Although Shi Sheng could not hold the sword, the sword could still kill the demons by itself.

It took a few moments for the iron sword to kill the group of demons. Those little monsters were totally stunned.

Choosing to follow the Princess is indeed correct.

Wait, it’s more important to run now.

Just as they were about to run, there was another group of demons coming over.

Shi Sheng looked at Yu Xiao Qi who came along with the male lead, she put her two small paws on her head. It’s really annoying!

“Yu Yi, go back with me.” Yu Xiao Qi took two steps forward and said in a strong tone, “You can’t leave the demon world.”

Shi Sheng kept pulling her ears up and down with her paws. I can’t control the strong power in this body anymore!

“It’s none of your business!”

Yu Xiao Qi’s eyes deepened, “Yu Yi, if you don’t go back with me, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“What do you want to do?” Shi Sheng tilted her head, her fluffy body was indeed cute. But her voice sounded extremely gloomy.

Yu Xiao Qi scowled slightly, she moved quickly towards Shi Sheng.

The iron sword escaped from the side and blocked her way. Yu Xiao Qi was quite uncomfortable looking at the light reflected on the blade.

“Xuan Feng!”

Xuan Feng immediately stepped forward to help Yu Xiao Qi attract the attention of the iron sword. Yu Xiao Qi took the opportunity to attack Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng jumped out of the little monster’s arms. Her sharp claws emerged from the fluff and scratched on Yu Xiao Qi’s chest.


The clothes on her chest were shattered into strips and blood leaked out from inside.

Yu Xiao Qi glared angrily and looked around, but she could not find Shi Sheng.

“Ripped.” There was another sound of scratch.

The scratch sounded one after another, Yu Xiao Qi’s body was full of scratches and blood and looked miserable.

Shi Sheng landed on the ground and rubbed her claws against the ground.

I’m a beast and you think I can’t do anything to you, right?

Beast also have dignity!

“Yu Yi!” Yu Xiao Qi’s eyes filled with hatred. How dare she be so wanton?

Kill her!

Kill her!

A voice suddenly popped out of Yu Xiao Qi’s brain.

Yu Xiao Qi’s eyes were red and full of madness. She rushed to Shi Sheng recklessly. Kill her! She must be killed!

But Shi Sheng was small and she could escape very fast, it was not easy for Yu Xiao Qi to kill her. After several attempts, Yu Xiao Qi became crazier and crazier.

Shi Sheng felt that Yu Xiao Qi was a bit wrong, but she could not tell in specifics.

Forget, let’s blow them up!

Shi Sheng reached out a ball and threw it towards Yu Xiao Qi.

The purple ball drew a parabola in the air and fell right beside Yu Xiao Qi’s feet.

“Cracking, buzz…”

A large pit appeared on the ground with purples flashes of electric current flew inside and huge power emitted from the pit.

Xuan Feng was thrown up by that power and fell to the ground in distance. Then, the iron sword flew over and stabbed at him without hesitation.

Xuan Feng immediately rolled aside, the iron sword stabbed on his arm. 

‘Clang!” Xuan Feng used the sword in his hand to hit against the iron sword.

The iron sword pulled itself out and stabbed at him again, Xuan Feng immediately rolled to another side.

As he rolled, he seemed to see a purple shadow falling from the air. Before he could see clearly, there was a loud bang in his ear. He heard a buzz, his body seemed to be struck by lightning and passed out.

Shi Sheng jumped onto the iron sword and rose into the air to look at the two large pits below.

Two dark figures were lying below.

Others might have turned into ashes, but the male lead and female lead are still able to keep their bodies intact.

...Well, maybe they’re not dead yet.


The thunderbolt made Shi Sheng almost lose balance and fell off the iron sword.

I will be struck by lightning just because I’ve blown up the male lead and female lead?

It’s enough!

Heavy thunderclouds gathered above Shi Sheng, thunder accompanied by purple lightning rushing from a distance.

It seemed to destroy the world.

Shi Sheng quickly wrapped herself under weird clothes and hid under the iron sword.

The iron sword grew bigger, covering her whole body.

A thunderbolt hit the iron sword and the iron sword shook slightly. The thunderbolt moved around the sword and then disappeared.

My sword is amazing!

Although Shi Sheng was not struck by the lightning, its oppression still made Shi Sheng very uncomfortable.

Shi Sheng trembled and spit out a mouth of blood.


A thunderbolt fell right beside Shi Sheng and the dirt on the ground splashed on Shi Sheng’s face.

The thunderbolt kept striking and seemed to strike her to death. Those little monsters were frightened and screamed.

The ground was shaking, trees collapsed and rocks cracked.

Shi Sheng was short of breath and was about to faint. I’m dead this time!.

I’m really dead this time!

Shi Sheng’s vision was blurred and she could vaguely see a figure flying towards her and a thunderbolt fell on his back…


Shi Sheng was still panting when she returned to the space.

After a moment, Shi Sheng rushed to the screen, “Who was that person?”

The screen immediately displayed the scene. A figure was rushing towards the iron sword under the thunder and blocked a thunderbolt for her. His body stiffened but he was still rushing towards her.

The screen shifted the scene and Shi Sheng could see the face of the guy clearly.

It’s Qing Han.

The scene began to shatter and disappeared.

The male lead and female lead are dead…

So I wasn’t struck by lightning last time because I only killed the male lead?

This time the male lead and female lead were killed, so the character must be struck by lightning in order to die?

“What’s the matter with Qing Han?” Why did he appear in the end?

[...Host, I don’t know.] I’ve been checking about Feng Ci, I thought he had returned to the space, but he seems to have not returned yet.

Seems like he was sleeping in Qing Han’s body.

But I really have no idea why there is such a situation. Perhaps, it’s because the channel has shut down.

We can only know after the master is back.


The system was speechless.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -250000

Health: 20

Accumulated Points: 30000 (Character collapsed, deducted 1000 points. Mission Reward Points: 0)

Task Level: A

Task Score: 61

Hidden Quest: Incomplete

Hidden Quest Reward: None

Item Column: ‘Queen’s Crown’, ‘Heart of the Ghost King’, ‘Dark Night’

“Can the character be restored?” Shi Sheng asked in sudden.

I didn’t mean to make the character collapse.

[Yes, it requires 20000 points.] The host wants to repair the character, what’s wrong with her?

“Five thousand!”


“Three thousand!”

Stingy host!

[Collecting and arranging character’s data…

Ready to restore…





The data is successfully imported.

Test run.

The character has been completely restored.]