Shi Sheng opened her eyes and realized that she was surrounded by a group of humans in ragged clothing who were beyond recognition.

No, they ain’t humans!

Fuck! They’re zombies!

Some had their heads cut off but were still moving.

Some had their intestines swinging about and were then stepped on and dragged by other zombies.

A swarm of zombies were slowly approaching her.


System, you’re amazing! What a unique battle mode!

Fuck! What is this body wearing? High heels?

The end times have come, how dare you wear high heels!

This is not the way if you want to avoid death.

Shi Sheng quickly shook off her high heels. Just then, the zombies had almost reached, showing their teeth while looking to bite her.

Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword and stabbed at the nearest zombies.

The body obviously had not exercised much, Shi Sheng could not stop for a moment. She broke through a passage and ran quickly to a nearby supermarket.

Just as Shi Sheng was approaching the supermarket, a zombie suddenly jumped from above and blocked her way.

“Roar!” The zombie was like an animal. It bent its body, showing its teeth and growled at Shi Sheng. 

Its face was rotten, one of its eyeballs had fallen out and the other was red.

“Roar!” The zombie roared again. Those who had been chasing after Shi Sheng seemed to be frightened, they wandered in place and would not  step forward.

This is obviously a mutant zombie!

The zombie roared again and a wave of flames emerged from its rotten palm. Then, the flame rose violently and attacked Shi Sheng.

Fuck! Stupid system!

The raging flame was approaching her, Shi Sheng quickly rolled to the back of the car next to her. The flame came to the place where she stood before and the car immediately started to melt.

What a crazy zombie!

As the zombie was about to reach her, Shi Sheng quickly threw a ball at him.

I want to see just how powerful you are!

The violent explosion shattered the glass window next to her, Shi Sheng escaped swiftly.

However, just as she put her head onto the door of the car to take a rest, another zombie suddenly appeared in the car.

Shi Sheng quickly rolled to another side, jumped up and killed the zombie.

My luck value is indeed…

I’m tired. I don’t want to talk.

Shi Sheng glanced at the place of the explosion, she did not find the mutant zombie. It was probably dead.

It’s normal for them to die as they’re not the male lead or female lead.

The zombies far away began to move around again.

Shi Sheng quickly rushed into the supermarket.
The mutant zombies had appeared, perhaps the end times had already begun for quite some time. The supermarket had been looted long ago, there was nothing left.

Shi Sheng killed a few zombies in the supermarket and ran to the second floor. She blocked all the entrances and began to finish the zombies on the second floor.

After Shi Sheng finally settled the zombies, her body was exhausted.

Fuck! I’m damn tired!

After confirming there were no zombies on the floor, Shi Sheng sat in a place with a better view.

“Damn, this battle mode is so hard to play.”

Host, you’re playing well. I didn’t see any difficulties with you.

If my luck value was higher, I could be more efficient.

Shi Sheng pulled her clothes and turned to look at her waist.

She felt a little pain just now. When she looked over, she was stunned.

This body was scratched!

The wound was not deep but it had turned a little black.

Shi Sheng took a few deep breaths.

Keep calm.

Keep calm.

It’s ok, I can still turn into a human with superpowers.

Shi Sheng simply strapped up the wound and reached out a tablet. A 100% progress bar was displayed on the screen.

Shi Sheng clicked on the progress bar and the screen changed abruptly.

[...Host, can you tell me what is this?] Why is it so familiar?

“Your database.” Shi Sheng swiped her fingertips quickly on the screen, her tone so relaxed as if saying that the weather was good today.

Master! Master! Come out! Something is going to happen!

“Stop calling, I’ve cut off the channel. He may take some time to contact you.”

The light of the screen reflected her face, she looked unprovoked which was eerie.

The system was near the point of breakdown. She hacked into the system last time and the Master said that she must have done something, but I’ve never believed it. What can she do in such a short time?

It turns out that she has copied all of the database!

She even established a channel with the database.

Shi Sheng quickly browsed through all the data. Sadly, It was just some basic data, she did not find any information about the system owner.

Tut, tut.

It has been hidden well.

There’s no information about Feng Ci too.

If Feng Ci is a human, then perhaps we’re sharing the same system.

But it seems to not be the case.

Feng Ci might be using a different system or an independent system.

But at least I got the script now.

“So…” Shi Sheng paused and smiled, “Starting from today, I will be your master for a period of time. Let’s work together happily.”

No, I don’t want to work with you.

The system just wanted its owner to come back quickly.

However, the system did not know that Shi Sheng had actually destroyed the channel. It would take a long time for the owner to re-establish the channel.

[You have not enough authority to change.]

The sudden pop-up window made Shi Sheng give up on changing the system data.

“Transmit the plot.”

[Host, your character point is too low. You’re not allowed to read the plot.]

The system originally meant to say this, but the fact was...

[The plot is being transmitted…]

The system was almost breakdown, Is this what I said?

Host, what did you do to me!


It was an eschatology.

The female lead, Mu Xin, used to be an ordinary university student. But when the end times came, she appeared at a supermarket created by an alien civilization.

As the supermarket was full of endless resources and weapons, the female lead gained more and more fortune since then.

The original owner, Jing Xi, used to be the daughter of a rich family and was studying in the same city as the female lead.

She did not like to talk, her personality was a bit weird and she kept a straight face all day as if someone owed her money.

So, the original owner was not well-received by others.

When the end times came, the original owner fled together with the female lead. On the way, her brother, Jing Zhi, came to her.

As a result, the female lead somehow fell in love with Jing Zhi. So she began to approach Jing Zhi.

However, Jing Zhi only had Jing Xi in his eyes. He did not notice the female lead’s love.

The female lead noticed that Jing Zhi only focused on Jing Xi, which drove her jealousy.

After that, Jing Zhi was lost. When the female lead went out to kill the zombies, she was distracted and almost died because of the zombies, which caused trouble for the whole team.

The original owner was being scratched by zombies. Although the person who was scratched had a certain chance of becoming a human with superpowers, the chance was very small.

The whole team was surrounded by zombies and there must be someone to lead the zombies away. The female lead mentioned the original owner was being scratched, so the team members decided to abandon the original owner.

Jing Zhi was not there and the original owner was not well-received by others, so no one spoke for her.

The original owner was left behind. However, instead of becoming a zombie, she awakened the power of the Wood Element and the Light Element.

Both wood and light were meant for healing, such power was very popular during that time.

However, even if she possessed such a precious power, a lady who had no combat ability will inevitably be bullied.

Although the original owner gained a certain status in a large base by possessing such power, she had a hatred with those people who left her behind.