Ye An had no idea how he fainted. By the time he woke up, he found himself in a clean room.

The curtains were tightly drawn and the room was very hot, his body was full of sweat as if he had just finished running a marathon.


Ye An subconsciously looked around.

Shi Sheng was holding Ye Ran in a corner. She was pinching Ye Ran’s face and Ye Ran was babbling and laughed occasionally.

Ye An sighed heavily.

“Rumble…” Ye An’s stomach spoke before he did.

Shi Sheng put Ye Ran on the bed and brought a bowl of instant noodles to Ye An. Such hot weather, it’s okay even if the noodles are cold.

Ye An had never felt so hungry before, he finished the bowl of noodles.

“Thanks, miss.” Ye An’s little face showed a trace of shame.

“It’s leftovers.”

I’m already used to her attitude.

Ye An twisted his eyes for a moment, “Miss, do I really have a superpower?”

“It’s a weak power.” Shi Sheng crossed her legs and said indifferently, “Even though your body will strengthen the power in the later stage, such power doesn’t have much  effect. You can just predict zombies but do nothing.” 

Miss, is it good to tell me the truth? I’m still a kid, shouldn’t you encourage me?

Ye An was tired.

But at least I’m sure that I have superpower, although it’s just a weak power.

“Miss, how to use the power?” The next moment, Ye An forgot the power that he had was a weak power and asked Shi Sheng excitedly.

“How do I know? I don’t have such power.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

Ye An blinked, “Miss, then what power do you have?”

Shi Sheng slightly moved her fingertips, a leaf overflowed from her fingertips and quickly grew into vines. It curled around Ye Ran and carried her safely from the bed to Shi Sheng.

Ye An widened his eyes and stared at the scene. This is… the wood element?

Along the way, Ye An heard of people discussing the wood element. It was a weak and useless element. But how come it looks so amazing here?

The wood element was not powerful, but Shi Sheng had added a light element. The light element was a healing power and had an auxiliary effect on the wood element, so she can create vines and move things around.

It was impossible for ordinary people to do this.

I’ve been to the cultivation worlds. If I didn’t even know the way of combining elements of heaven and earth, I would have wasted my time.


“Shhh!” Shi Sheng suddenly raised her forefinger and passed Ye Ran to Ye An, “Stay here.”

Ye An nodded and hugged Ye Ran tightly.

Shi Sheng walked to the window and opened the curtains to take a look. It was a small bungalow with a courtyard outside. There were also various small buildings in the distance. The cement road interspersed in it, it was apparently a relatively wealthy village.

There were zombies walking outside occasionally.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly, drew the curtains and walked out of the room.

The house was very quiet, the family had probably escaped. Although the house was chaotic, there were no zombies. As Shi Sheng went down the stairs, she suddenly paused.

She heard a slight breathing.

But zombies cannot breathe.

Shi Sheng turned her head and saw a pair of green eyes. A black cat that was about the size of a big dog stood silently on the stairs, looking at its ‘food’.

Mutant animals.

Mutant animals were edible, but they were also cannibals.

Mutant animals were very smart and would attack humans and treat them as food. They would attack zombies too, but they did not eat zombies.

This setting is too strange.

Cats originally have high IQ. It’s a mutated cat, its IQ should be super high.

The black cat slowly humped its back and began to purr. You might think the cat was cute if it was a normal cat, but when the cat’s size was about a big dog…


Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword. Just as she was about to stab at the cat, the window on the second floor suddenly opened and a strong light shone in.

The black cat rushed towards the room where Ye An was.


Shi Sheng quickly rushed upstairs and a figure jumped in from the window. The two met each other and Shi Sheng gave him a glance. After confirming it was a human, she immediately chased up the black cat.

The black cat had a high destructibility. It made a crack on the wooden door with its sharp claws, hit the door with its body and broke into the room.


Shi Sheng was late. The black had already jumped to Ye An, showing its sharp fangs and was about to bite Ye An.

Ye An was holding Ye Ran, he was totally stunned..


A tall figure broke through the window and set a beam of flame towards the black cat. The speed of the flame was very fast. The black cat sensed danger, it gave up Ye An, turned and jumped to the corner of the room.

Ye An dared not to breathe, his face was very pale.

Shi Sheng jumped to Ye An in a few steps and there was another person appeared at the door. He hesitated a moment and asked with excitement, “Xiao Xi?”

Shi Sheng frowned and looked at the guy, the face automatically matched in her memory.

Zhu Feng, a friend of Jing Zhi.

“Let’s settle the cat first.” Shi Sheng pointed to the black cat in the room who was looking at them fiercely.

Zhu Feng immediately nodded and signalled the boy who had just set the fire. The two cooperated and soon killed the black cat.

The boy broke the black cat’s head, he seemed to be looking for something. But in the end, there was nothing inside.

There’s no crystallizing nuclei in mutant animals. What is he looking for?

The plot doesn't mention the role of mutant animals before.

“Xiao Xi, it’s really you.” Zhu Feng walked to Shi Sheng, he looked very excited, “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know.” Shi Sheng shrugged, “Where’s my brother?”

Zhu Feng pointed to the outside, “Young Master Jing is outside. Come, I’ll bring you there. He would  be very happy to see you. You lost your way last time and he went back to find you…”

Zhu Feng suddenly paused. He then spoke to the boy who was still squatting in front of the black cat, “Xia Shu, let’s go.”

Xia Shu nodded and with a wave, the black cat’s carcass was gone.

Shi Sheng slightly raised her eyebrows, Spatial power?

Shi Sheng withdrew her gaze and held Ye Ran in her arms, Zhu Feng glanced at her. Without asking, he took the initiative to carry Ye An, who was still in daze, and walked out of the room.

After leaving the building, they walked in the village for a long time. Xia Shu killed all the zombies along the way.

Eventually, they stopped at the main square of the village. The square had many people and there were only two ways to get to this square, one was from Shi Sheng’s side and another was from the other side.

Shi Sheng did not hear anyone coming from her side just now. These people might have come from the other side.

The group of people was obviously not the same group as Zhu Feng.

When Zhu Feng approached them, all of them were nervous and kept looking at Shi Sheng’s side.

Zhu Feng passed through these people and walked to the other side of the square.