Shi Sheng sat in the car, propped her chin and looked at the desolate scenery outside. Ye An made Ye Ran to sleep and bandaged the wound on his hand.

Ye An looked at Ye Ran in his arms, he asked sadly, “Miss, people nowadays have become so terrible?”

“Humans are terrible.” Shi Sheng answered in calm and emotionless.

Ye An looked up, his childish face was blank. She’s right, even our parents can abandon us. It seems to be not difficult to understand the deeds of those people just now.

I hate the apocalypse.

If there were no apocalypse, I’d still be the treasure of my parents.

My sister wouldn’t have to suffer.

However, things have already happened.

The end times have come.

“Excuse me…” A voice came from Ye An’s side, it stopped suddenly.

Mu Xin looked at the girl who was sitting on the co-driver seat surprisingly.

After a multitude of thoughts, a name popped in her mind.

Jing Xi.

Ye An subconsciously carried Ye Ran, leaned backwards and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Mu Xin stared at Shi Sheng for a long time.

She didn’t die in such a situation.

Mu Xin was a little jealous of Jing Xi, so she did not stop her at the time.

She kept persuading herself in mind, She was scratched by the zombies. Even if I saved her, she would have turned into a zombie.

But now, she met her again.

She did not turn into a zombie.

Shi Sheng tilted her head to look at the female lead.

The male lead and female lead’s character have been getting worse since the battle mode began.

“Jing Xi…” Mu Xin murmured.

Then, she heard the lady in the car answer in a low voice, “Mu Xin, it’s been a long time.”

She seems to have changed.

Back then, Jing Xi always kept a straight face as if everyone owed her money. She was arrogant and bad-tempered.

But now, Jing Xi seems nice and she smiles, although her smile is not deep.

Her eyes are calm.

While looking at it, I feel like I have fallen into an abyss that is full of darkness.

Mu Xin took a step back.

She had never found Jing Xi’s eyes to look so terrible.

Mu Xin totally forgot what she was here for, she turned around and ran away.

Shi Sheng blinked.

Since when have I become so intimidating?

Even the female lead runs away when she sees me?


Ye An was confused too. Why was the girl frightened when she saw Miss?

The army soon finished counting. Those without transport will be riding in the army’s trucks, while those with their own vehicles drove.

But as some of the vehicles were no longer functioning, most of the vehicles were forced to accept other people.

When a soldier came to talk to Shi Sheng, she refused indifferently.

Her car was an SUV, so there was a lot of space to hold many people.

But since she did not cooperate, the soldiers had no choice either. It was her car after all.

The other people could not do anything to her even if they had opinions, as the little girl might kill them if she was unhappy.

Mu Xin’s truck had a lot of space too. Many people were assigned to her truck due to Father Mu’s kind behavior.

The team began to set off. They were departing to Yao Guang Base. Shi Sheng was going to wait for Jing Zhi there.

She had no idea where Jing Zhi was but she did not want to go and find him.

Anyway, according to the plot, Jing Zhi will be arriving at Yao Guang Base. She just had to wait at the base with the female lead.

At night, the team stopped near a road to rest. There must always be someone sitting in the driver seat so that they could escape easily if the zombies came.

But there were people who were unwilling to stay in their seats and had to get out of the car to relieve themselves.

The army gathered those who had water superpowers together to supply water for the entire team.

Perhaps because Shi Sheng refused to let other people get into her car, the army did not send her water.

Shi Sheng made a bottle of milk for Ye Ran with mineral water.

The milk was cold and it did not taste good, Ye Ran frowned.

Shi Sheng stretched her hand out to pinch Ye Ran’s face.

It was so comfortable to pinch on a baby’s face, Shi Sheng was a little addicted.

“Miss…” Ye An looked at Shi Sheng and reminded her with a low voice, “Xiao Ran is about to cry.”

Shi Sheng hated to hear baby’s crying, she immediately let go of her.

Ye An felt sorry for his sister’s face, he rubbed her face.

“Knock! Knock!”

A guy in a camouflage uniform knocked on their windshield.

The car window on Ye An’s side was broken, Shi Sheng blocked it with something. Only Shi Sheng’s window could be opened.

However, Shi Sheng crossed her legs on the steering and leaned against the driver seat. She has no intention to open the window.

The guy knocked on the windshield several times.

Ye An looked at Shi Sheng and looked at the strange guy outside, he pretended to see nothing.

The guy continued to knock on Shi Sheng’s window.

He kept knocking until Shi Sheng eventually opened the window for him.

Shi Sheng rolled the window down and shouted, “If something is wrong with you, take some medicine. If you can’t cure it, you can commit suicide. Why do you bother me?”

The guy choked.

Why is this little girl so fierce?

It took a long time for the guy to answer, “Little you have milk powder?”

Shi Sheng was still angry, “None of your business!”

This little girl really has no manners. 

He took a deep breath, “There are two babies in the team. They are too small and need some milk powder. We can exchange some food with you.”

“No thanks, bye!”

Shi Sheng rolled the window up after she finished the words, the guy quickly blocked the window with his hands. He was in pain and his face twisted.

“Little girl, we need it to save their lives. If you have extra milk powder, please..”

“I said, I don’t have.” Shi Sheng pulled his hand out and closed the window.

The remaining milk powder was only enough for Ye Ran to eat for half a month. She really had no extra for the others.

The guy held his hands and stood outside for a while before he left. After a moment, the guy brought a few people back.

They knocked on the window again.

Shi Sheng was impatient, she opened the door and got out of the car.

Before they could speak, the lady who got down the car spoke arrogantly, “Are you asking for milk powder? Great. Come on, I will give you the milk powder if you defeat me.”

Why do these people keep looking for me?

While pulling up her sleeves, she took her iron sword from the car.

“Bang!” She closed the door.

What does she want?

We have yet to negotiate and she is asking for a fight? Little girl, is it good to be so rude?

Several people looked at the guy whose aura was obviously different from the others at the same time.

The light was too dim, Shi Sheng could not see his face clearly. He was tall and his aura seemed intimidating.