“Sister.” Ye An ran to Shi Sheng first.

Shi Sheng passed Ye Ran to him, Ye An held Ye Ran carefully as if holding a gold ingot.

Jing Zhi got rid of the two and rushed to Shi Sheng, staring at her up and down for a moment.

“Xi Xi.”


Jing Zhi hugged her tightly, his voice was dull and hoarse, “Next time don’t do things that worry me.”

When the lightning struck down from the sky, he felt that his heart was smashed into pieces.

“Do you like me?”

Shi Sheng could feel Jing Zhi froze for a while. Then, he said, “I like you, like how a brother likes his sister.”

Feng Ci doesn’t love me anymore!

Break up!

[Author Note: Host is making trouble again.]

“Xia Shu, don’t you think the relationship between Young Master Jing and Jing Xi is strange?” Zhu Feng asked Xia Shu in a low voice.

Xia Shu glanced at him, “I thought your focus was on the thunder tribulation.”

What is thunder tribulation? Can it be eaten? “Don’t you think Young Master Jing is too worried about Jing Xi?”

“They are siblings.”

“But I don’t think it’s the worry of a brother towards his sister.” Zhu Feng scratched his head to think of an adjective for a long time, but he indeed was not literary at all, “Did you see it just now? If it weren’t for us to stop him, he would definitely rush into the car.”

“You said before that Young Master Jing cares about Jing Xi very much.”

Yes, he cares about Jing Xi very much. But...how come I still feel something is wrong?

It must be because Jing Xi is weird.

Zhu Feng scratched his head, How can I make Young Master Jing believe that she is not the original Jing Xi?

“Young Master Jing must have felt that.” Xia Shu seemed to know what Zhu Feng was thinking.

Zhu Feng glared at him, Which side do you actually stand?

Xia Shu looked at him with a serious expression of ‘I’m telling the truth, it’s useless to glare at me’.


Jing Zhi went to settle the mess outside.

Shi Sheng picked up the spirit stones that she put around the car just now. They were non-disposable and can be reused many times.

By the time she wanted to pick up the last spirit stone, someone took the lead to pick it up from the ground.

Shi Sheng raised her head slightly, Xia Shu pinched the stone and looked at her, “Are you a cultivator?”

It was not an interrogative sentence, but a declarative sentence. He was stating a fact.

“No.” Shi Sheng snatched the spirit stone back. I don’t need psychic power to confirm Feng Ci, then why should I become a cultivator? Something’s wrong with you!

Xia Shu obviously did not believe her, “Then how come you know spirit gathering formation?”

“I learn it by myself.” Shi Sheng put the spirit stones back into a box, “I’m a genius, understand?”

I suddenly realize how come Zhu Feng would give such a speechless look to me.

He looked at the colourful spirit stones in Shi Sheng’s box, his eyes flashed but he did not continue to question her.

Shi Sheng blinked as she looked at Xia Shu who left.

How does he know about the cultivator?

Perhaps there are cultivators in this world and their achievements are not low. Otherwise, the reiki of this world will not be so abundant.

Although the reiki of this world is comparatively lower than the ancient worlds, it’s already considered high compared to those barren modern worlds.

Shi Sheng packed up the things and checked carefully. After confirming there were no any omissions, only then she headed to the crowd.

The car that blocked the way just now had been removed, but the earth wall was still there. Shi Sheng passed by the wall and those people looked at her with extremely strange eyes. There was not much malicious in their eyes, but just curious and inquiring.

“We don’t know. “ Jing Zhi looked indifferent, “Captain Han, I can only tell you that much.”

Han Yu knew that Jing Zhi was answering perfunctorily. But according to his subordinates, this guy was very powerful and should not be enmity.

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Han Yu nodded slightly and left.

Mu Xin hesitated for a moment, stepped forward and asked, “Senior Jing Zhi, did you hurt last time?”

“Who are you?”

Although it was all under her prediction, she was still hurt. He has totally forgotten me.

“Miss Mu?” Someone called her behind.

Mu Xin quickly answered, “Senior Jing Zhi, I’m Mu Xin. We were in the same school back then.”

She then caught up with Han Yu’s team and left.

After running for a distance, she turned around and saw Jing Zhi was combing the hair of a girl.

Jing Xi…

She’s here too.

Women’s instincts were often accurate. She could sense that Jing Zhi liked Jing Xi and it was not the affection between siblings.

But how can such a relationship exist?

Mu Xin glanced at them for the last time and returned to her camp.


Han Yu returned to the command vehicle and rubbed between his eyebrows.

“Captain, he must know something.” Someone said angrily.

“He’s Jing Zhi,” Han Yu answered inexplicably.

The others were puzzled, What’s going on with Jing Zhi?

“The capital base…” Han Yu paused, “The grandson of Old Master Jing.”

The group of people kept silent.

It took a while before someone spoke, “Old Master Jing...I thought he doesn’t have any descendants?”

Han Yu kept rubbing between his eyebrows, “Old Master Jing has a son, but his son was a businessman so he seldom mentions about him, that’s why you don’t know.”

Han Yu knew about this from his father.


The next day, many people were still discussing what happened last night.

But the parties did not tell the truth, they could only guess in private.

Survival was difficult, they will soon forget about this.

The team set out. Those who left Jing Zhi’s team chose not to follow the army, but followed at the back of the team.

By doing so, they did not have to hand in their resources but were still following the army.

The people in the army naturally had no opinions about this matter. If the zombies came from behind, they were the first who were eaten by the zombies.

On the other hand, the people in Jing Zhi’s team found that the atmosphere between Jing Zhi and Shi Sheng was strange, they dared not to talk casually.

Shi Sheng was quite depressed. Although Jing Zhi was still gentle when talking to her, he had obviously begun to distance himself from her.

[Hidden Task: To live in seclusion.] The sound of the system suddenly popped out, [Target: Jing Zhi.]

The hidden task is finally released! Fuck, you’ve been buffering for a long time!

And what task is this?

To live in seclusion? Why don’t you ask me to be a caveman? Fuck!

[The delay is due to your insufficient authority and you can’t change and view the task.]

After leaving such a sentence, the system immediately went offline. Obviously, the system was afraid of Shi Sheng.

I’m now going to take the courage and wait for the Master to save me. I firmly believe that my master is the most powerful.

Host, don’t be arrogant. I will make you cry next time.