“I’m leaving this place,” Shi Sheng answered in a flat tone.

“At this time?” The man was surprised, “We won’t trouble you anymore. Our captain will not break his promise, you don’t have to worry.”

The man thought Shi Sheng was afraid that they would trouble her again, he immediately took a stand on it.

“Miss.” Ye An called Shi Sheng with a trembling voice.

Only then did the man realize that Ye An’s face was extremely pale, as if he saw something terrible. The man could not help wondering, Do I look so scary?

Shi Sheng patted Ye An’s head and spoke to the man, “You can just take me as a narrow-minded person who bears a grudge.”

Shi Sheng walked past the man towards the forest, Ye An quickly followed behind her.

Just as Shi Sheng’s figure was about to disappear in the forest, she suddenly reminded, “Run if you don’t want to die.”

The man looked at the forest, Shi Sheng’s figure had already disappeared in the darkness.

The man touched his head, What does she mean?

There was no light in the forest. Shi Sheng asked Ye An to walk in front with a flashlight, she carried Ye Ran and followed behind him.

By the time they reached the middle of the mountain, they could hear piercing screams and firearms firing below.

Most of the drivers were not in their seats when the zombies arrived, so those who were in the cars could not escape.

Most people ran forward in a swarm, stepping on and pushing each other. Many of them were trampled to death instead of being eaten by zombies.

The soldiers responded swiftly. They found something was wrong and immediately started the engine. A few empty trucks were waiting for those people to get in.

However, there were second-level zombies among these zombies. The second-level zombies were much more powerful than those people with superpowers. The army dared not delay, those who failed to catch up could only be abandoned.

The night was full of piercing screams and cries.

The man who talked to Shi Sheng previously was now clutching the edge of the truck in fear. Looking at the team that was getting farther and farther away, he swallowed his saliva.

“Captain…” The man was covered in cold sweat and looked at Han Yu. He opened his mouth several times before he continued his words, “Just now… the little girl reminded me…:

Han Yu glanced sharply at the man.

The other soldiers also turned to look at the man.

“I don’t know…” The man explained incoherently, “I...I didn’t understand what she meant...Captain, I’m sorry. If I…”

Someone asked angrily, “Since she reminded you, why didn’t she make it clear? We’ve lost so many brothers and people now.”

Everyone in the car became angry after listening to his words.

Since she reminded him, why didn’t she make it clear?

Han Yu walked to the man and patted on his shoulder, “It’s not your fault.”

“I’m sorry.” The man sobbed out.

I’m stupid. If I was smarter, I might have understood what she meant.

“Da Zhuang, it’s not your fault. What do you apologize for?”

“Da Zhuang, the little girl you mentioned is the one who refused to exchange the milk powder with our captain?”

 Da Zhuang nodded slightly.

“What does she mean? Since she reminded you, why didn’t she make it clear? She did on purpose? Where is she? I want to go and ask her!”

The group of people was agitated.

Han Yu ignored the group of people and asked Da Zhuang the details.

“So she was already heading towards the mountain when you saw her?” 

Da Zhuang nodded.

Han Yu pondered for a moment, “She didn’t mean to remind us.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the truck suddenly became quiet and Han Yu continued, “She just wanted to remind you, only you.”

Da Zhuang was confused, What do you mean?

Han Yu continued, “Because you reminded her of the danger in the mountains, so she told you the news in return.”

If Da Zhuang was smart enough, he might have gone and checked the truth of the news. Even if they can’t avoid the zombies, at least they won’t lose so many people.

But unfortunately…

Han Yu patted Da Zhuang’s shoulder.

There was a moment of silence in the truck. Everyone looked at each other, they really did not understand what the little girl was thinking.

“Captain...why didn’t she tell us?” We're soldiers and the civilians have to depend on us. Isn’t the first step to inform us about the news whenever they encounter such issues?

As there is a saying, many hands make light work.

“Even if she reminds us, will we believe her?” Han Yu retorted.

The questioner kept silent.

Yes, even if she reminded them, they might not believe it. They might even suspect that she was disrupting the military’s discipline. Although they would send someone to check it out, it would still be too late and they would still lose a lot of people.

“What power does she own? Prophecy?” Only such a superpower can predict the arrival of zombies.

Although they had never met such a person before, they heard of such a magical superpower in the novels and television.

“Her power is the wood element. I can feel the affinity in her.” A person with a superpower answered weakly.

There was a sense between people with the same superpower.

“Wood element?” 

So far, they did not find any special effects on this superpower. Compared to the powerful fire element and the necessary water element, the wood element was useless.

But people with superpowers were more likely to survive in the end times, so there were still people with wood elements in the team.

“But she probably hasn’t practiced, she’s very weak,” The person continued.

Everyone in the truck looked at each other again.

They heard of Da Zhuang fighting with the little girl before and they had a very bad impression of this arrogant little girl, who refused to accept the arrangement.

Han Yu waved his hand, signalling them to stop discussing the topic.

That girl…

She’s not a good person, it’s better for her to leave the team.


There was only a feeble flashlight in the huge forest. Ye An walked in fear, his face was pale as if he were a  person who had lost too much blood.

“Miss..why… can I see those zombies?” His voice rang in the silent forest.

He was so frightened just now that he did not think about it in detail. Now, he realized that something was wrong.

There were so many people in the team, but only he could see the zombies.

“Perhaps it’s due to superpowers.” Shi Sheng answered casually, “Some people are partially strengthened by their superpowers. Your superpower may have strengthened your eyes.”

Shi Sheng nodded silently right after she finished the words, as if recognizing that it was the truth.

Of course, Ye An could not see such a funny scene.

“You mean, I have a superpower too?” He subconsciously touched his eyes and looked at the darkness in the distance, he indeed could look farther than before.

Ye An suddenly felt a prick in his brain and his eyes were very painful. He shook his body and fell to the ground. The flashlight rolled down the slope and they fell into complete darkness.

“Ouch!” Ye An covered his head, he curled his body up all over. It’s so painful!

This idiot!

Shi Sheng held Ye An up and put him to rest against a tree trunk beside her, “Relax, stop using your superpower.”

Do you know how to use it?

Shi Sheng was speechless. It’s so difficult to bring a child along.

“Close your eyes and don’t look at anything.”