There was a village nearby, the noises over here attracted the zombies.

“How far are they?” Shi Sheng’s tone was calm as if it was just a trivial matter.

The air that was stagnant began to flow in the car.

“Very close...”

It was obviously unrealistic to expect a child who was still in elementary school to measure the distance visually. Ye An can only answer this.

However, everyone soon discovered that the zombies were indeed close.

Right after Ye An finished the words, the figure of the zombies could be seen in the distance. They were no longer the zombies who were clumsy and slow.

Their speed was very fast like a normal man. In just a blink of an eye, a zombie had reached the team, caught a person and bit.


“Zombies, zombies are here!”

“Run! The zombies are here! The zombies are here! Help….help…”

The zombies came in a swarm. All the cars were surrounded by zombies, except for the three cars of Jing Zhi’s team. The zombies were bounced off whenever they approached the three cars.

The crowd was amazed and looked at the talisman that Shi Sheng placed on the car.

This talisman can not only resist the people but also the zombies?


Shi Sheng put her head on Jing Zhi’s shoulder, “Brother, I’m such a powerful girl. Shouldn’t you think about it again?”

Jing Zhi could feel her breath and his ears were very hot, he warned sternly, “Xi Xi, don’t talk nonsense.”

Shi Sheng curled her lips up and patted the person in front of her, “Set off now. Are you waiting for the zombies to eat us?”

“What? Ohhhhh!” The guy quickly started the car engine. Fortunately, they were at the back of the team. The guy honked frantically while he was reversing the car, the other two vehicles in front noticed and followed.

Shi Sheng leaned on the seat, she was relaxed as if they were not in the doomsday. The others in the car dared not to make any noise as the aura of Shi Sheng was much more than that of Jing Zhi.

They’re indeed siblings.

There were zombies blocking their way, the driver was nervous and dared not to increase the speed. After confirming the zombies cannot get close to the cars, they slowly relieved themselves.

After driving a long distance, they found a group of people following behind, including the military, some ordinary people and people with superpowers.

But the ordinary people were those who had better strength and had used to kill zombies.

Shi Sheng put her head outside the window to take a look. Immediately, she saw the most conspicuous people on the team.

Han Yu was carrying a woman on his back and a child tied up in front of him. Mu Xin was protecting Father Mu and both of them were surrounded by a few soldiers.

The zombies were chasing after them. One of the zombies was probably a second-level zombie, it ran very fast.

It spotted Uncle Li who was holding a baby and scratched its sharp claws towards Uncle Li. Aunt Li, who was next to him, suddenly pushed one of the soldiers who escorted them to the zombie. The zombie immediately scratched on the soldier.

Everyone was busy escaping for their lives, no one noticed that.

Except for Shi Sheng, who was looking at them through the car window.

Why does the female lead allow her to stay with her for so long? With my violent temper, I would have killed her.

A lady who makes everyone into trouble.

“How come the bridge in front has broken?” The driver exclaimed and slowed down the car.

“Wasn't the bridge in good condition when we came?”

Everyone in the car stretched their heads out and looked at the bridge. The middle of the bridge was gone and there was a dark river below.

“Young Master Jing?” What should we do now?

“Get down the car.” Jing Zhi was decisive, “Go into the mountain.” 

Someone got down the car immediately. He opened the door next to him and carried Ye An on his back, while another guy held Ye Ran.

Those who were in the cars behind noticed this, they got down their cars and ran over.

“Young Master Jing?”

“The bridge in front has broken, Jing Shao let us go into the mountain.” Someone answered.

They immediately returned to their cars to take their necessities. Xia Shu put the recreational vehicle into space and abandoned the other two cars.

However, someone tore off the two talismans that Shi Sheng placed on the cars.

The zombies that were chasing after them gradually approached. Screaming could be heard from time to time in the sultry space.

Jing Zhi had no time to care about the others, he held Shi Sheng’s hand, “Run!”

The group of people ran up to a nearby mountain. Han Yu had no idea why they abandoned the cars at first. When he found that the bridge was broken, he could only follow them into the mountain.

The mountain road was very steep. There were only two people in Jing Zhi’s team who had no superpowers, but both were well-trained, so their team could get through the mountain easily.

But it was very difficult for those at the back. They were originally hungry and thirsty, climbing up the mountain was something that they simply could not bear.

They climbed across the mountain and reached a small village opposite the mountain. There were only a hundred people left in the team of a few hundred people just now.

The zombies in the village had been cleaned up by others, there were traces of a bonfire on the ground, perhaps someone was here before.

Jing Zhi’s team was the first who reached the village, they naturally occupied the best house in the village.

Shi Sheng placed the talismans around the house. Xia Shu followed behind, he frowned. How can she place the talismans so casually…

“Why are you following me?” Shi Sheng looked at Xia Shu in confusion. She noticed he was staring at the talisman in her hand, she blinked, “You want to paste this? Here you go, place one sheet for every ten meters and make it a circle.”

Shi Sheng passed the talismans to Xia Shu.

She’s really random.

Xia Shu’s family had cultivated for generations, but by his generation, it had been neglected. Xia Shu only knew something about cultivation.

He flipped through the talismans in his hand for a moment, the drawing of the talismans was completely incomprehensible.


Shi Sheng stood in the courtyard, looking at a group of people who were panting while running down the mountain. Perhaps they saw Shi Sheng was not far away when they entered the village, many of them laid on the ground in exhaustion.

Han Yu’s forehead was full of sweats. He put his wife down and his wife wiped the sweat from his forehead gently.

“Xi Xi, drink some water.” Jing Zhi handed a bottle of mineral water to Shi Sheng. “Aren’t you tired? Would you like to sleep for a while?”

“Are you going to sleep with me?”

“Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi looked at her seriously, “Don’t talk nonsense next time.”

They were all in chaos just now, those people had no time to think about Shi Sheng’s words. Perhaps when they thought about it later….

Shi Sheng unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip, “What I said is the truth. I like you, why can’t I speak it out?”

“Brother, why are you blushing?” Shi Sheng suddenly approached Jing Zhi, reaching out to pinch his ears.

Jing Zhi took a step back. He stared at Shi Sheng for a while, turned around in a panic and entered the next room.

Shi Sheng smiled.

The leaves shook and rustled. The space became quiet after a few seconds.