A heavy object fell on the ground, causing a thud.

The little boy felt something splashing on his head, it was sticky and sliding down along his hairs.

It was then followed by a foul smell.

As the little boy did not feel any pain for some time, he raised his head slowly and happened to see a zombie lying in front of him.

Half of its head was gone and it was lying prone on the ground.

There was another zombie lying next to it. This zombie was even more miserable, it was cut in half.

The little boy reached out his hand and touched the liquid that was dripping down his cheeks. It was sticky and made him nauseous, he eventually retched.

“How can you survive in the end times with such low psychological strength? You better go back with the baby and wait for death.”

The lady’s voice rang beside his ears. The little boy was upset but she was telling the truth.

This world was no longer a peaceful world. There were zombies that would kill you at any time.

I must be strong.

I have to take care of my sister.

My sister…

The little boy immediately looked at the baby in his arms. The baby was pressed in his arms a little harder just now, her face was flushed. She might die if he continued to press on her.

He wiped off the dirt on his face, carried the baby in arms and got up. His feet were a little numb.

He subconsciously looked for Shi Sheng but he did not see her figure.

Is she gone?

After all, I’m a burden. How could she take us along? 

The little boy was just too young, his eyes were red and tears ran down his cheeks.

“Get up.”

The little boy raised his head. Shi Sheng was riding a motorbike and stopped in front of him.

Although the motorbike was quite old, Shi Sheng’s imposing look made her seem as if shw was driving a luxury car.

“Why are you crying?” Looking at the tears on his face, Shi Sheng suddenly cursed fiercely, “A man should not burst into tears so easily.”

The little boy touched his face, nodded and sat at the back of the motorbike with the baby in his arms.

To be honest, Shi Sheng’s skill in riding the motorbike was indeed poor. The little boy was quite afraid of being dumped out of the motorbike.

After Shi Sheng got a car in another street, the little boy was relieved.

Her skills in driving four wheels and driving two wheels are totally different.

The boy was named Ye An and the baby was Ye Ran.

Their parents probably wanted them to be safe and sound for life. Unfortunately, they abandoned them in the end.
[Note: ‘An Ran’ means safe and sound in chinese.]

“Miss...where are you going?” Ye An asked cautiously.

“Yao Guang Base.” The female lead is there.

She had to find Jing Zhi too. But since she did not know where to find him, she will go to Yao Guang Base first.

Ye An obviously had no idea where Yao Guang Base was, his face was blank.

The road heading out of the city was blocked, the car could not get through at all, Shi Sheng had no choice but to get out of the car.

“Do you get airsick?” Shi Sheng held the car door and asked Ye An, who was getting down of the car with Ye Ran.

“Airsick? There’s no plane now…” Ye An answered weakly.

Why does she suddenly ask me this question?

The little boy did not know if he would get airsick as he had not been on a plane before.

Shi Sheng apparently did not care about Ye An’s answer, she was just simply asking. Then, under Ye Ran’s confused look, she unsheathed her iron sword and the iron sword suddenly turned bigger and floated in the air.

Ye Ran was shocked

The sword has grown larger!

So amazing!

Is this magic or some psychic power?

It must be psychic power. The sword seems to be an ancient weapon.

“Get up.” Shi Sheng pointed at the iron sword.

He sat on the iron sword with the baby excitedly.

As he sat on the iron sword, the sword did not budge at all. 

Just as Shi Sheng jumped on the iron sword, there was a sudden violent explosion behind them. A group of people rushed out of a building with a cloud of smoke trailing behind them and a zombie appeared in the smoke.


“Wait for us!”

Shi Sheng ordered the iron sword to fly higher and the group of people panicked, “Please let us get up.”

Shi Sheng did not respond.

Some of them began to eject their superpowers to the iron sword.

But Shi Sheng was too far away from them, their superpowers could not reach that high.

Ye An’s face turned pale. Perhaps he was frightened either by the people below or because the iron sword was too high.


The low roar of the zombies intertwined with the shouting and cursing of people below.

Shi Sheng’s eyes were calm, she stepped on the iron sword and moved out of the city.



Ye An held a tree trunk and vomited wildly, he was so uncomfortable.

Shi Sheng carried Ye Ran and looked at Ye An unhappily.

Ye Ran scratched Shi Sheng’s face with her little palm. Even if she was malnourished, the skin of a baby was much better than that of an adult.

Shi Sheng looked at her. Ye Ran was babbling, her eyes were shiny as if they were uncontaminated crystals.

Shi Sheng patted her back. When Ye An finished vomiting, she returned the baby to him.

Although Ye An’s face was pale after vomiting, he immediately smiled when he saw Ye Ran.

Shi Sheng looked at them in silence for a while. Then, she turned around to look for a car.

After getting a car outside of the city, the three of them set off again.


The dilapidated highway was full of bloodstains. There were abandoned vehicles and broken arms on the side of the highway.

The weather was too hot as if it was a steamer.

A group of people rushed out of the forest beside the highway. There were about a dozen people, all of them were hungry. The weather was too hot, some of them did not even wear clothes, showing the tattoos on their body.

They stopped at a shade on the side of the highway.

“Boss, we have no water.”

“Fuck!” The man who was being called ‘Boss’ cursed, “How far are we from the nearest city?”

Someone unfolded the map and looked at it, “At least thirty kilometres away.”

The group of people wailed. Thirty kilometres away...We’d die before we reach there.

“Why are you guys crying? Let’s go and see if there’s any water nearby.” The boss waved in frustration.

The group of people went to look for water in tiredness.

Just when they found nothing, a car engine sounded on the highway. The group of people suddenly looked at the highway with hope.

The next second, their faces twisted.

There was a car.

But the car was followed by a swarm of zombies behind, two of which ran extremely fast.

The two were the second-level zombies.

“Run!” The boss yelled and the group of people ran.

The car was certainly faster than them and surpassed them.

The car that had driven a distance suddenly stopped and slowly reversed.

It was a truck. The door at the back was opened. Someone waved to the person below, “Get up.”

Those who ran fast rushed into the truck in a few steps.

“It’s too late.” The driver put his head outside the window and yelled, “I’m going to set off.”

“Wait for us! Wait for us!”

“Boss! Help!”

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Someone was in the car door and trying to reach out to catch the person behind.

But those people were too tired to catch up.

The truck accelerated. Those who did not catch up were getting further and further and eventually overwhelmed by zombies.

Those who got in the car were frightened as they saw such a scene.