In a world filled with zombies, humans had been living like street rats.

Shi Sheng wandered along the street for quite some time, but all she could see were zombies.

Shi Sheng went to a luxury store, but she only took things with exquisite workmanship which were hard to be found or those with reiki. But some of the items were too ugly, so she did not like it.

Yes, this world had reiki.

After all, there were elements of heaven and earth when powers were used. It was not all that surprising to have reiki here.

“International Trade Building.” Shi Sheng raised her head and saw the name of the building. It was getting dark right now, so Shi Sheng planned to find a place to rest.

Her eyes fell on a street near the building.

I have to find something to eat. Otherwise, I’d have to chew some fruit for days. and I don’t like the idea of that.

The fruit is not that great and it can’t fill my stomach.

It appeared to be a food street and there were many commercial shops located nearby the street, a surprisingly good location.

Shi Sheng walked along the street and met only a few zombies, she killed them easily.

As she walked to the middle of the street, she came across a cake shop. The door of the shop seemed untouched.

Shi Sheng walked over and opened the door. The shop was very dark and she could only vaguely see the layout.

Compared with the blood-stained places outside, this shop was very clean.

Shi Sheng came in and closed the door, took out a flashlight and pointed it around.

The cupboards were clean but there was no food. Shi Sheng frowned, this was abnormal.

Everyone fled in a hurry during the apocalypse. But this shop was very tidy and there was no food inside.

Normally, there would be prepared cakes in the cupboards of the cake shops. Even if someone took some cakes away in a panic, it was impossible for it to have been swept clean.

Subconsciously, Shi Sheng decided to leave the place.

“Don’t move!”

The flashlight in Shi Sheng’s hand tilted slightly and shone at the direction where the sound came from.

It was at the stairs in the cake shop. A little boy was standing there with a gun in his hand and the black muzzle was facing Shi Sheng.

The little boy was about seven or eight years old, he was thin and seemed to be wearing oversized clothes.

He might be a little scared as the hand that he used to hold the gun was shaking.

When the flashlight suddenly shone at him, he had some difficulties in opening his eyes and shouted in a panic, “Don’t move, or else I will shoot!”

Shi Sheng shook the flashlight and said leisurely, “Your cartridge clip has no bullets.”

The little boy’s face twisted. The gun has no bullets.

How did this lady know that with just a glance?

What do I do?

The little boy was sweating profusely. Will this lady grab my food and kill me?


The baby’s cry made the little boy lose his strength and fell on the stairs. Then, he climbed up the stairs with his hands and feet.

It was a dark place. A sudden source of light made the little boy turn his head subconsciously.

The lady just stood below, pointing at him with a flashlight and did not mean to come up.

He did not care about Shi Sheng and continued to climb up the stairs in a stumble.

In the room on the second floor, the baby in the crib was crying.

The little boy rushed to the crib, carried the baby in his arms and patted her back gently, “Sis, don’t cry. Sis, don’t cry.”

He carried the baby and moved to the wall, he was afraid that the lady would come up from downstairs.

The baby was crying badly. The little boy put his finger in the baby’s mouth, the baby held it and sucked desperately.

The baby sucked for some time but nothing went into her stomach, so she started to cry again.

“Sis, don’t cry…” The little boy choked up. They had no food. The last bite of food was finished yesterday.

“I said, can you ask her to stop crying?” The door was pushed and a lady’s impatient voice sounded, “If she keeps crying, all the zombies in the city will come.”

The little boy was frightened, he carried the baby and leaned against the wall, “We.. we’ve nothing left here...don’t kill us...I beg you…”

“Let her stop crying first.” Shi Sheng shook the flashlight in her hand impatiently, the light swept across the room.

There was a lot of cake packaging in the room but all were empty. The cake had probably been finished by the two.

“...My sister…” The little boy choked, carrying the baby tightly, “She’s...hungry, I can’t make her stop crying.”

Shi Sheng glanced at him, took a fruit from the space and threw it over.

Looking at the fruit rolling in front of him, the little boy looked at Shi Sheng in surprise.

Shi Sheng glared at him fiercely, “What’re you waiting for? I will kill you if she cries again.”

The little boy shivered and looked at Shi Sheng in horror. After a while, he gritted his teeth and picked up the fruit.

He had no food now. Even if the lady did not come, they might not have long to live either.

The little boy looked at the fruit in his hand, he had no idea what it was.

It was cyan, oval in shape, the skin was rough but the pulp was soft.

“Why are you peeling? Just eat!”

The little boy’s hand shivered and said in a crying voice, “My sister can’t swallow.”

Although the pulp was soft, the skin was very hard. It must be difficult for a baby to swallow.

Shi Sheng kept quiet.

The little boy then continued to peel the fruit and he ate the fruit skin. After some time, he did not find anything wrong with the fruit.

Only then he fed the pulp to the baby. The pulp was a little sour, the baby frowned.

But hunger was more terrible than the sourness, the baby eventually finished the fruit.

A baby did not need much food, a fruit could barely fill her stomach. The baby grabbed the little boy’s finger and fell asleep.

“Thanks.” The little boy thanked Shi Sheng in a low voice.

Shi Sheng leaned against the door, the flashlight was shining on the desk in the room with a few photos on it.

There were a man and a woman in the photo, who should be their parents.

“Are they dead?”

The little boy did not respond for a while. After he saw the direction where Shi Sheng was looking, he only understood what she was asking.

He put on a sad face, “I don’t know.”

The little boy and the baby were abandoned by their parents. They wanted to take them away initially, but the baby was too small and was crying endlessly, it was easy to attract zombies.

They had tried several times but failed every time. So they decided to give up the baby and bring the little boy.

But the little boy refused. He liked his sister very much, so he chose not to leave with them.

The situation was getting worse and the food was going to finish, in the end, they were abandoned.

During the apocalypse, survival was everyone’s wish.

Sibling and parental affection was not worth being mentioned.

“Do you hate them?”

The little boy’s eyes were red, he held his tears and answered, “I hate them.”

They were his parents but they abandoned them.

“But they’re right. You can’t survive if you carry a baby in the apocalypse.”

Babies were a burden in the apocalypse, they were the one who easily caused trouble and attracted zombies.