Shi Sheng was a little frustrated. Feng Ci is thinking too much about her. Such a personality, it would be really difficult for him to accept me.

How to do! How to do!

Sleep with him?

Would he commit suicide after that?

It’s possible.

“Xi Xi, you will always be my favourite person.” Jing Zhi reached out to hug Shi Sheng and warned himself in mind, This is the last time.

“But you refuse to come together with me.” Shi Sheng’s voice was dull, “Do you really love me?”

Jing Zhi’s heart was a little pain and his breathing was slightly messy, but her next sentence made Jing Zhi speechless.

“Anyway, I won’t give up. If you don’t agree, I will put you on drugs.”


Zhu Feng stood outside the car with a weird face, he did not notice Xia Shu coming over.

Xia Shu pushed him a few times only then Zhu Feng responded.

“You’d have died if zombies come.” Xia Shu mocked.

“...Xia Shu, just now I…” Zhu Feng swallowed twice, “I saw…”

“What did you see?”

Zhu Feng glanced at Xia Shu, pulled him aside, leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I saw Young Master Jing and Jing Xi kissing.”

Xia Shu moved aside uncomfortably, “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Zhu Feng suddenly raised his voice. Then, he immediately realized that he was too loud and lowered his voice, “I’m sure.”

Xia Shu looked at him in silence.

Zhu Feng thought Xia Shu did not believe it, “I really saw it. What’s going on with Young Master Jing and Jing Xi?”

This is incestuous.

“Forget about this.” Xia Shu turned to leave.

“Xia Shu, how can you talk like this? Young Master Jing…”

As soon as Zhu Feng caught up with Xia Shu, the door of the recreational vehicle was opened. Jing Zhi appeared at the door with a reddish face. Hearing Zhu Feng’s voice, he involuntarily looked over and then waved at him calmly.

Damn, he must be knowing that I saw it just now.

Xia Shu gave Zhu Feng an ‘all the best’ look and left happily.

Zhu Feng slowly approached Jing Zhi and thought, Will he kills me?


The weather was getting hotter and hotter, their high water consumption was no longer supported by those with water elements.

Although they had tried to send everyone in the team water, it was basically useless in such hot weather.

This was not the only dilemma. As the weather was hot, many vehicles were broken or out of gas. These people can only abandon their vehicles and walk with the team, which increased their water consumption and mortality greatly.

Someone heard that Jing Zhi’s team had two people with water elements and everyone flocked to Jing Zhi’s team and surrounded them.

“Why are you so selfish? Give us water, give us water!”

“Please, give us water.”

These people were so aggressive that they leaned on their car windows and kept smacking the glass while cursing.

“Miss…” Ye An hugged Ye Ran tightly and sat next to Shi Sheng. He could see the despair and distortion in their eyes through the glass.

This was the world he knew. No matter where he went, he saw such a scene.

Shi Sheng patted on Ye An’s head, he suddenly felt relieved.

“These people are crazy, we can’t move at all.”

They had a total of three vehicles and were all surrounded by these people.

There were a lot of people on the team. Half of those who did not get the water surrounded the military and half of them were surrounding them. The whole team was in chaos.

They were stuck in the car, neither getting out nor moving the car.

“These people are crazy.” Zhu Feng grabbed his hair and looked at someone who had picked up an axe from nowhere and hit it on their car window.

Zhu Feng quickly jumped away from his seat, but his arm was still scratched by the broken glass.


The car window was smashed open. The people outside as if demons in hell, they put their hands in and kept scratching.

“Give me water, give me water!”

“Water, water, give me water!”

“My child is dying, give me some water!”

Countless sound mixed together and circulated in the car like 3D surround sound.

Zhu Feng dared not to approach the window, but someone already began to climb into the car.

Just as Zhu Feng had no idea what to do, a black shadow suddenly appeared beside him, kicking that person.

With a talisman in her hand, Shi Sheng looked at those distorted faces coldly, “Take off your hand.”

Her voice was not loud, but everyone could hear it.

Her words seemed to have enraged them, they became more aggressive.

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes and placed the talisman on the wall of the car with a snap.

Those people immediately bounced off by an invisible force, fell down and groaned in pain. The car stopped shaking.

Shi Sheng got down the car.

“Hey!” Zhu Feng exclaimed. They are crazy!

People who lost their minds were terrible. The two cars behind were still surrounded by people. Some people had already climbed to the top of the car and wanted to open the door from above with their superpowers.

Shi Sheng unsheathed her iron sword and rushed over. They were crazy because they were afraid of death. But when they met someone that was crazier, they dared not to speak.

Before Shi Sheng waved her iron sword over, those people had already compromised.

Some people with superpowers tried to resist, but their power was totally incompatible with the iron sword.

Shi Sheng settled the people around the second car, scowled and asked the people inside the car, “Where are Jing Zhi and Ye An?”

Those people had not recovered from the shock, they subconsciously pointed to the car behind.

Shi Sheng put another talisman on their car and went to the third car.

The people in the third car were shocked as they saw Shi Sheng approaching their car domineeringly.

Young Master Jing’s sister is so powerful?

We dare not to get out of the car but she can kill so many people by herself.

There were even more people surrounding the third car. Probably because they had seen what Shi Sheng did just now and they had no idea if those people were alive or dead, so they were a little scared.

When Shi Sheng raised her sword, they immediately lowered their heads and scattered.

“Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi dragged Shi Sheng into the car and reprimanded with an ugly face, “Why are you here?”

Since that day, Jing Zhi had not been in the same car as Shi Sheng. He did not expect to encounter such an incident today. Before he could come to her, she was already here.

“To rescue you.” Shi Sheng put a talisman on the third car, “Aren't you supposed to marry me?”

There were other people in the car and Shi Sheng spoke this, there was a strange silence in the car.

Should a sister say this to her brother?

They said that Young Master Jing and Jing Xi’s atmosphere is weird…

Jing Zhi did not know what to say and the atmosphere became even more dull and awkward.

“Miss...there are...zombies coming.”