The guy raised his hand and the others were silent. After a while, a tall man stepped forward.

“Little girl...are you sure you want to fight?” We’re all specially trained. This little girl is so thin, can she fight?

“Stop talking nonsense.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. Am I joking?

The man’s face twisted slightly. He moved his fist and said, “Come on then.”

The man looked at the sword in Shi Sheng’s hand, he thought she would not use the sword to stab him. But the next second, the iron sword was attacking him from the front. With such strength, he apparently would be cut into half.

The man quickly escaped. But the iron sword followed him at a very fast speed, he could not escape in time.

Those who looked down upon Shi Sheng just now changed their mind. Her speed is so fast! 

Their faces twisted.

They just wanted to frighten her at first, but who knew Shi Sheng would be so powerful.

The space was not big, the man did not have much space to escape and was soon being forced into a corner. The man looked at the iron sword that was getting brighter in the dark, slashing down in slow motion…

Am I going to die?

The man panicked.

“Stop!” The guy who kept silent all the while suddenly shouted, “We give up.”

The iron sword stopped above his head and the man could feel a chill from the iron sword. It was such hot weather, but he felt that he was in the middle of ice and snow, his body was very freezing.

Shi Sheng kept the sword, walked back to her car and opened the door, “Bye.”

“Bang!” She shut the door.

The man who was still in a daze was awakened by the sound, he looked at the car.

I was totally immobilized just now...I didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

Of course the man knew it was because of Shi Sheng’s iron sword, otherwise he would not be so embarrassed.

“Captain, what should we do?” Someone asked the guy just now. 

We just want to exchange some food for the milk powder. Now, it seems that even if we try to steal it, we won’t necessarily get it.

This little girl is very powerful!

“Let’s think of another way.” The guy glanced at the SUV, turned around and left.

We’re soldiers, we can’t steal.

The others could only leave with the captain.

Shi Sheng looked at those people who disappeared into the long convoy, her eyes were cold.

Han Yu!

The male lead of this world.

Strangely, Han Yu had a wife and they had a son. Right now, his wife should be giving birth to a son for him but there was no milk or milk powder here. So he came for his son.

The female lead then made friends with Han Yu’s wife in this incident. As she took the milk powder for their son, both of them were very grateful to her.

After the death of Han Yu’s wife, Han Yu was very depressed. The female lead rescued him many times and the two gradually fell in love with each other.

In the end, the male lead walked out of the pain of bereavement and the female lead ended her crush on Jing Zhi. The two came together happily.



Ye An called Shi Sheng several times, Shi Sheng blinked and turned to look at Ye An, “What’s the matter?”

Ye An’s face was pale and he tremblingly pointed into the distance, “I...I saw that there are a lot of zombies...coming towards us.”

“Zombies?” Shi Sheng looked in the direction that Ye An pointed, she only saw darkness.
“Yes.” Ye An’s face was getting paler and his voice was trembling, “They’re coming.”

Shi Sheng thought for a moment and packed up a few things in the car, “Carry her and get out of the car.”

Ye An was weak, he carried Ye Ran but he could not open the car door after several attempts. Eventually, Shi Sheng came and opened the door for him, Ye An was shivering while getting out of the car.

“What are you afraid of? They haven’t reached us. Even if they reach us, there are so many people who are accompanying us, you’re not alone.” Shi Sheng rubbed Ye An’s head, “Give her to me.”

Ye An did not understand Shi Sheng’s theory of ‘someone accompany you for death’. He handed Ye Ran to Shi Sheng with a pale face.

“Follow me, I won’t go fetch  you if you lose your way.” 

Ye An nodded repeatedly.

“What direction did the zombies come from?” Shi Sheng asked again.

Ye An looked around and pointed in two directions.

One was the back and another was the side of the convoy.

The best path was to go forward.

Shi Sheng carried Ye Ran and walked towards the front of the convoy.

There were a lot of people coming to and fro in the team at this time, their movement did not stir up the others’ suspicion.

“Little girl, the army is ahead, don’t go forward.” Looking that Shi Sheng was about to approach the army in front, Shi Sheng was reminded by someone nearby.

Shi Sheng glanced at the person. He was an old man with gray hair and a kind face.

“Zombies are coming.” Shi Sheng responded softly. She did not stop and continued to move forward.

The old man looked at Shi Sheng’s back in confusion.

“What did she say just now?” A person standing next to the old man asked in confusion.

“She said...the zombies are coming.” The old man murmured and looked at the darkness in the distance with his presbyopic eyes.

“Zombies?” Everyone who heard this looked around, but except for the convoy, there was nothing unusual in the surroundings.

Where are the zombies?

Everyone was screwed up to the highest tension. Many people were dissatisfied with Shi Sheng as they did not find zombies.

How can the little girl spread rumors at this time?


Along the way, the road was blocked by the military. Shi Sheng would have to pass through them.

The army was much more disciplined than the people in the back. There was a road in the middle that allowed vehicles to pass. They would not be blocked here if anything happened.

When Shi Sheng approached, she was stopped by a soldier.

“This is a military site, you’re not allowed to enter!” 

“Miss, they’re coming. Some of them run very fast.” Ye An grabbed Shi Sheng’s clothes, his voice was out of tune.

The soldier who stopped them was inexplicable, he raised his volume and yelled, “Get back to the car quickly, don’t get in the way here.”

Such an attitude, why do I spending my time talking with you.

Shi Sheng turned around and walked towards the forest next to her. Let’s fly over it!

“Hey, girl, you can’t go there.” A voice stopped her from the back.

A tall figure was slowly approaching her. It was the man who fought with Shi Sheng just now. He saw Shi Sheng was bringing the two kids towards the forest. He immediately stopped them.

As he could not take his words back, he could only come to Shi Sheng.

He looked at the forest in the darkness, there seemed to be zombies who were waiting for their food to approach them.

“The forest is dangerous. Girl, please get back to your car quickly.”