The hatred was aroused when the original owner met the female lead at the base. She tried in many ways to cause trouble to the female lead.

The female lead’s supermarket had been exposed, therefore she knew that she would be in danger. Since the original owner kept giving her trouble, she decided to frame the matter on the original owner, as if killing two birds with one stone.

The original owner was arrested and tortured by the group, whereas she was treated inhumanely.

In the end, the original owner was dismembered.

Not long after the original owner’s death, Jing Zhi found her and heard about the cause of her death. He led the zombies to the base and the entire base was overwhelmed by the zombies. Only the female lead and some people that followed her escaped.

Jing Zhi did not die but ended up establishing a large base specifically to fight against the female lead.

But eventually, Jing Zhi turned into a zombie and was killed by the female lead.

The original owner had two wishes, the first was revenge. 

The second was to confess to Jing Zhi, to let Jing Zhi know that she liked him since they were young.

Yes, confess to Jing Zhi.

Her brother, Jing Zhi.

The original owner had always liked Jing Zhi, but due to their siblings status, the original owner dared not show it.

After receiving the plot, Shi Sheng cursed, “Fuck!”

Jing Zhi is the biggest villain in this world.

In other words, he is likely to be Feng Ci.

But we’re siblings right now?


If Jing Zhi is really Feng Ci, then the original owner’s second wish would not likely be realized.

The current timeline is that Jing Zhi was missing, I was abandoned by the team and was about to awaken the power of Wood and Light Elements.

The power of Wood and Light Elements are simply useless to me!

I’d rather not have this power.

I don’t plan to save people.

However, Shi Sheng was scratched by some zombies, so she needed the power.

Shi Sheng touched her forehead, it was burning t and her body felt quite heavy.

She got up to find a safer place to hide herself in.

Who knows how many days it would  take to awaken this power.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Someone kept hitting the door violently.

She moved her neck with difficulty and it took some time for her mind to sober up. Her throat was parched and there was no saliva in her mouth.

After some time, Shi Sheng slowly sat up from the small space.

She was inside a cabinet for storing goods in the supermarket. It was not high up, Shi Sheng had to bend over when sitting, which was quite uncomfortable.

She looked at the time she had set when she passed out.

56 hours.

“Bang! Bang!”

The hitting sound did not stop, Shi Sheng’s temples were twitching and she was in pain.

Which idiot is hitting the door!

Fuck! I’m so hungry!

Shi Sheng searched in the compact space, she only found some strange fruits. It took her quite some time to recognize the fruits with the help of the light of the screen.

She gnawed on the fruits. Although she was not full, her body was no longer weak.

This thing was apparently good to replenish psychic power, but it was simply useless to fill up the stomach.

Shi Sheng threw the fruit and went out to find something more substantial to eat.

End of the world = Stockpile of food.


Shi Sheng was frightened by the sound and her head hit the edge of the cabinet.

It was so painful that she had the urge to kill someone.

There were not many changes outside, the sound was not coming from the supermarket but from next door.

Next door…

Shi Sheng walked to the supermarket’s window. She looked at the shelf in front and kicked it over.


Shi Sheng hugged her feet. Fuck! I forgot I’m now just an ordinary person.

Luckily there’s no one here, this is embarrassing!

Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword and split the shelf into two. Then, she leaned onto the window and looked outside.

A zombie was hitting the door. Looking at its eyes, it should be a mutant zombie.

The zombies in this world were classified by the colour of their pupils.

There was a hierarchy of colours.

Purple was the most powerful.

Red was the first-level zombie.

But right now, most of them were first-level zombies. Although there were some second-level zombies, they were rare, perhaps only one would be found in a million.


The zombie below is a second-level zombie. 

Such amazing luck...I should buy lottery tickets!

But I would definitely lose.

Shi Sheng retracted her head. Anyway, it’s not focused on the supermarket.

Shi Sheng continued to search for food in the supermarket and eventually found a box of instant noodles in a corner.

While eating the instant noodles, she could still listen to the zombie hitting the door next to her. Fuck my life!

After Shi Sheng finished the instant noodles, the zombie was still banging on  the door.

Is the door bulletproof?

Even a bulletproof door can’t resist a second-level zombie, right?

Shi Sheng went to the window again and looked down. She did not take a close look just now, she now noticed that there was a thick layer of soil beside the supermarket.

Those with superpowers?

Tut, zombies like them the most.

They’re nice to eat.

Fuck! What the hell I’m thinking about.

The zombie had continued hitting for about  half an hour before it left unwillingly.

Not long after the zombie left, a few people rushed out of the place. They saw the supermarket and rushed into it.

Shi Sheng had a bad feeling, she opened the window and flew out with her iron sword.

The zombie who had just left suddenly turned around and chased after those people who went into the supermarket.




From Shi Sheng’s perspective, she could see the scene inside the supermarket.

Their powers had been almost consumed just now, they had no choice but to fight against the zombie.

But they were all eaten by the zombie.

All of them  were dead.


The zombie bit the last person and suddenly turned its head to look outside, it saw Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng raised her middle finger.

Come on, idiot!

Provoking a zombie...Host, what’s wrong with you?

“Roar!” The zombie growled and rushed out of the supermarket. It turned its head, seeming to be looking for something to jump into the sky.

There were only high-rise buildings all around and Shi Sheng was floating in the air with her iron sword. The second-level zombie could not fly, so it can only shout at her.

After growling for some time, the zombie probably knew that it could not catch Shi Sheng, it began to retreat to the supermarket to eat its spoils.

Shi Sheng swayed in the air and felt a chill on her feet. She only realized that she was not wearing shoes.

The original owner was well protected by Jing Zhi, her food and clothing were almost the same as before.

But Jing Zhi would carry her whenever they needed to run, so there was no difference in what she wore.

Shi Sheng patted her face and looked around, she found a clothing store.

The clothes in the clothing store were all messed up, it took a long time for Shi Sheng to get a few decent sets of clothes.

I need some shoes too.

By the time Shi Sheng got her shoes, the second-level zombie was still in the supermarket.