Jing Zhi has been worrying about whether the people in their team would look at Shi Sheng differently, but he realized that nothing had happened. Except for some showing ambiguous faces, they didn’t make a big deal out of it. 

These people have walked through the shadow of death. Don't even mention morality, because being alive is what matters most right now. 

After a meal, Jing Zhi gathered everyone for a meeting. 

Xia Shu opened the map and pointed her finger at a mark.

“We should be here. Now, there are two choices: to return to the same way as before or cross this mountain and take Highway 731.”

Zhu Feng frowned. “Wasn’t Highway 731 still under construction before the apocalypse? Is it completed?”

“At that time, Highway 731 was being repaired from both sides of F city. We are in F city. Looking at the progress, this section of the road should be repaired,” Xia Shu pointed at F city on the map. 

“I recommend walking through Highway 731 as there are fewer people.”

Nobody knew if the zombies would still be there if they took the same road back. And if they encountered zombies again, that would be a waste of time. 

After Xia Shu’s analysis, Jing Zhi had an idea. 

Jing Zhi looked towards Shi Sheng, who brought out a rocking chair out of nowhere and started rocking herself noisily.

“We’ll go through Provincial Road FG.”

Xia Shu frowned. With her head lowered, she tried to find Provincial Road FG on the map. It’s a bit of a detour to go on this road to Yao Guang Base, but they will pass by a larger province. 

There were no pit stops on Highway 731 and the road they took before. 
This also means that whichever road they take, they won't be able to get supplies. However, if they take Provincial Road FG, they might be able to find something at least. 

“Young Master Jing?”

“Xi Xi?”

Shi Sheng got up from the rocking chair, walked over to Jing Zhi and sat directly on his lap. Jing Zhi felt embarrassed, but he didn't push her away.

The crowd spurred in envy, You should get beaten for showing affection like that !!

Shi Sheng pulled the map towards her, took the pen from Xia Shu's hand, and drew a line from the Provincial Road FG.

That line was significantly shorter than the one Xia Shu was pointing to, and it bypassed that province.

Shi Sheng pointed to a certain location, "There's a military base here."

Many military bases are built in sparsely populated areas. However, this military base was only discovered late in the end times when the zombies grew stronger and when the woman led her team to retreat deeper into the mountains.

There were many guns in the base, Unfortunately at that stage, guns were useless.

But now, guns are the most important equipment.

The crowd looked at Shi Sheng strangely. How does she know about such a confidential matter? Is this girl a prophet?

Shi Sheng put the pen away and nested into Jing Zhi's arms without speaking.

Jing Zhi adjusted his posture and held her with one arm, freeing one hand for the map, "How many supplies do we have left?"

"Not much. Only ten days worth." Xia Shu had his interdimensional storage, so he was naturally in charge of the supplies.

After calculating the distance, he estimated that ten days should be enough for them to reach this place on the map.

Of course, it was under the premise that there were no accidents.

However, even after arriving at the base, there would still be a shortage of supplies.

"Let's go to this province first and gather supplies before going to the military base." Jing Zhi paused, "Does Xi Xi have a problem with that?"

"Nope." Shi Sheng shook her head and shamelessly added, "With you, I’m fine with going anywhere."

Hey hey, you two, don't pretend like the rest of us don’t exist!

There’re many single dogs among us!
[Note: single dogs mean people who are single and not in a relationship]

You gotta know how to love animals!
[Note: animals refer to the single dogs]

Jing Zhi's face grew red as he picked Shi Sheng up and placed her in the rocking chair next to him, "Pack up and leave later."

The others laughed as they each dispersed and went to pack their things.

Shi Sheng held Jing Zhi in her arms and kissed him on the face.

In response, Jing Zhi caressed her head. The tips of his ears were a little red, but his tone was full of affection. 

"Don't make a scene."

"Mr. Jing." A voice suddenly sounded outside the courtyard.

Both of them looked over at the same time, Han Yu and Mu Xin were standing outside the courtyard. Mu Xin's face was pale and her eyes were staring straight at Jing Zhi.

Han Yu eyd Shi Sheng for a while It’s her!

"Do you need anything?" Jing Zhi stood in front of Shi Sheng, blocking Han Yu's line of sight as he sized her up. His tone was cold and indifferent, totally different from the warm and mellow boy from earlier.

Han Yu withdrew his line of sight, "What does Mr. Jing plan to do next?"

Jing Zhi's face remained indifferent as he looked at Han Yu.

Han Yu wore a military uniform, his posture upright, and his body exuded the sternness of a soldier, with an air of handsome oppression.

Jing Zhi was different, he was like the bright moon in the sky. He was somewhat hazy at first glance, as if he was shrouded in a layer of silver frost. However, he does not hide his intentions, a charm that only attracted many others.. He was also noble like the moon, pure and reverent.

"We're planning to go along Provincial Road FG to Province Ping to collect supplies, and then return to Yao Guang Base. The zombies are getting stronger now, so does Mr Jing want to join us?"

Han Yu was here to invite Jing Zhi to join their team.

There were only a hundred people left in their previous squad of thousands, and there were only thirty in his team left. With their current lack of water and supplies, it was impossible for them to return to Yao Guang Base.

"Not interested." Jing Zhi flatly vetoed as usual.

Han Yu didn't give up and added a few more sentences explaining how returning to Yao Guang Base would give them a handy way out, and they might even be able to contact the capital over there.

Jing Zhi remained unshaken. Han Yu, as the male lead, was already considered courteous to go this far to invite him. 

However, after Jing Zhi's continuous refusal, he left with a heavy face.

Mu Xin opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. He then trotted away to catch up with Han Yu.

“ ......”

"Captain, they seem to be preparing to leave." The people who had been watching over Shi Sheng and the others saw the disturbance in the courtyard and immediately reported to Han Yu.

This village wasn't big in the first place, so Han Yu's could directly see the courtyard where Shi Sheng and the others were.

The men who left the courtyard first were all carrying a small backpack.

This was followed by a girl holding a baby, who followed behind Jing Zhi and slowly walked out of the courtyard.

Jing Zhi reached out to help her, his posture affectionate and ambiguous as they walked towards the other end of the village.

"Get ready. We're leaving too." Han Yu commanded.


The group was a bit reluctant with the decision to leave. 

There are no zombies here, so what’s wrong with taking a break? We’re still tired from running away yesterday.

"If you don't want to leave, you don't have to follow us."

As soon as he voiced out, the people who complained didn't dare make a sound and silently packed their things according to what the soldier said. The men walked outside whereas the women and children walked in the middle.

Mu Xin and her father were with Han Yu and the others. Aunt Li was a bit grumpy as she walked behind them.

"She must be so happy to have found a patron and now she doesn't care about us at all." Aunt Li complained to Uncle Li.

They say that people of the same kind tend to flock together. Uncle Li did not seem to be a kind person, "Who knows if she slept with that man? Look at her being so immoral at such a young age."

A woman, not far in front of Aunt Li, suddenly looked back over, but Aunt Li and Uncle Li continued speaking louder and louder harmoniously, as if they were deliberately trying to get her attention.