The little boy was raging but Shi Sheng just curled her lips up at him.

The little boy suddenly went silent and carried the baby in his arms.

Shi Sheng went downstairs and found a few buckets of water. As there was no water and electricity supply, Shi Sheng detached the table of the shop to make a fire to cook some instant noodles.

Eating instant noodles makes me sick!

Shi Sheng forced herself to finish the instant noodles. But it’s better than nothing to eat.

When Shi Sheng was full, she looked up and saw the little boy was standing on the stairs and swallowing his saliva.

His face twisted and ran upstairs when he realized Shi Sheng looked at him.

Should I let him eat some?

Shi Sheng glanced at the instant noodles that were still hot, poured them out and went upstairs.

She took the flashlight away when she went down just now, so the room was very dark.

The little boy was frightened when he saw Shi Sheng, he carried the baby and hid in a corner.

“Eat!” Shi Sheng put the bowl of noodles on the stool in the room.

The little boy dared not to move over as Shi Sheng looked very fierce, he could only smell the scent of the food to relieve his hunger.

He had not eaten anything hot for a long time.

I’m so hungry!


Shi Sheng pointed the flashlight at the little boy, “Are you waiting for me to feed you?”

The little boy shivered in fear. It took him a long time to walk to the stool and carefully observed Shi Sheng. After confirming Shi Sheng did not have any strange behaviour, he held the bowl with one hand and carried the baby with another hand and then moved back to the corner.

The room was very quiet, with just the little boy’s sound of eating noodles.

He dared not to make too much noise, he was afraid that the lady would get angry.

He had no idea why the lady was giving him food. Looking at the world outside through the window, those adults would kill their companions in order to survive.

They would also turn against their loved ones for a piece of bread.

But she gave me food…


The little boy still did not understand the reason by the time he finished the noodles, but he dared not to ask. The lady opposite seemed to be not easy to get along with.


Nothing happened throughout the night.

When the little boy woke up, he found himself lying on a bed. He subconsciously touched his side but found nothing.

My sister is gone!

The little boy immediately sat up and looked around the room with his slightly swollen eyes. His heart was beating faster and faster as he could not find his sister in the room.

He did not even wear his shoes and immediately got out of the bed and stumbled out of the room.

Shi Sheng was carrying the baby and sitting on the floor downstairs. There were several things surrounding her.

She was frowning and feeding the baby. The baby was babbling happily and grabbed her hairs with her fingers.

This was the scene that the little boy saw when he came down.

Shi Sheng was definitely not gentle and was extremely impatient, but she never gave up feeding the baby.

Shi Sheng noticed the little boy was downstairs and raised her head, “Why is this baby so annoying? Hurry up, take her away.”

The little boy quickly took the baby into his arms. He looked at the things on the floor clearly, there were milk powder and some teeth-grinding sticks for babies. He had no idea where she got these.

He was speechless when he saw his sister’s mouth that was full of milk powder.

She feeds the milk powder directly to the baby.

Without water!

But actually, there’s water downstairs.

“Thank you.” The little boy thanked Shi Sheng in a low voice.

Although I don’t know where she got these things, it must be quite difficult to get them.

Shi Sheng propped her chin, her eyes gleamed slightly, “Do you know why I helped you?”

The little boy was puzzled, “Why?” He wanted to know the answer too.

Shi Sheng smiled slightly, “Because you love your sister very much.”

I love my sister very much?

What reason is this?

Back then, my parents loved us very much too.

But when the apocalypse arrived…

While the little boy was staring at her blankly, Shi Sheng had already got up, “I’m leaving. These things will be enough for you to live for some time. It’s up to you to survive.”

She paused, “But...I still don’t recommend you to take your sister along, she’s troublesome.”

Her smile was a bit malicious, “It’s easier for you to live alone.”

Without hesitation, the little boy immediately hugged the baby in his arms and said with a firm face, “I will take her along.”

He only had his sister left. No matter what happened, even if he was going to die, he would die with his sister.

Shi Sheng shrugged and got out of the shop with her iron sword in hand.

The little boy looked at the things on the floor and looked at Shi Sheng who opened the door and walked out of the shop.

He gritted his teeth, ran upstairs with the baby in arms. He pulled out a bag from the cabinet and stuffed some baby clothes and supplies into it.

He ran downstairs again and put all things on the floor into the bag. The little boy was panicking, it took some time for him to get all the things into the bag.

He then carried the bag and ran out of the shop with the baby.

He wanted to follow her.

Even if he stayed here, they would soon die from running out of food.

The world outside the door was completely different from what he saw through the window. The little boy flinched a little. Looking at the figure who was about to turn at the corner, he took a deep breath and ran towards her desperately.

Shi Sheng was going to find a car. Although she could fly, it was too fucking cold to fly in the sky.

As she had no psychic power now, she did not want to fly around in the sky unless she was being chased by zombies or was in a hurry.

There were many cars on the street, but many of them were unusable.

Eventually, she found an SUV at the entrance of a store. The door was opened and the car key was inside too, probably because the owner was busy escaping for their lives.

Shi Sheng got into the car and looked at the fuel gauge, her face twisted.

Fuck! It’s out of fuel!

I wondered why nobody drove such a good car away.

Shi Sheng got out of the car and decided to find another car. She then happened to see the little boy was being chased by a zombie.

With his short limbs, he ran about the same speed as the zombie. He even carried a baby in his arms, it was such a funny look.

Shi Sheng did not plan to help him. When she turned around, she saw the little boy was covering the baby with his clothes to protect her. She paused and said maliciously, “You can just throw her away to get rid of the zombies.”

The little boy ran out of breath, he did not have time to answer Shi Sheng but he showed his determination through his actions.

He will never throw his sister away.

Just as the little boy was about to approach Shi Sheng, a zombie suddenly rushed out of the shop next to him and blocked his way.

The little boy was forced to stop.

There were zombies in front of and behind him.

The zombie growled and rushed towards him. The little boy was so frightened that he had no strength to run anymore.

The zombie’s blood-stained claws stretched out in front of him. He would die if he was scratched by the zombie.

The little boy suddenly bent over and put the baby in his arms.