The blood in the water certainly did not mix together. The way that the demons looked at Shi Sheng immediately became strange.

Countless eyes looked at Shi Sheng complicatedly.

Demons’ blood will definitely mix together regardless of their clan. However, the blood of half-demons cannot mix together with that of demons as there is human blood in them.

Yu Xiao Qi curled her lips up and kept silent.

The Fox King’s face twisted. After all, Shi Sheng had been his daughter that he loved for years.

“Your Majesty…”

The Fox King took a deep breath and ordered coldly, “Check for me what happened back then.”

I didn’t even know that my daughter was switched by someone.

Shi Sheng paced around indifferently and her fluffy tail was wagging, she looked adorable.

“Arrange rooms for Yu Xiao Qi and Xuan Feng.” The Fox King left the hall after giving the order.

As the Fox King did not tell the way to handle Shi Sheng, the other demons dared not to act on their own.

“Yu Yi, you’ve occupied my position for so many years, it’s time to give it back to me.” Yu Xiao Qi looked at Shi Sheng condescendingly.

It’s because of her that I was treated so badly by the fox clan all the while.


Just as Shi Sheng was about to leave with her short limbs, Yu Xiao Qi suddenly stepped forward, blocking her way, “Yu Yi, shouldn’t you apologize for occupying my position for so many years?” 

How can she be so calm?

Yu Xiao Qi was very angry. She has been living in luxury and loved by the Fox King for so many years, but what about me?

I was being bullied and teased.

Shi Sheng raised her head, Yu Xiao Qi is so big!

“It’s not my fault, why should I apologize?” Shi Sheng said calmly, “You should go to the demon who switched us.

Even if the original owner had really switched with the female lead, it was not something the original owner could decide.

Shi Sheng bypassed Yu Xiao Qi and left the hall.

Such a fox is causing me to be unable to fight with her, I’m not happy!

Yu Xiao Qi clenched her fists and looked at the direction where Shi Sheng disappeared.


Shi Sheng was called to meet the Fox King on the fourth day.

Knowing that Shi Sheng was a half-demon instead of the daughter of the Fox King, the demons in the fox clan who flattered her in the past began to criticize her.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Along the way, she received countless supercilious looks and ironic words.

“No wonder she can’t even transform into a human form now. It turns out that she’s a half-demon, so disgusting.”


“She should be expelled from the fox clan. Our clan does not have such a freak. 

Shi Sheng walked past them calmly.

In the past, the Fox King would scold her whenever he saw her. But now, he just sat on the throne with a serious face.

He was filled with mixed emotions right now.

After all, I’ve been raising her for so many years. I certainly still love her, but she is not my daughter anyhow.

The Fox King stared at Shi Sheng for a while and spoke slowly.

“You’re a half-demon. The demon who switched you in the past should have sealed the human blood in your body. What happened back then has no longer been known. I’m not going to pursue it, you’re innocent.” The Fox King paused, “But demons can’t tolerate a half-demon. Please leave the demon world.” 


Shi Sheng left without hesitation, the Fox King stopped her, “Xiao Yi.”

He strode up from behind, squatted down and looked at Shi Sheng, “Don’t be impulsive outside, beware of human beings. Keep this, it can help to protect you.”

The Fox King put a ring jade wearing a red thread around Shi Sheng’s neck.

The demon clans cannot tolerate half-demons. According to the rules, he should execute her.

It was an exception to let her go.

“Thank you.”

The Fox King looked at Shi Sheng disappearing at the door, he sighed slightly.

After Shi Sheng left, a demon came in and said hesitantly, “Your Majesty, don’t you think the princess...behaved too calmly?”

Since the incident happened, she had not asked anything or caused any trouble, but just accepted.

The Fox King waved his hand, “Call Xiao Qi over.”



The Fox King was probably afraid that delaying may cause trouble, so someone led her out of the demon world once she left the hall.

“Your Royal Highness”

“Your Royal Highness, wait for us.”

A group of little monsters rushed over from behind, “Your Royal Highness, you’re always our Princess, we will go with you.”

These little monsters were all rescued by Shi Sheng in Yue Yang Sect.

“You guys may die if you follow me.” Shi Sheng did not want to bring them along, she refused with a cold face, “You guys will be a burden to me too. Just live a good life in the demon world.”

“Your Royal Highness, our lives are all saved by you. We’re not afraid of death.” Your Royal Highness, you’re just trying to cheat us, we won’t take it.

“Yes! Your Royal Highness, we will go with you.”

[Author Note: What should I do to stop a group of little monsters from looking for death? Urgent!]

Shi Sheng did not want to bring these little monsters along, but they seemed to have made their minds and kept following her from the back.

Shi Sheng had no time to bother them, she walked quickly to the exit of the demon world.

“She’s in front, stop her!” Someone shouted behind suddenly.

The little monsters turned around and looked, their faces twisted, “Your Royal Highness, you go first. We help you to block them.”

The demon who led the way was also nervous, How come these demons came so quickly?

Shi Sheng knew the rules of the demon clans.

These demons are probably here to execute me.

“Take the Princess away.”

A little monster had no time to care about the etiquette, he quickly carried Shi Sheng up and ran towards the exit.

However, it was still too late.

They were blocked by the group of demons chasing after them.

“Hand her over.” A strong demon glared in anger, “She’s a half-demon and must be executed. Do you want to rebel?”

“No!” The little monster who was carrying Shi Sheng refused firmly, “The Princess is a good demon.”

“She’s a half-demon, half-demon!” The strong demon raised his voice, “Have you forgotten the rules of the demon world?”

“It’s not the Princess’s fault to be a half-demon and she’s innocent. Why do you want to put the Princess to death!”

“We won’t hand the Princess over to you unless we die!”

“Okay! Since you’re looking for death, then don’t blame me for being merciless.” The strong demon snorted coldly and waved his hand, “Kill them!”

Shi Sheng held her forehead with her little paw. It’s really troublesome! I’ve asked them not to follow me!

Where’s my sword?

The iron sword suddenly appeared but it was too big for Shi Sheng to hold with her little paws.

“The demon-killing sword!”

Someone screamed in horror. The demons immediately retreated and looked at the powerful iron sword that was floating in the air in fear.

“Buzz.” The iron sword shook and radiated invisible coercion, forcing the demons to continue to retreat.

Fuck! I’m not called the demon-killing sword!