Jing Zhi leaned against a modified SUV. He was holding a map and lowered his head, but his sight did not seem to be on the map.

In such troubled times, his white shirt was not dirty and messy at all. It was clean with no stains at all.

Jing Zhi seemed to have sensed something. He suddenly raised his head and looked at the direction of Shi Sheng.

A few seconds later, he rushed towards Shi Sheng and then stopped a few steps away from Shi Sheng.

“Xi Xi?” He widened his eyes, asking her tentatively.


Jing Zhi’s breathing became stagnant for a few seconds, he stepped forward and stretched his hand out. A few moments later, he gave Shi Sheng a hug.

The breath on his body was nice to smell. Such familiar breaths ironed her heart, she felt warm.

Sure enough, after experiencing so many worlds, I have become more and more familiar with him.

“Whaaa!” The baby’s cry sounded abruptly.

Shi Sheng then realized that she was still holding a baby. Jing Zhi let go of her and looked at Ye Ran, his face suddenly darkened, “Who is this?”

An abandoned baby that I picked up.


Ye An and Ye Ran were left outside. Jing Zhi took Shi Sheng into a recreational vehicle, and everyone inside was driven out.

“Are there any injuries?” Jing Zhi looked at Shi Sheng and asked gently.

Shi Sheng shook her head, she kept looking at Jing Zhi.

He was very worried about her. But apart from that, she did not find any other emotions, which meant that Jing Zhi only had sibling affection towards Jing Xi, she did not find the affection of a man towards a woman.

Or perhaps, Jing Zhi loved Jing Xi back then. But after Feng Ci occupied his body, he did not love Jing Xi anymore.

Shi Sheng was quite helpless. Jing Xi’s last wish is to confess to Jing Zhi, but the person in front of me is not Jing Zhi.

This last wish is not going to be fulfilled.

It doesn’t seem that you will confess even if the person in front of you is Jing Zhi.

[Author Note: System has seen through the host’s slag attributes.]

“Xi Xi? Why are you looking at me?” Jing Zhi rubbed Shi Sheng’s head, “Are you frightened outside?”

“Yes.” Shi Sheng nodded, “I need a hug.”

Jing Zhi looked at her eyes, his heart suddenly missed a beat and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes. But he still walked over and hugged her.

“Sorry, it’s all my fault. I didn’t protect you.” Jing Zhi blamed himself.

If I wasn’t being distracted, we wouldn’t have been separated for so long. I wonder how much she had suffered outside.

“Aren’t I safe right now?”

Jing Zhi hugged her in silence, he probably was really blaming himself.

The two stayed in the recreational vehicle for a long time. When they came out, some people gave them an ambiguous look.

Young Master Jing seldom talked to others and he had never behaved like he did today.

These people began to follow Jing Zhi after he was separated from Jing Xi. They only knew that Jing Zhi was looking for someone, but they did not know who he was looking for.

“What are you guys thinking of?” Zhu Feng patted them one by one and warned, “She’s Jing Xi, the younger sister of Young Master Jing. Be aware of your words.”

“Huh? Sister?” Not his lover?

“But they don’t look alike at all!”

Jing Zhi and Jing Xi looked indeed different. If Zhu Feng did not tell them, they would not have thought that the two were siblings.

Zhu Feng touched his chin and thought for a moment, “Perhaps...one follows the father’s look and another follows the mother’s look?”

He really did not notice this before.

After they reminded him, Zhu Feng found that the two looked totally different.

Jing Xi’s appearance is more to the West country’s doll. With her golden curly hair, she is absolutely comparable to a barbie.

But Jing Zhi...his appearance is more to the immortal ascetic god of the East. He can just simply put on a set of ancient costumes and go to filming, and would certainly become very popular.

Jing Zhi was a contradiction. He can easily switch between gentleness and indifference.

He was patient, gentle and considerate to Jing Xi. But when he was facing other people…

His indifferent eyes could make you daunted.

If it was not for the fact that they really registered under the same household, Zhu Feng would suspect that they were not siblings, but lovers.

“Zhu Feng, Young Master Jing’s sister is so pretty. Do you think Young Master Jing would kill us if we were to woo her?”

Zhu Feng looked at the guy who questioned him, and answered, “Soon you will know how much he loves his sister. By that time, you can reconsider this question.”

Xia Shu glanced at Zhu Feng, turned around and walked to another car.

“Hey, Xia Shu, wait for me.” Zhu Feng pushed away those who were pestering him to ask questions and chased up Xia Shu in a few steps, “Xia Shu, did you find anything in the mutant cat just now?”

“No.” Xia Shu moved his lips, his tone was deep and thick.

“Nothing found again?” Zhu Feng scratched his head and followed Xia Shu into the car.


Everyone was shocked as they saw that Young Master Jing was cooking.

Is he Young Master Jing?

The one who didn’t like to mix around with others is making food?

It’s so disillusioned.

Zhu Feng sat aside proudly. Are they shocked? There are many shocking scenes coming soon.

There was meat in Jing Zhi’s team, so he fried a plate of meat for Shi Sheng. Then, he made Shi Sheng a plate of vegetables that they just found in the village, and the next was soup.

In order to save food, the team usually ate porridge. But Jing Zhi made steamed rice for Shi Sheng.

It had been a long time for Shi Sheng to have hot dishes, she only took instant noodles previously.

Jing Zhi only made Shi Sheng’s portion of food, he did not make any for Ye An.

Shi Sheng ate half of it and left half.

“Why? Not to your appetite? We only have these ingredients here, don’t be choosy.” Jing Zhi thought Shi Sheng did not like the food, “You’re too thin.”

“I’m full.” Shi Sheng tugged and smiled.

Jing Zhi frowned. In his memory, Jing Xi did not eat much too, but he subconsciously felt something was wrong.

Shi Sheng waved to Ye An, asking him to come over.

Ye An was so anxious back then, he was so afraid of being eaten by the zombies. Now, he finally could get rid of the zombies and was in a safe place, Ye An ran over in a hurry.

Ye An can now carry Ye Ran and run steadily.

Shi Sheng took Ye Ran over, “Eat.”

Ye An stood beside Shi Sheng and looked at Jing Zhi cautiously. This handsome brother is quite fierce.

Jing Zhi was indeed scary when he did not speak and looked at others with a pair of indifferent eyes.

“Who is he?” Jing Zhi asked slowly and put a scrutiny gaze on Ye An.

“A kid that I picked up.”

“You’re not a busybody back then.” Jing Zhi was puzzled.

Jing Xi was not talkative and she certainly was not a busybody, she would never do things as looking after people.

Shi Sheng thought for a while, “Perhaps because they’re pleasing to my eyes.”

Jing Zhi frowned slightly. He felt something was wrong but subconsciously, someone was telling him nothing was strange. It’s her....

She originally behaves like this.