fox demon had a high connection to the tail, nine tails were the best. But a fox demon with nine tails had no longer appeared for a long time. Nowadays, the fox demon who owned the most tails was six tails, which was the Fox King.

<i>Yu Yi has three tails before, but now there is only one left!</i>


<i>I’ve restored my energy, why is there no tail??</i>

Shi Sheng moved for a while with her short legs but found nothing. <i>Perhaps, I really have one tail left.</i>

<i>Howl! Howl! Howl!</i>



Shi Sheng was very mad and scratched the ground. <i>What the hell is this character! I don’t want to play anymore!!</i>

<i>Send me back!!</i>

<b>[Host, please choose a method to die.]</b>

<i>Can’t you transmit me back to the space directly?</i>

<b>[Cannot.]</b> The system refused emotionlessly, <b>[Host, you’ve not beaten the person who attacked you last time, are you really willing to go back like this?]</b>

Shi Sheng was even more mad after listening to this, she dug the ground into a hole.

<i>I was forced to this point.</i>

<i>I can’t bear it!</i>

<i>I don’t want to die, I want to get revenge!</i>

The system was a little proud. <b>I should’ve deducted the host's character value more and started the ‘Battle Mode’ earlier so that the host won’t bully me!</b>

By the time Shi Sheng went down the mountain, many things had changed.

Shi Sheng hid in the crowd and listened to the gossip.

What surprised Shi Sheng the most was that Yue Yang Sect was exterminated, and it was done by demons. It was found that Wan Shen Sect’s extermination was done by the demons too.

It had been a month since all the sects united and fought against the demons.

Shi Sheng was stunned. <i>When did demons do such a powerful thing as exterminate the sects?</i>

<i>There are only timid little monsters in the demon world…</i>

In addition, there were another two matters that the people were discussing vigorously.

One was that Master Qing Han rebuilt Wan Shen Sect and married Yu Xiao Qi, but Yu Xiao Qi ran away with Xuan Feng at the wedding.

When Shi Sheng heard the news, she could only use a word to describe it. <i>Fuck!</i>

<i>The plot is terrible, I don’t want to play anymore.</i>

<i>If Feng Ci has not been in Qing Han’s body before, I might still think it’s magical. But that body… it’s once used by Feng Ci!</i>

<i>I’m speechless!</i>

The second matter made Shi Sheng even sad. These people said she was dead!


<i>I’m still alive and living well!</i>

<i>You guys will be retributed for spreading such rumour!</i>

Shi Sheng left the crowded place, she walked on the roof with her wagging tail.

<i>Xuan Feng is not dead yet!</i>

<i>Not dead yet!</i>

<i>I’ve used such a powerful spell last time but he is still alive.</i>

<i>I’m fooled!</i>

“Xuan Feng!”

Shi Sheng lost balance and almost fell off the roof. <i>I just walk around randomly but still can have an encounter with the male lead and female lead?</i>

Shi Sheng moved carefully to the edge and looked at the place where the sound was made.

Qing Han was pointed by Xuan Feng with a blood-red sword, Yu Xiao Qi stood beside Xuan Feng with anxiety.


<i>That useless sword.</i>

<i>Who picked it up on the battlefield last time? How come it was returned to the male lead again?</i>

“Xuan Feng, don’t!”

Xuan Feng’s face was sombre, “You still care about him so much?”

Yu Xiao Qi shook her head but there was a little sadness flashed in her eyes, “No, he is my master… Xuan Feng, don’t hurt him.”

“You can only choose one. Either him or me.”

“Xuan Feng...I’ve already come together with you.” Yu Xiao Qi murmured, <i>Why does he still want me to choose?</i>

“Xiao Qi.” Qing Han’s voice was a little hoarse.

Yu Xiao Qi looked at Qing Han and a struggle flashed between her eyes. After a moment, she shut her eyes and shouted loudly at Xuan Feng, “I choose you, I choose you. Please let go of him.”

Shi Sheng propped her head with her short legs, she moved her little eyes and she began to figure out the plot.

<i>The plot is probably like this…</i>

<i>Yu Xiao Qi releases Xuan Feng. Later, for various reasons, Yu Xiao Qi enters Wan Shen Sect and meets Qing Han. The two get along day and night and eventually, Qing Han falls in love with Yu Xiao Qi. Thus, a love triangle starts.</i>

<i>In the end, Yu Xiao Qi must have chosen Xuan Feng. Then, Qing Han turns into a villain and leads the disciples to attack the demon world, the male lead and female lead defeat him. Eventually, the male lead married the female lead and the two unites the demon world.</i>

<i>System, am I right?</i>

<b>I don’t want to talk with you, Host.</b>

While Shi Sheng was figuring out the plot, the fight had ended. Xuan Feng took Yu Xiao Qi to escape, while Qing Han stood there alone without any expression on his face.

Shi Sheng hesitated for a moment. In the end, she did not fight with Qing Han.

<i>We’re both pitiful, why should we fight with each other?</i>

<b>[Host, would you be so kind?]</b> The system did not believe.

<i>I can’t even hold the sword, how can I fight with him!</i>

<i>Can you make me powerful so that I can defeat him?</i>

<i>Pretending to be dead again?</i>

<i>Do you have any other skills other than pretending to be dead?</i>

<b>[Power off.]</b>

<i>Idiot system, you’re great.</i>