The truck was full of people. There were men, women and children. There was quite a lot of food too.

Those who just came up were happy as they saw food. There’s food here.

A middle-aged man gave a few packets of biscuits to them, “Eat some biscuits to fill your stomach first.”

“Thanks!” They grabbed the biscuits, opened and gulped.

In the corner, a girl who wore clean clothes frowned while looking at the group of people.

She was the female lead, Mu Xin.

She lost her way after escaping from the zombies. She had originally decided to go back to find her parents. Since she lost her way, she had no choice but to go back by herself.

Unexpectedly, there were a group of people at her house. Her aunts and neighbours were all there.

Her father was a helpful person. Although she had expected to have other people in her house, she did not expect that there would be so many people.

There was even a baby in her house.

She did not want to take these people along. Even though I have a supermarket to back me up, I still have to use something to exchange with the supermarket. How can I afford to supply so many people?

But her father threatened her that if she did not take these people along, he would not leave.

Mu Xin had no choice but to take the group of people along.

Now, another group of people came up. Mu Xin was tired when thinking about this.

“Xiao Xin.” The middle-aged man came to Mu Xin, “Are you still angry?”

Mu Xin put on a straight face, lowered her voice and said, “Dad, they obviously are not good people and you let them come up. Aren't you putting us in danger?”

Father Mu disagreed, “But they are being chased by the zombies that we brought in. We should unite during the apocalypse.”

Mu Xin was angry. Everyone wants to survive now. Who cares about the lives of others?

“Xiao Xin, you can’t be so selfish. Since we have the ability, why can’t we lend a helping hand?

Mu Xin was very mad, she did not want to talk to her Father.

I do this for your own good, but you think I’m selfish.

Mu Xin closed her eyes and kept silent. Father Mu gave Mu Xin a few glances, opened his mouth but did not speak.


Shi Sheng picked up a map from a household. Finally, we don’t have to go the wrong way.

The baby kept crying in the car.

Shi Sheng was a little frustrated, “Why is she crying?”

Ye An did not know why Ye Ran was crying. He had been comforting her for quite some time, but she did not stop crying and did not want to eat too.

Shi Sheng glanced at Ye Ran, “Take off one of her clothes.”

Ye An followed Shi Sheng’s order. After taking off her clothes, Ye Ran groaned for a while and stopped crying.

The weather had suddenly become hot in the past few days. Ye An was still a child, how could he know? He only knew how to imitate adults.

Shi Sheng slid the car window down and hot air entered the car.

This weather will last for several months and then it will get even hotter. What a terrible life.

“Miss, are you hungry?” Ye An opened a bag of cookies and handed it to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng only craved ice cream right now, she shook her head.

Ye An knew that food was precious now, he only took a few pieces of biscuits and stopped eating when he was not hungry.

“Miss, the road seems to be blocked.” Ye An looked at the front.

Some cars were parked in front and there were people walking.

Shi Sheng parked the car and said, “Stay in the car.”

Ye An nodded.

Shi Sheng walked to the front and saw the army picking up some people. These people were planning to leave with the army.

“When can we leave? What if the zombies come?”

“What are you afraid of? The army is here, even if the zombies come, they will protect us.”

Someone sneered, “They’re already kind enough to pick us up. If the zombies come, they’re not wrong even if they don’t save us. It’s better to count on yourself rather than count on others.”

“You can say so because you have superpowers. But we’re just ordinary people, what can we do?”

“Ordinary people can kill zombies too. Most of the people in the army are ordinary people. Are they different from you? You’re a man but you need a woman to protect you, shameless.”

The two sides confronted each other and eventually fought together, Shi Sheng was blocked for a moment. Someone came to stop them from fighting and Shi Sheng returned to the car.

Before she reached the car, she saw a woman open the door and snatch something in the car.

Shi Sheng frowned, strode over, pulled the collar of the woman and dragged her to the side.

The woman stumbled and glared at Shi Sheng, “Who are you? Busybody.”

The woman held a can of milk powder and some baby’s clothes in hand, Shi Sheng snatched the things back.

The woman was not as fast as Shi Sheng, she could only let Shi Sheng snatch the milk powder and baby clothes back.

“Give the things back to me. You’re shameless, give it back to me! Busybody, why are you stealing my things?” The woman was so angry that she wanted to hit Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng kicked the woman’s knee, the woman stumped and was half kneeling on the ground.

Ye An was sitting in the car with Ye Ran. Ye Ran was crying and Ye An seemed to be frightened too, his face was pale.

Shi Sheng glanced at the rear car window. The window was broken and Ye An’s hand was probably scratched by the glass, he was bleeding.

“How dare you snatch my things? Do you want to die?” Shi Sheng pointed the iron sword at the women.

The woman’s painful and distorted face reflected on the iron sword, such an ugly look.

The people surrounding were curious and came to have a look.

They witnessed how the woman smashed the car window and snatched the things just now.

But there were only some milk powder and baby products in the car. The water resources were scarce right now, how can she eat milk powder? So the people surrounding ignored the woman who snatched the food.

In the end times, the most important thing was to survive and not to be a busybody. 

“Ouch! Lao Li, Lao Li, come! She beat me just now! She’s going to kill me!” The woman sat on the ground and began to yell.

The baby’s crying and the woman’s sharp yelling made the place become noisy.

A man who was carrying a child squeezed in from the crowd and saw the woman who was sitting on the ground, his face twisted.

“Wife, what happened?”

“She beat me.” As her husband came, the woman suddenly had confidence. She pointed to Shi Sheng and yelled, “She beat me and snatched my things just now.”

“She beat you?” The man yelled and glared at Shi Sheng, “Little girl, why did you snatch her things and beat her? No manners.”

Fuck! Where do these people come from?

How dare she complains and even slanders me!

Do you think my iron sword cannot kill you?

Shi Sheng curled her lips up and sneered, “Are you talking to me about manners in the apocalypse?”