Shi Sheng sat on the roof and thought, What should I do now?

After she finished thinking, she found that Qing Han who had left just now came back again.

His sense of direction cannot be cured.

Shi Sheng looked at Qing Han who had been walking around below. He eventually returned to the original place. She felt inexplicably funny.

What if he get lost on the battlefield?

Shi Sheng jumped into the alley beside her, she decided to return to the demon world.

Due to the war with humans, the demon world was very vigilant. Shi Sheng was stopped as she approached the entrance.

“Why don’t you transform into a human form?” The demon who guarded the entrance questioned Shi Sheng.

“I’m a demon, why should I transform into a human form?” Shi Sheng began to bullshit, “Being a demon, we should have our dignity.”

Even though you make sense, you still have to transform into a human form first before entering.

Those little monsters who cannot transform into human form are not allowed to go out of the demon world. Whether it was going out or returning, all demons were required to be transformed into a human form first.

“I’m Yu Yi!”

The little demon’s face twisted, “How can you pretend to be the Princess? Our Princess has three tails.”

“I’m really Yu Yi.” Are you blaming me for losing the tails? Well, it’s my fault!

The little demon’s face turned even uglier, “Nonsense. You better transform into the human form now. I want to know who you are, how dare you impersonate our princess?”

If I can transform into a human form, why should I bullshit with you here?

Shi Sheng began to scratch the wall. Can you let me live well!

The little demon did not let Shi Sheng in. Just as she was about to scratch the little demon with her paws, the demon who served the Fox King came back from outside. Shi Sheng talked with him for a long time and eventually, he brought her in.

The Fox King immediately grabbed a cane when he saw her, “Little bastard, how dare you cheat that you’re dead? Why don’t you die outside, huh? Why are you coming back? What’s wrong with your tail! You’ve eaten another two, is it?”

Shi Sheng jumped to the throne of the Fox King to avoid being caned, “I don’t know, somehow it’s gone.”

“Somehow it’s gone.” The Fox King held his chest and asked a series of questions, “Are your tails growing on another demon’s body? How come you don’t know how you lost it? Do you still know who you are?”

“....I really don’t know.” Shi Sheng was innocent.

The Fox King gasped and gritted his teeth, “Come, let me see.”

Shi Sheng hesitated. “Will I be beaten?”

“Do you think you can run away if I really want to beat you?” The Fox King snorted. I just don’t want to beat her. If I really wanted to beat her, could she escape?

Shi Sheng jumped off the throne and walked to the Fox King with her short limbs.

The Fox King carried her neck and placed her on a rock table beside him. He grabbed her pink paws and began to examine.

However, the Fox King did not find anything. He then called the capable demons among the demon clans to examine Shi Sheng. But they did not know how Shi Sheng lost the two tails either.

Later, it was discovered that Shi Sheng could not even transform into a human form, the Fox King was very angry and locked her up. 

Although they heard about the rumour of her death, the Fox King knew that she was still alive as her life plate did not break, but he was still worried.

The Fox King had been worrying about Shi Sheng since she left the demon world. Now she was back, the Fox King certainly had to lock her up.


“Why did she come back? She’s really disgusting, I don’t know how come she was so lucky. She can’t even transform into a human form before, I didn’t expect her to look so pretty after transformation.” 

“What? I think our princess is prettier. I really think she is pretty.”

“She comes back with that person this time… the King looks very angry, but the guy is indeed handsome.”

“What’s the use of being so handsome? He is...uh…is she looking for death?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Shi Sheng pulled the window and patted with her paws.

The little demons who had been discussing outside exclaimed, “Your Royal Highness, you frightened us!”

“What were you guys talking about?” Shi Sheng put her face on the window.

The little demons could not help laughing as they saw Shi Sheng’s funny look, “We were talking about Yu Xiao Qi. She’s back, together with Xuan Feng…”

The female lead brings the male lead back?

The male lead fought against the Fox King previously, how dares he come back now?

“They come back for what?”

The little demons shook their heads. They had just heard about the news of Yu Xiao Qi’s return and certainly did not know the purpose she came back.


Before Shi Sheng approached the Fox King, the Fox King suddenly sent someone asking her to go to the hall.

Shi Sheng sensed something bad.

Such a sudden appearance of the male lead and female lead, they must be making trouble!

As she arrived at the hall, she saw a lot of demons. Some of them were holding parts of their bodies in pain. The hall was in a mess, they obviously just had a fight.

Xuan Feng was standing next to Yu Xiao Qi with a fierce look.

Shi Sheng walked among the group of people with her short limbs, she seemed to have entered the country of giants.

Yu Xiao Qi was surprised when she saw Shi Sheng, but it held only a moment.

When the Fox King looked at Shi Sheng, his eyes were strange, neither love nor the helplessness under the rage could be found in his eyes. 

There were only doubts and inquiries in his eyes.

So what plot is this?

The Fox King kept silent and waved his hand. Immediately, some demons approached Shi Sheng with a dagger.


What’s the situation?

“Your Majesty?” Shi Sheng quickly avoided those demons.

“We just want to take your blood, Your Royal Highness. Don’t have to be nervous.” The demon who held the dagger answered on behalf of the Fox King.

Will you not be nervous when someone is taking your blood? Are you kidding me?

Shi Sheng guarded her paws, “Why do you take my blood?”

“This…” The little demon looked at the Fox King.

“Your Royal Highness, Yu Xiao Qi indicates that you’re not the King’s daughter. We need to verify now.” A demon explained.

What a terrible plot!

The Fox King did not say anything, he agreed with the demon’s words.

“Your Royal Highness, don’t worry. As long as it’s proven that you’re the King’s daughter and Yu Xiao Qi commits the crime, we will handle her ourselves.”

Why verifying? I am definitely not his daughter!!

The plot must have set in this way.

I’m more curious about how they test it.

After thinking for a while, Shi Sheng stretched her paws out, the demon who held a dagger stepped forward.

They dripped her blood into a bowl of water…

A bowl of water…


Shi Sheng was confused. So the method of blood testing is the same for humans and demons?

The Fox King dripped his blood into the water, everyone held their breaths waiting for the result.

Shi Sheng’s foxes feature made everyone have no idea what she was thinking.

What Shi Sheng was thinking now was…

Do you know such a blood testing method is unscientific?