Ye An was probably woken up by the noise, he rubbed his eyes and sat up. Noticing there were a few people surrounding his sister, he immediately jumped down his seat and went straight to Ye Ran.

“What’s wrong with my sister?”

“Don’t move her!” Shi Sheng yelled.

Ye An paused his hand and looked at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng did not raise her head but continued to draw the patterns that they could not understand.

The patterns were very complicated, it seemed to be Taoist runes. Eventually, she outlined a complete pattern on the ground.

After Shi Sheng finished drawing the patterns, she threw away the pen and ordered Zhu Feng, “Carry her over and put her in the middle.”

While speaking she had already opened the door and got down the car.

As if holding a fireball, Zhu Feng placed Ye Ran in the middle of the strange patterns.

Jing Zhi stood at the car door, looking at the petite figure who was putting some strange stones on the ground around the car and rushed back to the car.

Shi Sheng sighed, “Ye An, she may die, you must be prepared.”

Ye An stared at Shi Sheng blankly, “Miss?”

“I try my best.”

Zhu Feng and Jing Zhi did not understand what was going on, both of them looked at Shi Sheng in a daze.

Shi Sheng sat cross-legged beside Ye Ran. She did not expect the power of the fruit would be so great that it would turn this little baby to build foundation…

This is simply cheating.

Others have worked so hard but still cannot build a foundation, while this little kid is about to build a foundation after eating a fruit.

Since I am the one who gave her the fruit, I will try my best to save her.

But the chances of failure are still very high.

She’s too young.

“Take him out of here. No one can approach the car within ten meters.” Shi Sheng pointed at Ye An.

“Xi Xi?” Jing Zhi looked at Shi Sheng with some worry, he had no idea what his sister was doing.

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows, “I’m fine. How can I die as you haven’t promised me yet.”

Jing Zhi’s ears suddenly turned red.

Zhu Feng did not understand what they were talking about. He just looked at the two confusingly, What’s the situation now?

Jing Zhi stepped forward and hugged Shi Sheng, “Don’t push yourself.”

He believed her.

Shi Sheng tilted her head slightly, her cool lips happened to kiss on his cheek, Jing Zhi moved a step back, let go of her in panic and got down the car.

Zhu Feng did not see what Shi Sheng did just now, he was inexplicable that Jing Zhi got down the car in a sudden. Zhu Feng then pulled Ye An to get down the car.

“Miss, my sister…” Ye An was holding the car door, he was reluctant to leave and was about to cry.

“If you don’t leave, she might really die.” 

Ye An hesitated a while and let go of his hand after listening to her words.


The car was very quiet. Jing Zhi and the others stood outside the car, staring at the car with a solemn expression.

Ye An’s small body trembled slightly, his depressed cry seemed abrupt in the night.

Xia Shu, who was guarding the place, came to Zhu Feng, “Why don't you guys sleep but standing here like zombies?”

Standing here in the middle of the night, so scary!

Just as Zhu Feng wanted to answer him, the ground suddenly lit up.

The light intertwined on the ground and formed a magical circle on the recreational vehicle.

Xia Shu’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Spirit gathering formation.”

“What are you talking about?” Zhu Feng’s mind was full of astonishment and he could only see colourful light, but he still heard Xia Shu’s voice.

Xia Shu was only astonished for a moment, “Spirit gathering formation, it’s used to gather reiki. Inside is...Jing Xi?”

Zhu Feng did not understand at all, he could only answer Xia Shu’s question, “Jing Xi and Ye Ran.”

Xia Shu looked at the car thoughtfully.

The light became brighter and brighter. People from the other places noticed the light and looked over.

The light was like a beacon in the dark, it was dazzling.

“Go and wake them up.” Jing Zhi ordered Zhu Feng, “Don’t let the others approach here.”

Xia Shu responded quicker than Zhu Feng, he woke everyone up and arranged their position.


Han Yu heard the news from his subordinate and quickly rushed over. There were a lot of people surrounding the scene and discussing the white light.

Jing Zhi ordered someone to move a car to block the sight of these people, so no one knew what was actually shining.

Mu Xin rushed to the scene and approached Han Yu.

“Captain Han?”

Han Yu nodded slightly, “Miss Mu.”

Mu Xin had been here before, she knew Jing Zhi was inside. She was worried, “Captain Han, what’s going on here?”

“I don’t know.” Han Yu shook his head, “It was already like this when I arrived.”

Everyone just observed from far away when the light was faint. They approached the scene only when the light became brighter and brighter, but the place was already blocked.

Some people wanted to go and take a look, but someone with earth element superpower had cast an earthen wall around the place. In addition, there were people guarding the place all around.

No one knew what was going on inside, who dared to break in?

The sky, which was gloomy, was getting darker and darker at this time. The sky seemed to be pressed down and a cool breeze was blowing from nowhere.

The next second, the cool breeze turned into a violent wind and the mud was lifted up and smeared everyone’s faces.


There was a crash of thunder and the dim sky was full of purple light at this time. In the interlaced light, a bolt of lightning that was as thick as an arm struck through the sky and landed on the white light.

“Buzz..” The lightning seemed to hit on a barrier, dispersing like fireworks.


There was endless thunder from the sky, the whole earth seemed to be trembling and another lightning struck through the sky.

The crowd screamed and ran back.

The scene turned into chaos.

Han Yu ordered his subordinates to keep order. He stood in place to watch. The thunder and lightning seemed to have a clear target, they only struck on the white light, but there was no way to strike through it.

There were a total of nine claps of thunder and lightning. Then, thunderclouds dispersed and the wind stopped blowing. Except for the noise of the crowd, nothing seemed to have happened.

The white light slowly dimmed and the scene eventually turned into darkness.


Inside the car, Shi Sheng was looking at Ye Ran, who had awakened and was looking around with her watery eyes.

This kid is absolutely powerful.

She built a foundation and even caused nine claps of thunder.

“You’re so powerful!” Shi Sheng sighed and pinched her cheek, “How did you survive through this? So lucky!”

This sentence can be translated as one who survives a great disaster destined to good fortune forever after. Host, do you mean to say this?

“Babbling.” Ye Ran grasped Shi Sheng’s hand with her white, tender and soft little hand.

Shi Sheng held Ye Ran and stood up. Her body suddenly swayed as she was a little dizzy.

Fuck! The thunders make me dizzy.

She rested for a while and opened the door.

The people outside had been staring at the car door blankly. The moment the car door opened, everyone’s eyes focused on her.

Jing Zhi was stopped by Zhu Feng and Xia Shu, his posture was frozen in place.