Some of the bystanders laughed after listening to Shi Sheng’s words.

There was no humanity in the apocalypse, not to mention manners.

“How dare you snatch our things? Give it back to us!” The man yelled with a gruff voice.

Shi Sheng raised and waved her iron sword, the woman and the man were shocked. They subconsciously moved aside to escape from the iron sword.

“She wants to kill us! Help!”

“Someone is killing here!”

The woman’s howling drew more crowds.

“Hurry up, she wants to kill us! Help!”

Both of them hid behind the crowd, Shi Sheng could not kill them.

The army heard the noises over here and sent some soldiers to have a look, “What’s going on?”

The woman’s face lit up, “She wants to kill us and snatch our things.”

The soldiers looked at Shi Sheng who was holding the sharp iron sword.

The leader asked, “Little girl, is that the truth?”

“No. The things belong to us, she’s the one who snatched our things.” Ye An leaned on the car window and explained with a low voice.

The woman yelled loudly, “Nonsense, it’s obviously ours.”

Shi Sheng put the milk powder on the car and spoke in a bad tone, “You say it’s yours, right? Come, you call its name and let’s see if it answers or not.”

...This little girl watched too many dramas.

The woman’s face twisted, “How could it answer? Are you crazy?”

“Yes, I’m crazy, so you better don’t mess with me!” Shi Sheng curled her lips up and stared at her, “Perhaps I’d accidentally cut your head off.”

“Mr Soldier, look at what she has said. This kind of person can’t stay in the team, Please drive her out!” 

Probably because the soldiers were here, the woman was very arrogant and not afraid of Shi Sheng at all.

“Whose milk powder is this?” The soldiers were a little impatient, they had no time to look at them quarrelling with each other.

“Mine, mine.” The woman immediately raised her hand.

“No, it’s ours…” Ye An did not continue his words. He was frightened and stared at these people outside the car.

To him, these people were like the beasts who will pounce on them at any time.

“Both of you were just kids, how could you own this kind of thing?” asked the woman.

As Ye An and Shi Sheng were quite young, the woman thought she could snatch their things easily.

A few people came and spoke for the woman.

The soldiers were not fools either. The car window was broken and Ye An was holding a somewhat fat and white baby, the baby was obviously taking milk powder.

However, the child in the arms of the man was thin and yellow and his hair was scarce. He apparently did not take milk powder.

“Enough!” The leader yelled, “Don’t you think it’s a shame to snatch things from a little girl? Your child needs food, what about their child? Get out of here, whoever continues to make trouble would be driven out of the team.”

“Hey, what are you doing?” The woman was not convinced, “It’s obviously ours, you…”

A few guns pointed at the woman who was about to fight with the soldiers, the woman was then forced to stop. She glared at Shi Sheng and left in despair.

“Little girl, people have changed. Be careful!” 

Shi Sheng smiled. The smile was neither malicious nor kind, it was just a very calm smile,

The soldiers looked at each other. Her aura is quite intimidating.

“Everyone, get out of here. Keep quiet.”


By the time the woman and the man returned to their team, they saw Mu Xin getting down from the truck.

She yelled, “Mu Xin.”

Mu Xin frowned and looked over. She was obviously unhappy but she still answered, “Aunt Li, Uncle Li.” 

They were Father Mu’s neighbours, who were often keen on getting petty advantages.

As Father Mu was easygoing, they had been taking advantage of him.

“Xiao Xin!” Aunt Li stepped forward and held Mu Xin’s hand, tears running down her cheeks, “Look at my child, he is almost dead. Can you help Aunt Li to find a way to save him?”

Mu Xin glanced at the child, sympathy flashed between her eyes. But in the end, she spoke bluntly, “What can I do.”

“Xiao Xin, Aunt Li has no other people to ask for. I know you’re smart, please help me.” Aunt Li burst into tears.

Mu Xin’s supermarket had baby’s milk powder, but it was yet to be unlocked, so she could not get it.

“Aunt Li, I really have no idea…”

“Xiao Xin, you must help us.” The more she said, the sadder she was, “I will kneel for you.”

However, she did not mean to kneel at all.

Father Mu happened to hear their conversation and walked over, “Aunt Li, what happened? Why do you want to kneel down?”

Aunt Li wiped her tears and choked up, “Hu Zi hasn’t eaten for a few days, I’m afraid he’ll be dying soon. I’m not capable, but Xiao Xin is smart. I’m asking her to think of some ways to help him.”

“It’s not easy for me to have such a son. Who knows that the end of the world will come at this come my life is so difficult?” 

Father Mu’s heart melted when Aunt Li cried, “Xiao Xin, can you do anything?”

“Dad, what can I do?” Mu Xin frowned.

Father Mu’s behavior has become more and more excessive recently, Mu Xin could no longer stand him.

Father Mu was a little disappointed, but he still persuaded her gently, “Xiao Xin, we’re not capable, we can only count on you. Hu Zi is still a child, we must do something to save him. It’s not easy for Aunt Li to have such a child, how can she live if he dies?” 

“Yes, Xiao Xin, please help Aunt Li.”

Uncle Li carried Hu Zi and approached them, “Xiao Xin, the little girl over there has milk powder. But Aunt Li and I are clumsy in speech, we didn’t get it. Can you help us to ask for some milk powder? We just need a little.”

They were far away from the place where the incident happened just now. Mu Xin was in the car, she did not know what happened over there.

But she knew Aunt Li and Uncle Li’s character. They must have failed to get the milk powder and came to ask for her help.

Mu Xin answered coldly, “Resources are scarce now. Even if they have milk powder, they won’t give us.”

“Xiao Xin, just go and ask for it. If they reject, we can exchange some food with them.” Father Mu began to make an idea, “There must be adults who need food.”

“Yes, yes!” Aunt Li agreed.

We don’t have much food left, okay?

We still have to hand in some food to the army when we arrive at the base. Our food will be scarce by then.

Mu Xin was very mad..

Under their persuasion, she had no way to reject them.