Ye An finished all the hot dishes eventually.

Everyone in the team benefited from Shi Sheng’s privilege. The mutant cat that Xia Shu brought back was enough for them to eat several meals.

Jing Zhi originally planned to visit Yao Guang Base, as he thought Shi Sheng might be there. But now, since Shi Sheng was found, he decided to cancel the plan.

However, Shi Sheng still wanted to visit Yao Guang Base as the male lead and female lead were there.

Jing Zhi agreed to Shi Sheng’s opinion, he had no objection.

Jing Zhi’s team was not big, there were only ten people in total. Except for Zhu Feng, the others were met after the apocalypse began.

Some of them were abandoned by their initial group, while some were separated from their team. But in general, all of them were powerful individuals.

They made up their minds to follow Jing Zhi, so they had no objection when Jing Zhi made such a decision.

“Xiao Xi, where did you find this baby?” Zhu Feng came to Shi Sheng, “She’s so did she survive?”

The little boy is big enough, he can still survive. But the baby...she seems to be only seven or eight months old.

They had seen many babies along the way. Even with their mothers by their side, most of them could not survive.

The baby is even being looked after by a little boy, I really have no idea how she can survive after all this time.

“It depends on fate,” Shi Sheng answered calmly, “If she’s lucky enough, she can survive.”

Zhu Feng looked at Shi Sheng strangely. He tried to match the girl in front with Jing Xi that he knew, but found that they were not similar.

Jing Xi would not speak like that.

“Xiao you still remember that day when we first met?” Zhu Feng sighed, “I didn’t expect the world to become like this.”

Shi Sheng had never cared about being suspected.

To her, nothing was difficult as long as it can be settled with violence.

A faint smile flickered across her lips, “Close your eyes and sleep. Perhaps when you wake up, you would find that what you’re experiencing now is actually a dream.”

Something is wrong with Jing Xi.

Jing Xi never makes jokes with people, not to mention smiling.

Zhu Feng kept silent and found an excuse to leave. He went to the back of the car and grabbed Xia Shu who was leaning against the door, “Where is Young Master Jing?”

Xia Shu looked at him suspiciously.

Why are you so panicky?

Zhu Feng glanced at Shi Sheng and said in a low voice, “Something is wrong with Xiao Xi, I have to talk to Young Master Jing.”

Xia Shu turned around and looked over. He did not know Jing Xi before, so he did not find anything wrong with her.

“Young Master Jing is over there.” Xia Shu pointed in another direction.

Jing Zhi was talking with a guy, Zhu Feng had no idea what they were discussing. He waited for Jing Zhi to finish the discussion. 

Jing Zhi, who originally was going to find Shi Sheng, was pulled by Zhu Feng to the back of the car.

Although Jing Zhi treated Zhu Feng nicer compared to the others, his face was still twisted.

“Young Master Jing.” Zhu Feng was somewhat afraid and immediately let go of Jing Zhi. It was just his subconscious move just now.

“What’s the matter?” Jing Zhi understood that Zhu Feng would not do this if there was nothing urgent, he asked indifferently without pursuing him.

Zhu Feng looked at the two apples that Jing Zhi was holding. Did he exchange for apples with that guy just now?”

“...Young Master Jing, I think…” Zhu Feng hesitated, “I think there is something wrong with Xiao Xi.”

The space immediately became silent that only their breath could be heard.

Zhu Feng felt uncomfortable but he dared not to move. The air surrounding him seemed to be gradually pressurizing him, he was nervous.

Zhu Feng was very clear how important Jing Xi was to Jing Zhi. Such a question was actually challenging the bottom line of Jing Zhi.

After a long time, Jing Zhi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhu Feng took a deep breath, “Xiao Xi’s character seems to have changed a lot.”

Zhu Feng was actually suspecting that she was not Jing Xi, but he dared not say so.

Jing Zhi kept silent and looked at him.

“What he means is that she isn’t your sister.” Xia Shu was straightforward.

Zhu Feng glared at Xia Shu fiercely, he could not wait to sew his mouth shut.

Did I ask you to speak! Did I?

Xia Shu put on a serious face. Isn’t that what you mean?

Yes, but I didn’t mean to say it out loud. Everything that is related to Jing Xi must be reconsidered before you speak, understand?

Xia Shu gave him an innocent look.

“She’s Jing Xi.” Jing Zhi’s tone was very determined, “I am sure.”

Although he also felt that she was a little different from the original Jing Xi, there would be some contradiction in him if she was the original Jing Xi.

I don’t know why.

I just feel that…

I’m more familiar with her now.

“I don’t want to hear about this again.” Jing Zhi bypassed them and left.

Zhu Feng scratched his head and asked Xia Shu, “What does he mean?”

“Even if she is fake, she is still Jing Xi.” Xia Shu translated.

“...What if she is really fake?” Zhu Feng continued to scratch his head, “What if she is making a conspiracy?”

Xia Shu thought for a while, “Except for Young Master Jing, we have nothing valuable here.”

Young Master Jing is worth so much to us


When Jing Zhi came back, Ye An immediately carried Ye Ran and left. He was a little afraid of this handsome guy.

To him, Jing Zhi was more terrifying compared to the zombies.

Jing Zhi was very satisfied with Ye An as he was sensible enough.

He sat beside Shi Sheng and began to peel the apple.

“Where did you find these fruits?” Shi Sheng looked at the apple in Jing Zhi’s hand, she was a little surprised.

How long since the apocalypse began?

It’s almost half a year, right?

Jing Zhi’s speed of peeling was very fast and the peeled skin was not broken.

“Some people have spatial power, so they can keep things longer.” Jing Zhi divided the apple into four pieces and handed it to Shi Sheng, “I will try to get other fruits for you.”

Shi Sheng took a bite on it. Very sweet, it tastes the same as before.

“Where did you get this?” Shi Sheng chewed the apple. 

“I traded with someone.” When Shi Sheng finished the apple, Jing Zhi handed another piece over, “How’s the taste?”

Apples don’t fill the stomach, so the person was very willing to exchange for other, more substantial food items.

“Delicious.” Apples indeed taste nicer than the fruits in my space.

“Then I’ll trade more for you.” Jing Zhi’s expression was soft, his eyes were full of love.