Jing Zhi had been observing Shi Sheng and noticed she was not feeling well. Just as Jing Zhi was hesitating whether to approach her, Ye An had already come to Shi Sheng together with Ye Ran.

Jing Zhi could only give up and looked at Shi Sheng who was holding Ye Ran in her arms and played with her. 

The scenes of Shi Sheng’s marriage and raising children flashed across Jing Zhi’s mind, his face darkened, he cannot accept. He could not help to destroy the world whenever he thought of the scene where Shi Sheng was hugging another man.

But the next second, he was taken aback by such a thought and looked away in a panic.

We’re siblings.

How could I have such an absurd thought?

Mom and dad’s will is for me to take good care of her.

Jing Zhi, how can you have such a dirty thought?

He took a deep breath and forced himself to look at the scenery outside the window that was slowly moving backwards.


Jing Zhi deliberately avoided Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng did nothing to him as there were many people here.

Zhu Feng thought that Young Master Jing had finally listened to him and cast doubt upon Shi Sheng.

But Xia Shu gave him a ‘you would never understand’ look.

“Why is the weather getting hotter and hotter recently?” Zhu Feng was fanning himself, “I’m almost roasted. Xia Shu, don’t you feel hot?”

When Zhu Feng turned his head and saw Xia Shu who was still wearing a jacket, his eyes widened. I wish I could run naked now, how can this guy still be wearing a jacket?

He turned to look at Jing Zhi, he was in a clean white shirt with his sleeves slightly pulled up to his arms, revealing a valuable watch on hand.

However, neither of them showed any signs of sweating, which was simply unscientific.

“Keep calm and you won’t feel hot.”

Zhu Feng glared at Xia Shu, “It’s so hot, how can I be calm?”

Xia Shu slowly pointed to Shi Sheng.

Zhu Feng looked over and suddenly choked.

Shi Sheng crossed her hands and her feet were put on the stool next to her. Her eyes were slightly closed, Zhu Feng had no idea if she was asleep but it was obvious that she did not feel hot.

She can even sleep in such hot weather!

“Why are you staring at me?”

A voice suddenly rang and Zhu Feng replied, “Don’t you feel hot?”

“Hot.” Shi Sheng put her legs down and sat up slightly. The air is sultry, how can one not feel hot?

“Then why don’t you sweat at all?” Zhu Feng was surprised.

“Why must I sweat?”

“Don’t you feel hot?” How can one feels hot but doesn’t sweat?

“So one must sweat when it’s hot?” asked Shi Sheng.

Isn’t this common sense?

Xia Shu glanced at Shi Sheng and added, “Perhaps some people have a special constitution.”

Zhu Feng kept quiet. He did not want to speak either, he just wanted to find an ice cellar to cool off.

“It’s really getting hotter these days.” Xia Shu looked at the faintly visible heatwave outside.

The earth was dry and cracked like a spider web.

“...Everything will be fine soon.” Zhu Feng was a bit down. The team that has people with water elements can get through this, but what happens to those without such power?

Everyone is lacking water supply nowadays. Such hot weather, those who dead…

“Cold winter is coming after this,” said Shi Sheng leisurely.

It was all from the plot. After the cold winter, there were earthquakes and tsunamis, followed by all kinds of natural disasters. In the end, ninety-nine percent of those who survived were powerful and courageous people.

Xia Shu looked at Shi Sheng.

“How do you know?” Zhu Feng almost believed that this person was not Jing Xi, so he was straightforward.

Shi Sheng smiled, “Because I’m pretty.”


“Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi called her.

Shi Sheng curled her lips up, “Have you ever read the doomsday novels? These are the routine.”

Who wants to read those novels? Can the stories be trusted? Isn’t they are all made up by people?

Shi Sheng gave him an ‘are you idiot?’ look.

“Humph!” Zhu Feng looked away.

The car was silent for a while. Zhu Feng drove the car quietly while Xia Shu stared at Shi Sheng thoughtfully as if he could get an answer from her.

Shi Sheng had long been immune to others’ views, so she got up to find Jing Zhi.

Jing Zhi frowned, he changed his seat to the back and the front seat happened to block him.

Shi Sheng reached out and hooked his fingers. As soon as she touched his fingers, Jing Zhi immediately moved his hand away and warned, “Xi Xi.”

Then, Shi Sheng held his hand and shook it with big movement, her strength was great. Although Jing Zhi could get rid of her hand, this would attract the attention of the two in front.

In the end, he could do nothing.

But afterwards, Jing Zhi thought about this again. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t want to stop her from holding me.

Shi Sheng gripped his hand with her fingers.

Jing Zhi looked at her hand, he slightly lost. Her skin was a bit dry and not as smooth as before, but it was still so comfortable when she put her hand on his palm.

Shi Sheng smiled at him and rubbed her fingers on the back of his hand. The hot weather seemed to be even more sultry and his body felt like a fire.

Jing Zhi slightly moved his adam's apple and looked away from Shi Sheng.

He needed to calm down.


Many people in the team had died due to the hot weather and a lack of people with water elements. The whole team was in despair.

Jing Zhi’s team was not affected as they only had a small number of people and there was another person who had the water element in addition to Zhu Feng.

Jing Zhi had always been giving his people with water elements and strong power the privileges to use the zombie crystal nucleus, which can enhance their powers. So the team had never been short of water and there was even extra water for Shi Sheng and Ye Ran to take a bath.

Shi Sheng was the only girl in the team and Ye Ran was a baby. Besides, due to the strange scenario last time, many of them had been guessing Shi Sheng possessed some special powers. So they had no opinion as they had enough water supply anyway.


Mu Xin stood outside and waved at Jing Zhi, her face was blushed.

Jing Zhi raised his head and glanced at her with his eyes indifferent. With just a glance, he lowered his gaze.

“Brother, she seems to be calling you.” Ye An sat next to Jing Zhi, reminding him carefully.

Jing Zhi put the milk bottle that filled with milk powder into Ye Ran’s mouth, without a change in expression.

Ye An became anxious again.

This brother is terrible.

He held Ye Ran and ran up the car.

Am I that terrible?

Mu Xin was here to borrow people with water elements on behalf of the military.

There were too many people in her team but the water that they had was not enough.

They offered very good terms and they were even willing to provide weapons.

Of course, Jing Zhi refused without even thinking about it. What does the life and death of others have to do with me?

As for the rest of the team, most of them had gone through some bad things, they certainly had no kindness.