Mu Xin failed to borrow people and returned, it was under Han Yu’s expectation. He went to ask for it again but the result was still the same.

“What about I go and ask again?” Mu Xin suggested.

Jing Zhi’s team had two people with water elements. If they can borrow one, their water shortage problem can be greatly alleviated.

But from their conversations with Jing Zhi just now, Han Yu knew that the guy will not compromise anyhow.

“It’s useless.” Han Yu shook his head.

“I heard that he cares about his sister very much, perhaps we can talk to his sister?” someone interrupted.

Han Yu did not meet Shi Sheng in the team before, so he did not know that Jing Zhi’s sister was the one who refused to give him the milk powder. He thought about it for a moment and agreed.

Girl always have more compassion.

Mu Xin was very resistant to Shi Sheng. But she had no choice but to negotiate with Shi Sheng as she was a girl.

Mu Xin approached Jing Zhi’s team during the interval of rest. Looking at Shi Sheng who was standing alone under the share of a tree, she took a deep breath and walked over.

“Jing Xi.”

Shi Sheng looked over, she blinked.

Gosh, the female lead come to me.

Shi Sheng stared at her and kept quiet. Mu Xin was uncomfortable, she broke the silence first, “Jing Xi, you might have heard about our situation. We’re facing the problem of water shortage, can you talk to senior to lend us one person that has the water element?”

Shi Sheng heard about this from the people in the team.

The female lead even come to me right now?

Trouble comes again.

“They are so precious as pandas now, who dares to lend?” Shi Sheng looked at Mu Xin with a smile.

People that have water elements are so important nowadays, the result of lending them may cause our team a shortage of water.

“But your team has two people with water elements.” Mu Xin looked serious, “It’s alright to lend us one.”

One is enough.

“Do you think they are objects that you can borrow anytime if you want?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

“The natural disaster is at stake, everyone should be united.” Mu Xin was raised by Father Mu since young, she more or less inherited his character.

Otherwise, she would not endure those people such as Aunt Li who kept taking her advantages.

Shi Sheng replied, “Hmm.”

The indifferent attitude of Shi Sheng made Mu Xin a little depressed. Although she could not understand Shi Sheng’s behaviour, she was still different from the others.

“Jing Xi, you just have to talk to senior. He will definitely listen to what you say…” Mu Xin’s voice gradually faded.

“Why should I talk to him?” I’m not relatives with those people, why should I help them? Now that everyone could hardly survive, why should I help others?

The result of helping others is to put the people around you in danger?

Mu Xin’s eyes widened, “Jing Xi, why are you so selfish!”

“Yeah, I’m selfish. What can you do?” Shi Sheng glanced at Mu Xin calmly, “Everyone is selfish. Do you dare to say that you have no selfishness in helping the military?”

Mu Xin helped Han Yu as she thought of cooperating with the military after they arrived at Yao Guang Base, so that her safety would be guaranteed.

In general, selfish people will find a good-sounding reason for themselves and put the fault to others.

But Shi Sheng was not, she dared to admit that she was selfish.

Mu Xin kept silent. She did have selfish intentions, but she also really had the intention to help others.

Now, Mu Xin was even more resistant to Shi Sheng.She’s too cold-blooded, how come senior protect her so much?

Mu Xin left in anger.

Shi Sheng returned to the recreational vehicle. There was only Jing Zhi in the car, everyone else was outside.

Jing Zhi dared not stay alone in the car with Shi Sheng, he got up and wanted to leave but Shi Sheng had closed the door.

Shi Sheng walked over with a smile, holding on to the seats on both sides and trapped Jing Zhi in the innermost seat.

“Xi Xi?” Jing Zhi had some difficulty breathing, he leaned against the wall of the car and felt a bit hot.

“Are you so afraid of me?” Shi Sheng leaned closer towards Jing Zhi.

“No.” Jing Zhi leaned against the wall of the car as close as possible, so as to distance himself from Shi Sheng.

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

“Xi Xi…”

His words were stopped as Shi Sheng kissed on his lips. Jing Zhi widened his eyes and he froze as a sculpture. Her breath spread from his mouth to his heart and limbs…

Her tongue pried open his lips and teeth and put into his mouth.

The kiss took the strength out of his body. His heart was beating rapidly and his cheeks were very hot. His mind was totally blank and let her kiss.

She’s kissing me. It took Jing Zhi a long time to respond.

“Young Master Jing…”

Someone opened the car door and the door was immediately closed with a ‘bang’ the next second.

Jing Zhi responded this time. He pushed Shi Sheng away and his eyes were sharp, “Xi Xi, are you crazy?”

How can she kiss me?

“Yes, I am.” Shi Sheng sat down and leaned towards him, “But don’t you have some feelings just now?”

Jing Zhi was embarrassed, he leaned his body backwards and emphasized, “Xi Xi, we are brother and sister.”

“Hmm.” Where do we look alike?

“It’s the end times, who knows?”

Jing Zhi was startled by Shi Sheng’s words. A voice suddenly popped out of his head, saying that, Yes, she’s right. It’s the end times, no one knows that they are siblings.

Jing Zhi bit his tongue, the pain made him give up on those unrealistic thoughts.

“Xi Xi, we….cannot come together.”

He took a deep breath and said, “You’re still young, you don’t know what love is. In future, when you meet that person, you will realize that your love to me is because of family affection. Xi Xi...I hope you can think about it.”

When Jing Zhi wanted to leave, Shi Sheng stopped him, “I’ve thought about it. You’re clear that we are not brother and sister.”

Jing Zhi was forced to the wall of the car again by Shi Sheng, he kept silent.

“You like me, don’t you?” Shi Sheng pressed on his shoulders, “Jing Zhi, morals are not important anymore during the end times. If you like me, we can come together.”

“....Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi spoke in difficulty, “Even if...even if we’re not siblings, others will not understand. They will look at you strangely.”

He did not want her to be commented on by people.

Although they were in the end times, they still have relatives.

“So...Xi Xi, we can’t come together. I will always be your brother.” He will never marry for life, even if she married and had children.

Jing Zhi suddenly became sad, as if someone was pressing his heart, dull and out of breath.