Shi Sheng looked around the team. Unsurprisingly, the female lead was here. She was chatting with a woman who was holding a child, the atmosphere seemed very harmonious.

That woman was probably Han Yu’s current wife.

“...They’ve all decided to go with the army, but their resources have to be turned in.” Zhu Feng was still reporting with Jing Zhi, “Young Master Jing, what shall we do?”

“We go by ourselves.” Shi Sheng turned her head and interrupted, “Do you want to be controlled by the army?”

Zhu Feng did not look at Shi Sheng, “We don’t have many weapons. There’s still a long distance to reach Yao Guang Base. It’s safer to follow the army.”

Knowing that she was under Zhu Feng’s suspicion, Shi Sheng kept silent and looked at the female lead.

The two who were standing there just now were nowhere to be seen. Shi Sheng looked around the crowd for a moment and found the female lead.

Mu Xin was talking with Father Mu. Aunt Li, the one who snatched Shi Sheng’s milk powder previously, was there too. It seemed that the atmosphere was a bit unpleasant.

The group of people who came together with Mu Xin received a lot of benefits from the army. They even brazenly enjoyed the convenience that Mu Xin brought to them.

They took it for granted and were asking Mu Xin to go and get some fruits from Han Yu.

Aunt Li noticed Han Yu brought his wife some fruits and gave one to Mu Xin just now. But Mu Xin gave it to her five-year-old nephew, Aunt Li was not satisfied.

“Aunt Li, the fruit was given by Captain Han, I don’t have extra.” Mu Xin’s face was darkened.

“Then you go and ask for it!” Aunt Li’s tone was so justified, “How come your nephew can get the fruit, but my child, Hu Zi, cannot?”

Mu Xin was mad and her tone was inevitably unpleasant, “He’s my nephew, of course I will give it to him. Aunt Li, who are you?”

“Xiao Xin, no manners.” Father Mu immediately scolded Mu Xin.

“Dad! Who are your relatives?” Why should I give my things to these people who are not my relatives?

They even take it for granted.

“...Aunt Li asks for the sake of her child. Everyone is on the same boat, we just help if we can.” Father Mu muttered, “We can’t be selfish, didn’t I teach you before?”

Selfish, selfish.

I’ve given them so many things, how can you say I am selfish?

“Xin Xin, let Hu Zi eat this fruit.” A woman handed the fruit to Aunt Li, “Don’t quarrel. It’s not a big deal, Yang Yang doesn’t like fruit either.”

Aunt Li immediately snatched the fruit over, the woman slowly retracted her hand and pulled Mu Xin’s sleeves.

The little boy who was holding the woman’s thigh was looking at Aunt Li who snatched the fruit over and fed it to Hu Zi.

Mu Xin was very mad as Father Mu treated the outsiders better than his own relatives, as if they were his family.

“Let’s go.” Mu Xin did not want to argue with Father Mu, she held Yang Yang and walked to the other side.

Aunt Li looked at their figures proudly. Such a little girl, how could you outsmart me?

Mu Xin can exchange some fruits from her supermarket too, but the fruits were uncommon and very expensive, she had never exchanged for it.

Mu Xin took Yang Yang to a corner and secretly fed him some fruits.

On the way she returned with Yang Yang, she saw a team that was not far away. Her eyes widened and her fingers tighten up.

Mu Xin recovered from surprise only when Yang Yang cried for pain.

There were not many people in the team over there. Some were standing while some were sitting, surrounding a guy in white shirts. The flames of the campfire reflected his face, as handsome as a carefully painted picture.

Jing Zhi.

Mu Xin’s heartbeat accelerated slightly.

She sent Yang Yang back to his camp and slowly approached Jing Zhi’s team.

In fact, she was not familiar with Jing Zhi and Jing Zhi may not even remember her.

Just as Mu Xin was looking around, a figure suddenly appeared from the back of the car and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Mu Xin was startled, her heart was beating more and more irregularly. Mu Xin dared not to say that she was looking for Jing Zhi, she waved her hands and said, “I...nothing.”

Xia Shu glanced at her a few times and warned, “Don’t come near here.”

Mu Xin nodded and left in a panic as she saw someone was coming.

“Who is she?” Zhu Feng could not help asking when he saw a vague figure.

“I don’t know.” Xia Shu opened and got into the car next to him.

Am I terrible? I was just asking something, why did he avoid me?


Because of Shi Sheng’s nonsense just now, Jing Zhi had already made up his mind not to follow the army.

The other people in the team naturally had some opinions. Our team is small, we can still be able to settle when we meet a few zombies. But what if we encounter a swarm of zombies? It will be very troublesome.

The army has weapons, it’s the safest to follow the army.

But their opinions were rejected by Jing Zhi. He would not stop them if they wanted to follow the army and would equally divide their resources to everyone.

They hesitated for a long time. They had a revolutionary sentiment with Jing Zhi as they had followed him for some time. In the end, none of them left the team.

After the meeting, only Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi stayed in front of the campfire.

The atmosphere was strangely silent.


“Sleep early.” Jing Zhi suddenly stood up, simply rubbed Shi Sheng’s head and went to Xia Shu’s side.

Is he avoiding me?

By the time Shi Sheng got into the recreational vehicle, Zhu Feng was already inside and Ye An was looking after Ye Ran by her side.

Shi Sheng went straight to her bed, she needed to calm down.

Shi Sheng suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. The car was dark, Shi Sheng could vaguely see Ye An who was sleeping two rows in front of her and Zhu Feng who was sitting behind the driver’s seat.

Jing Zhi was not here.

Shi Sheng got out of her bed and walked to Zhu Feng in a few steps.

Zhu Feng woke up when Shi Sheng approached him. He immediately sat up and looked at Shi Sheng, “What are you doing?”

Shi Sheng took a flashlight and shone it at Zhu Feng’s side.

Ye Ran’s small face was flushed, the meridians were clearly visible on her delicate skin.

Zhu Feng was shocked, he reached his hand out to touch Ye Ran and exclaimed, “So hot.”

The car door was opened and Jing Zhi appeared at the door. He was slightly relieved as soon as he saw Shi Sheng was fine, “What’s wrong?”

“She’s very hot.” Zhu Feng was like holding a hot sweet potato, “She’s ill. I didn’t see anyone awakening superpower in this way…”

To awaken superpower, one’s body usually became hot in the early stage. But in Ye Ran’s case, she was completely asleep in the early stage.

“Close the door.”

Jing Zhi got into the car and closed the door, “What happened?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Ran was still in good condition before Zhu Feng fell asleep. But in just a few minutes, her body was getting hot.

Shi Sheng was a little depressed. What happened to this child?

Shi Sheng quickly took something out and made a space in the car, “Stand by the side, don’t get in the way.”

Jing Zhi silently moved aside, looking at Shi Sheng who was drawing some strange patterns with red liquid on the ground.