...You’re so rich. 

“Well...never mind, apples cannot fill the stomach.”

Although it’s delicious, it's not enough to be full.

“Just take it as an after-meal fruit.” Jing Zhi took it for granted.

This would not be a problem before this. But now, we are in the apocalypse. Food is so precious and you even take it as an after-meal fruit?

I will give full marks to such a brother!

In the end, Shi Sheng did not agree with Jing Zhi to trade for more apples. She was not picky as long as it was not instant noodles everyday.

The others in the team were very curious about Shi Sheng, but Jing Zhi did not allow them to approach Shi Sheng.

They stayed in the square for a night and set off the next day.

Shi Sheng and Ye An took the recreational vehicle. Jing Zhi had always taken the SUV, but now he changed to the recreational vehicle.

“Miss, miss…” Ye An carried Ye Ran, avoided Jing Zhi and approached Shi Sheng from another side, “Miss, are we still going to Yao Guang Base?”



“Why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Shi Sheng looked at Ye Ran. This baby usually wakes up at this time.

Ye An touched Ye Ran’s face and raised his head with a confused look, “Miss..can you check whether Xiao Ran has a fever?”

Shi Sheng touched Ye Ran’s face.

“Maybe she has a fever…” Shi Sheng was not sure. After all, she had never looked after any children.

She did adopt children with Feng Ci before, but those children were looked after by servants.

“Let me have a look.” Jing Zhi was sitting next to Shi Sheng and could not help asking.

Shi Sheng passed Ye Ran over. Jing Zhi frowned slightly and it took a while before he spoke, “She may be awakening a superpower.”

“Young Master Jing...what do you mean?” Zhu Feng who was sitting in front turned his head around, his expression showed shock.

She’s a baby.

How could she awaken a superpower?

Xia Shu glanced at Ye Ran and agreed, “She’s indeed awakening a superpower.”

Gosh, she’s a baby, not a child!

Shi Sheng thought, I didn’t know when Ye An awakened his superpower, but he should have no superpower before he followed me..

Now, even Ye Ran can awaken a superpower.

Why is it so unusual!

“You look after her.” Jing Zhi passed Ye Ran to Zhu Feng.

Ye Ran was in a critical period, it was very likely that something would go wrong if they left her with Ye An.
“Huh?” Zhu Feng was speechless. Why should I take care of a child? I’m not a babysitter.

Zhu Feng wanted to reject, but he was frightened as he looked at Jing Zhi. He took Ye Ran over reluctantly. Such a small baby, I could easily pinch her to death.

Ye An climbed to Zhu Feng’s side and stared at Ye Ran.

Zhu Feng was depressed Damn, I not only have to look after a baby, but also a kid. 

Young Master Jing, are you sure you’re not doing this on purpose to prevent this kid from pestering your beloved sister?

“Babies can also awaken superpowers?” Shi Sheng was stunned.

“By right, it’s impossible.” Xia Shu explained seriously, “She wasn’t scratched by zombies. The second batch of people should have fully awakened their superpowers one month ago. So, there is only one possibility. She must have eaten something that caused her to awaken a superpower.”

The first batch of people had awakened their superpowers when the apocalypse began, They were the most powerful individuals.

Jing Zhi and Zhu Feng belonged to the first batch.

One month ago, the second batch of people awakened their superpowers and these people were apparently not as powerful as the first batch.

Other than that, if you want to awaken a superpower, you can only be scratched by zombies, or…

Found some mutant plants and mutant nuclei.

But both of these were hard to find, so there were only several people who awakened their superpowers through the two methods. Many people did not even know about this method.

Shi Sheng thought for a while. We fed Ye Ran milk powder all the way and the only strange thing that she had eaten is the fruit.

That fruit can even make people awaken their superpower?

Shi Sheng decided to observe Ye Ran after she woke up.


The convoy was moving slowly as they had to settle the zombies along the way. Jing Zhi did not allow Shi Sheng to get down the car and the zombies were all settled by the others.

Shi Sheng had not seen Jing Zhi fight against the zombies. But she noticed the other teams were quite afraid of Jing Zhi, he should be quite powerful.

According to the plot, Jing Zhi’s powers were the thunder and ice elements. Both which were extremely powerful.

Xia Shu’s powers were fire and spatial elements. There were two people with dual superpowers in this team, which should be impossible.

Zhu Feng, the babysitter, could only carry Ye Ran all day long. Fortunately, he only had to carry her but not to handle her. At the end of the day, Zhu Feng had gained the title of babysitter in the team.

Zhu Feng’s power was the water element.

So the routine of the team was...

“Dad, give me some milk.”

“Dad, I’m out of milk.”

Who’s your dad! I’m not your dad!

“Brother Zhu, when will my sister wake up?” Ye An looked at Ye Ran in worry. She has been sleeping for so many days.

“It takes a long time to awaken a superpower, and…” She’s still a baby, I don’t know if she can survive.

But Zhu Feng did not speak the words out. He was not like Shi Sheng, who would speak easily no matter if the sentence was good or bad.

“But...why is my situation different when I awoke my  superpower?” Ye An was puzzled.

Zhu Feng looked at Ye Ran strangely, “You mean you have a superpower? What power?”

Xia Shu also looked over, staring at Ye An for a moment.

Ye An was a little nervous, “...Miss said...she said I’m partially strengthened...I don’t understand.”

“Partially strengthened? Which part of you has been strengthened?” Zhu Feng asked curiously. They had survived in the apocalypse for so long and they had never seen any children with superpowers.

Children and women were normally the first to die during the apocalypse.

Ye An was a little anxious, so he glanced at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng was leaning her head on the car window and her eyes were closed. Jing Zhi sat beside her and was deshelling melon seeds.

“...My eyes.” Ye An whispered, “I can see things that are far away.”

Ye An had been exploring his power whenever he was free. Although he was not very proficient yet, he can now control when to use the power.

“Far-sighted?” Xia Shu said, “Your power is very useful.”

Ye An blinked his eyes, he was naive and innocent, “But miss said that this is a useless power.”

How can she speak to a child like that...