Shi Sheng stayed in the courtyard for a moment and returned to her room. 

Everyone in the team had been worried all day, they rested after dinner.

Shi Sheng was awakened by a scream during midnight. She immediately sat up, the room was dark, Shi Sheng blinked. She took some time to find Ye An and Ye Ran, who were sleeping on a mattress beside her.

Ye Ran was waving her hands and feet, her eyes were big.

Since Ye Ran successfully built her foundation, she had not cried once and her sleeping time had been greatly reduced.

Shi Sheng rubbed her eyes, got down her bed and rubbed Ye Ran’s head twice, Ye Ran grabbed her hand and giggled.

Ye An rolled over and hugged Ye Ran in arms.

Ye Ran changed to grab Ye An’s hand.

Shi Sheng opened the door and went out. It was very bright in the distance and several figures stood in the courtyard and looked in one direction.

There was a loud noise over there, the screams just now probably came from there.

Shi Sheng yawned and walked over, “What’s the matter?”

Jing Zhi felt uncomfortable when he heard Shi Sheng’s voice, as if countless ants were biting on his body.

“Someone has turned into zombies and bitten people,” answered Xia Shu.

“Isn’t this a normal phenomenon?” Someone who was scratched by the zombies was afraid of being abandoned by their companions and chose to hide it. In the end, those people around him turned into zombies.

“Abnormal.” Xia Shu paused for a moment, “The person who was bitten by zombies has immediately become a zombie, and bit several people. That’s the case.”

Usually, those who are bitten by zombies won’t turn into a zombie immediately, but after twenty-four hours.

“Is there any difference on their look?

Xia Shu shook his head, “It’s too far to see clearly.”

Zhu Feng immediately took the conversation, “Is it zombie evolution?”

“No. The time will be shortened only when the fourth-level zombies appear,” said Shi Sheng.

These were all from the plot.

“How do you know?” Zhu Feng questioned.

“I guess it.” Shi Sheng answered casually.

But you’re so firm as if you’ve experienced it.

“Since it’s not a zombie evolution, why would this happen?” Xia Shu subconsciously looked at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng’s complexion was fine, Xia Shu could not find anything abnormal.

“How do I know.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

I’m not google, where there is an answer in a search.

Xia Shu was choked.

Poor temper, weird personality, sharp-tongued, defiant, like Jing Zhi. This is the label Xia Shu put on Shi Sheng at this time.

Shi Sheng approached Jing Zhi, she reached out and hooked his hand. The attention of the others was on the noisy crowd in the distance and it was dark here, so no one noticed.

Jing Zhi pulled his hand out and warned her with a glare, but when he looked at Shi Sheng’s eyes, his heart softened.

Shi Sheng held his hand again. This time, Jing Zhi didn’t take his hand away, letting her pinch and touch his hand.

Then, Jing Zhi felt hot.

Jing Zhi tightened his hands and forbade her to move.

They stood in the courtyard for a while. It seemed that the people over there had settled the case and the noise gradually faded.

“Let’s go to bed. We’ll check this out tomorrow.”

It’s useless to stand here anyway.

As soon as Jing Zhi gave the order, the few people immediately returned to their rooms.

Zhu Feng was dragged into the room by Xia Shu. Soon, only Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi remained in the courtyard.

“I’m sleeping with you tonight.” Shi Sheng suddenly said before Jing Zhi could refuse, “I think there’s something here.”

“What?” Jing Zhi’s attention immediately shifted to her last sentence.

Shi Sheng shook her head, “I don’t know. But it’s very uncomfortable, like something is staring at us.”

She felt it in the afternoon, but it was only an instant. But she was sure that something was nearby due to the incident that happened just now.

Jing Zhi looked around. Except for the group of people, everything else was dark. The mountains in the distance showed only a faint outline, as if a beast dormant in the darkness.

But he did not feel anything strange.

After a long time, Jing Zhi spoke, “I guard outside your room.”

“No!” Shi Sheng refused, “I’m worried.”

The incident that happened in the last world, I didn’t want it to happen again.

Shi Sheng dragged Jing Zhi into her room, “We’ve slept together before and even showered together when we were young, what are you afraid of?” Although it was the real Jing Zhi and Jing Xi were showering.

“Xi Xi!” We’re still young at that time, how could you compare with nowadays?

Jing Zhi refused to enter the room, he was pulling the door, “I’ll be guarding you outside.”

Shi Sheng reached out to pull off his fingers and pushed him into the room with great strength. The room was not big, Shi Sheng pushed him directly onto the bed.

Jing Zhi swallowed, “Xi…”

Shi Sheng approached him and said ambiguously beside his ear, “Ye An is still here, what do you think I will do to you?”

Jing Zhi only then remembered that she was in the same room with Ye An.

He had no idea whether he was relieved or disappointed.

Shi Sheng walked to Ye An’s side. Ye Ran was probably tired, she was asleep but she was still holding a finger of Ye An in her hand.

Shi Sheng moved Ye An to another side so as not to squeeze Ye Ran off the mattress when he turned over.

After that, Shi Sheng returned to her bed.

“You sleep on that side.” Shi Sheng pushed Jing Zhi to the other side of the bed.

Jing Zhi had no choice but to follow Shi Sheng’s order obediently.

He almost stuck against the wall, leaving a wide space for Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng rolled to Jing Zhi’s side, she put her head onto his arm, wrapping her hand around his waist.

“Xi Xi…” Jing Zhi was short of breath, he froze, “I...I’m very hot. Can’t you sleep to that side?”

“I’m not hot.”

But I’m hot! Very hot!

Her delicate body was close to him. His whole body seemed to be burning, he had an erection and it was swelling unbearably.

Jing Zhi tried to move his body backwards to prevent him from touching Shi Sheng, but he had no space anymore and Shi Sheng was hugging him.

His mouth parched, his breath that was heavy could easily be heard in such quiet space.

A soft lips suddenly covered his lips. Jing Zhi subconsciously clasped Shi Sheng and kissed her.

He rolled over to press Shi Sheng under him. His breath was hot and fast. He touched her and awkwardly reached into her clothes, the softness under his palms made Jing Zhi almost unable to think.

I want her.

I’ve never ever have such feelings.

“Xi Xi…” His kiss slowly moved down to her neck, collarbone and chest.

Shi Sheng groaned slightly, the voice was very small.

Jing Zhi froze and he suddenly turned over to stick against the wall.

A few seconds later, he turned to Shi Sheng again to tidy up her clothes.

Then, he stuck against the wall.

Jing Zhi could not help to slap himself to death. What was I doing just now?