“Young Master Jing, we might need to take a rest here tonight.”

Jing Zhi put the melon seed shells in a plastic bag and nodded slightly, “Alright.”

The little boy who came to report looked at the melon seeds in Jing Zhi’s hand, his face twisted. He’s unshelling the melon seeds, he’s so disillusioned.

Hey, where is my cold Young Master Jing!

“Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi touched Shi Sheng’s head.

Shi Sheng was not sleeping deeply. She slowly opened her eyes that were full of alertness.

Jing Zhi packed the melon seeds in a small plastic bag and passed it to Shi Sheng, “Snacks.”

I’m almost useless!

This is the so-called leading an easy life with everything provided, as if you were a pig.

Shi Sheng stuffed the melon seeds into her pockets, “Are we going to stop here today?”

“Yea.” Jing Zhi stood up and gave Shi Sheng his hand.

Shi Sheng grabbed his hand and stood up. She stretched and glanced at Ye An who was sleeping next to her.

“What do we eat today?” asked Shi Sheng as she retracted her gaze and walked down the car.

She was now being raised like a pig and only had to think about what to eat today.

If it were not for the zombies that occasionally jumped in front of her, she would suspect that she was actually travelling around the world.

“What do you want to eat?” Jing Zhi asked her gently, with a faint smile between his eyebrows, “I’ll make it for you.”

“I like whatever you make.” Shi Sheng’s expression was soft.

Jing Zhi was slightly lost. After a while, he habitually rubbed Shi Sheng’s head.

He liked her much more compared to the original Jing Xi.

“Xia Shu, look at that…” Zhu Feng grabbed Xia Shu vigorously in the car. “She has never been so pleasant to Young Master Jing before…”

“People can change.” Xia Shu’s tone was calm, as if a wise master had seen through the world.

“But it’s impossible for a person to change so much!” Zhu Feng did not believe it, “it’s as if she turned into another person, but Young Master Jing doesn’t allow us to talk about it. Ah, I’m so worried.”

“The emperor is not worried, but the eunuch has begun to worry.”

“...Who is the eunuch?” Zhu Feng glared at Xia Shu.


Zhu Feng gritted his teeth, “Do you want to know if I am an eunuch?”

“No thanks.” Xia Shu opened the door and got out of the car.

Leaving Zhu Feng who was still worrying in the car.

What the hell did I say?

Zhu Feng slapped his face. The crisp voice frightened Ye An to sit up, his hair was messy and curled up.

Ye An was not as thin as before these days, he looked cute with some flesh on his face.

He turned his head to look around and found Zhu Feng. He climbed down with his hands and feet, walked to Zhu Feng’s side and touched Ye Ran’s face. Only then his mind slowly became relaxed.


There was free time after dinner.

Shi Sheng leaned against the car door with a weed jutting from her mouth, her eyes gazed at the distant horizon.

The weed was suddenly removed by someone and Jing Zhi’s face appeared in Shi Sheng’s pupils, “This is very dirty, don’t put it in your mouth.”

“It’s not poisonous.” Shi Sheng did not care.

Jing Zhi said helplessly, “If you feel bored staying in the car, I can take you for a walk.”

“Alright.” Shi Sheng moved her eyes around, she must have had a bad idea.

Jing Zhi took Shi Sheng to the mountain behind. Perhaps there were people passing here everyday, there was a small path along the mountain.

The mountain was not high, it took only twenty minutes from the foot to the top of the mountain.

The scenery was a  dusky night scene and the only light came from the fire they made below.

“Jing Zhi.”

Jing Zhi looked at her with some confusion on his face, he was a little shocked when Shi Sheng addressed his name.

Shi Sheng suddenly approached him and stared at him, Jing Zhi’s heart could not help beating wildly.

Shi Sheng asked, “We are not siblings, right?”

A hot breath blew on his face and the pink lips were seductive. Jing Zhi was a little dry and answered with a little difficulty, “We are.”

His mind was blank. I’m reacting to my own sister?

Since when did this start?

Since the first day she came back and he found that she is different from the person in his memory.

Jing Zhi took a step back, he looked away and emphasized, “We are brother and sister.”

He seemed to be talking to himself.

“But we don’t look alike at all.” Shi Sheng turned to his front, pointing at him and herself, “Look, we are totally different. Don’t tell me about genetic mutations.”

There will be some similarities between siblings anyhow.

But Jing Zhi and I have no similarities at all. I am more like a mixed-blood.

It’s just that both of us are very good-looking, so people ignore our differences.

A trace of confusion flashed through Jing Zhi’s eyes. He was even more confused after he looked carefully at Shi Sheng for a moment, “We...are brother and sister.”

In his memory, they slept together, ate together, went to school together and grew up together..

We are brother and sister.

Yes, we are.

Jing Zhi strengthened the statement in his mind.

Shi Sheng was sad. It’s impossible to do a paternity test now.

“What if I like you?” Shi Sheng asked abruptly.

The statement that Jing Zhi just strengthened suddenly collapsed. But the next second, he cast a stronger wall.

Jing Zhi tried his best to face Shi Sheng, his voice was dry and tight, “It’s normal for a younger sister to like her brother.”

“I’m talking about the love between couples.”

Time seemed to have paused.

Jing Zhi could only hear the sound of his heartbeat, the sound was so heavy that it made him stiff and numb.

Jing Zhi blinked, he turned around in a panic. His heart was beating out of rhythm, “Xi Xi, stop kidding. It’s late, let’s go back.”

Shi Sheng held her chin and did not continue to flirt with him.

How can I continue to flirt with you in future?

Jing Zhi was silent along the way. Although he still carefully protected Shi Sheng whenever there was danger, he dared not to look at Shi Sheng.

Back at the camp, the noisy sound came over in an instant.

Jing Zhi frowned, the camp was obviously different from when they left.

There were more people and more cars.

“Young Master Jing.” Zhu Feng, who was carrying Ye Ran, immediately approached Jing Zhi, “They are the military people.”

Jing Zhi had already seen the military trucks that parked outside and those people in military uniforms, “Where did they come from?”

His tone was indifferent, nothing was abnormal.

“Yao Guang Base, they are here to pick people up. They took another road originally but the road was blocked, they met us on another road.” Zhu Feng quickly told Jing Zhi the news that he heard.