Shi Sheng was speechless on Jing Zhi’s response. How come it seems that I am raping him?

Even though I want to!

Well, it’s better not to tell him about such a dirty thought and it’s not convenient to talk about this here.

Shi Sheng rested for a while and grabbed Jing Zhi over.

“Xi Xi…” Jing Zhi’s voice was a little aggrieved.

He was uncomfortable, physically and mentally.

He almost did that kind of thing to Xi Xi. He dared not to think back at all what was in his mind just now.

“...You’re such a big man, why does it seem that I’m assaulting you?” Shi Sheng was speechless.

I can’t play anymore!

“Xi Xi.” Jing Zhi was even more aggrieved, “I’m sorry.”

He tried his best to stick to the wall, he even wished to merge with the wall. But Shi Sheng was grabbing him, he could only try his best to lean backwards.

“Come over.” Shi Sheng pulled him.

Jing Zhi dared not to move over, he was afraid that he could not help to…

Well, you don’t come over, then I’ll go to you!

Shi Sheng rolled to Jing Zhi’s side. Now, Jing Zhi did not even have a place to move.

“Sleep.” Shi Sheng found a comfortable position in Jing Zhi’s arm, she closed her eyes and stopped talking.

Jing Zhi did not know whether to or not to hug her. He struggled for a while and eventually hugged Shi Sheng.

He was a little giving up. Anyway, I’ve kissed her.

This was probably the night where Jing Zhi slept the least. As soon as the day broke, he carefully let go of Shi Sheng and sat by the side of the bed, waiting for her to wake up.

Ye An woke up first and saw Jing Zhi sitting in the room, he was a little confused, “Brother?”

Jing Zhi raised his head slightly, his expression was indifferent, “Hmm.”

Ye An rubbed his eyes, he looked at Shi Sheng, and then looked at Jing Zhi.

Then, Ye An got up, holding Ye Ran who was still sleeping, and staggered out of the room.

He did not want to stay in a room with this handsome brother.

Shi Sheng woke up as soon as Ye An went out. She hugged Jing Zhi’s waist from behind and put her chin on his shoulder.

Jing Zhi did not struggle, he let her hug on him. Her breath swept across his neck, warm and moist.

“Xi Xi… we…” He was in a mess at this moment, he did not know what to do.

He understands that he likes her.

It’s not the kind of like between a brother and sister, otherwise he won’t react to her.


“You’ve kissed and touched me, do you still want to reject me?” Shi Sheng leaned over, holding his earlobes with her lips and bit lightly, her tone suddenly lowered, “No way!”

Jing Zhi smiled bitterly and hugged her in his arms, “Xi Xi, we still have grandpa. He won’t agree.”

He wants to come together with her.

It doesn’t matter if they are siblings or not.

He just wants to stay with her. 

The voice lingered in his mind very clearly.

But grandpa is their only relative in this word now. How could he agree with them?

Shi Sheng frowned slightly. Jing Xi’s grandfather...the leader in the capital. In her memory, Jing Xi rarely met her grandfather. But every time they met, the old man loved her so much. Of course, it was not as good as Jing Zhi.

“I will convince grandpa.”

“Xi Xi, how can I let you do this?” Jing Zhi sighed, “To come together with me, you must be prepared to bear the rumours. After all, we are brother and sister. Even if we’ve no blood relation at all, in the eyes of those people, we’re still relatives and we can’t come together.”

“The only thing I care about is you.”

Jing Zhi’s face turned red. He let go of Shi Sheng and got up, his tone was flustered, “I’ll wait for you outside, you tidy up yourself first.”

Shy Feng Ci x1

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look at her clothes. It’s quite tidy. Why should I tidy up?


Jing Zhi came out of the room and met Zhu Feng. Zhu Feng’s face twisted, “Young Master and…”

The blush on Jing Zhi’s face had receded and he looked at Zhu Feng indifferently.

Zhu Feng immediately changed the topic wisely, “Young Master Jing, I just went to check it out. Yesterday, the first person who turned into a zombie was a teenager. No one knew him. There were many people in the team, no one cared about it. When they were resting, he suddenly bit the person next to him, and the bitten person became a zombie a few minutes later.”

“Where is that boy?”

Zhu Feng’s face was solemn, “It’s gone.”

This was the strangest. Those who turned into zombies were killed in the end, but the young man was gone.

The scene was chaotic that time, no one noticed him and no one knew when he was missing.

“Ask our people to be alert.”

Zhu Feng nodded repeatedly, showing that he understood.

Jing Zhi did not say anything after that. He asked Xia Shu for some cooking stuff and ingredients and began to cook for Shi Sheng.

Zhu Feng thought, That’s all?

“Xia Shu, Young Master Jing came out of Jing Xi’s room today.” Zhu Feng could not help to speak this out, so he dragged Xia Shu aside and whispered, “Do you think Young Master Jing…”

Xia Shu leered at him indifferently, “It’s none of your business.”

Can’t you chat nicely?

It’s our business. Aren’t we a team now?

“With Jing Xi’s ability, she would have done something to us a long time ago if she has any bad intentions.” Xia Shu was a little speechless about Zhu Feng, “Don’t be a busybody. He knows what he is doing.”

Although I didn’t want to admit it, he made sense.

Thinking about what Jing Xi’s has done recently, she could easily defeat them anytime she wants. She didn’t even hide herself, she apparently is not afraid of others suspecting that she is not Jing Xi.

However, Zhu Feng had forgotten that in this team, no one knew about Jing Xi except for him. How could they suspect?

The people in the team found that the way of Young Master Jing and Shi Sheng getting along had changed.

Only then did someone remember Shi Sheng’s jokes in the car that day.

“Hey...what do you think about the relationship between Young Master Jing and Xiao Xi now?” 

“They must be a couple.” One of them smiled ambiguously and answered, “I knew Xiao Xi likes Young Master Jing, they probably have come together.”

“...But they’re brother and sister. Isn’t this incestuous?”

A person next to him beat on his head vigorously, “Are you stupid? How do you find they look alike? In addition, we’re in the end times now, who cares if they are siblings? Both of them are a match made in heaven.”

The person who was being beaten was aggrieved. I’m just simply saying.

They would not realize that Young Master Jing and Jing Xi were siblings if Zhu Feng did not tell them.

They looked totally different.

“Now that Young Master Jing and Xiao Xi have come together, meaning that we’ve no chance to chase Xiao Xi,” said someone.

“Ah! My love ends before it starts!”

“...But Young Master Jing didn’t even allow us to approach Xiao Xi previously,” said the guy who was being beaten just now.

Several people stared at him at the same time. The guy immediately shouted at the distance, “Zhu Feng, I help you to cook.”